Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout Review

Welcome to our product review of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout.  What ingredients does it contain?  How does it work?  Who is it for?  Does it work?  Does it taste good?  How much does it cost?  Keep reading to find out!


  • 175MG CAFFEINE helps increase alertness and focus.
  • 3G CREATINE for power and performance.
  • 1.5G BETA ALANINE improves physical functioning and exercise capacity.
  • VITAMINS B1, B3, B5, B6, B12 help contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism.
  • Designed to take before your workout to increase energy and motivation.
  • Banned Substance Tested


  • Watermelon
  • Fruit punch
  • Green apple

What does it do?

OK so the fact it’s called Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard ‘Pre-Workout’ is quite self explanatory.  This is a supplement to be taken before your workout and is designed to give you a sharp focus, and to increase you energy levels for a workout as well as the endurance to help power you through.  Gold Standard Pre-Workout is designed to give you the energy and motivation to make you do more reps, lift heavier, and keep going longer!

How does it work?

Gold Standard Pre-Workout contains the perfect blend of ingredients that helps increase your endurance, focus and strength.  Let’s take a look at the ingredients and their benefits.


  • Caffeine – we’re all aware of the effect caffeine has on us.  Taken before a workout, it helps boost your energy and make you more alert but also has other benefits when combined with a workout; it assists with fat loss because it helps increase your metabolism, therefore helping you burn more calories during your workout and also throughout the day!  It helps increase mental focus and alertness making your workouts more effective and productive!  Researchers also found that those who consumed caffeine before a workout experienced less muscle pain during exercise, which means you can complete more reps, more sets and push yourself harder contributing to increased fitness and gains!  Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout has 175mg of caffeine per serving!


  • Creatine – creatine is a organic compound that is naturally produced in the body and by increasing creatine through your diet leads to an increase in intramuscular storage of creatine phosphate which is important for the production of short term energy.  During exercise we use up creation phosphate which leads to muscular fatigue, so by taking creatine supplements we can increase our level of creatine phosphate allowing us to maintain a higher intensity workout, improving your performance and your gains!  Gold Standard Pre-Workout includes 3g of creatine per serving!


  • Beta-Alanine – is a type of amino acid that body uses as a building block of protein.  It can often be found in protein rich foods such as beef, chicken, fish and pork.  Beta-Alanine helps produce carnosine, which acts like an lactic acid buffer.  During intense exercise, especially weight training our muscles will build up lactic acid which leads to fatigue, loss of strength and lower performance.  Therefore by taking beta-alanine supplements you are helping to create carnosine to help soak up the lactic acid meaning you can sustain an intense workout for longer, lift more and improve your performance.


  • Vitamin B1 – helps turns carbohydrates into glucose for energy and helps maintain healthy heart and nerve functions.
  • Vitamin B3 – Niacine, great for your skin and can help reduce wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
  • Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic acid, has a range of benefits such as alleviation of stress and anxiety, respiratory problems and asthma.
  • Vitamin B6 – required for normal brain development and the creation of hormones that influence your body clock and mood!
  • Vitamin B12 – helps make DNA and keep blood and nerve cells healthy, as well as preventing anaemia.

Banned substance tested

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout has been designed for serious athletes and bodybuilders as well as amateurs, and have made sure their product will not get you into any trouble no matter what your level.  They have tested Gold Standard Pre-Workout for banned substances so you can rest assured that what you’re putting in your body is all above board, healthy and ethical.


We’ve come to expect amazing flavours from Optimum Nutrition and they haven’t let us down with Gold Standard Pre-Workout.  Despite there being just a choice of 3 flavours, they make up for it with how good they actually taste!  You get a choice of watermelon, fruit punch and green apple which are 3 pretty unique flavours when it comes to protein/supplement products.

Due to the ingredients and type of product Gold Standard Pre-Workout is, it isn’t as thick as a protein shake but you still need to make sure you stir or shake well because we found it doesn’t always dissolve very easily.  We did find that you get a definite buzz after taking it which is a good sign the caffeine is kicking in!


To conclude our review of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout, we can confirm this is a quality product.  Unlike protein supplements we cannot measure the effectiveness by your gains or effect on your body, but in this case it is the energy and buzz it gives you to help give you that boost for a workout.  Not only that but you can see it includes some quality ingredients that are designed to benefit your overall health and development as well as tasting great!!

About Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition are a premium brand of protein and performance nutrition products used by some of the top athletes and bodybuilders in the world.  Their ‘Gold Standard 100% Whey’ has been the best selling protein supplement for many years so you can be sure that they only create quality products that get you results!



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