So we’re heading into the winter months, a time when many of us are no longer shredding for the summer, and looking to gain a bit of mass.  It’s bulking season!

Are you looking to add strength, size and muscle mass?

MyProtein MyGainer Key Facts (per serving)

  • 47g of premium protein
  • 120g carbs
  • 1.4g saturated fat
  • 784 calories per serving
  • Flavours – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla

In order to gain mass you need a calorie surplus which means consuming more calories than you’re burning.  If you’re serious about bulking then MyProtein ‘MYGAINER’ is the perfect choice, with a massive 47g of protein, 120g of carbs, 5g of glutamine and 4g of BCAA’s giving you a massive 784 calories per serving!

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MYGAINER contains a superior protein formula containing D-Celle Whey, whey isolate and milk protein scientifically proven to help build muscle.

Another major benefit of MyProtein MYGAINER is the premium taste: although it comes in the standard chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, it tastes great which is what you come to expect from many of the premium supplement brands.  It’s perfect for consuming throughout the day or even with your breakfast.

Many people have a thing about carbs, trying to cut them out or reduce them from their diet.  However carbohydrates are important for muscle recovery after intense exercise or training which has led to muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen.  MyProtein MyGainer has 120g of carbs per serving as well as the 47g of protein, perfect for muscle recovery and building!

You can get your hands on MyGainer here, or learn more about its nutritional content.


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