Project Abs: How To Get A Six Pack In Winter

What is Project Abs?

Project Abs is my story of how to get a six pack.  I’m a 30 year old guy in pretty good shape but who currently has about 14% body fat, and a target of getting a visible six pack within a few weeks through a range of techniques.  I’ll be posting updates on this blog and on our Facebook page so make sure you check it out!

I know that most people who google how to get a six pack or how to get visible abs are not people who are looking to lose weight and are not that physically active.  People looking to get a six pack tend to be people similar to myself; reasonably fit, muscular, go to the gym regularly and try to eat well but are also normal people who have a life; you socialise, you eat out and you enjoy a drink.

Having an enjoyable and active life is important but as you probably know it does create a problem when trying to get the body you want, and keeping your body fat percentage low enough to get visible abs. I’m writing this article in December, a time of year when the evenings get dark early, the weather is crap and we unconsciously end up eating more.  Throw in some socialising and Christmas partying and that goal of getting a six pack just slips further out of reach.

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You end up going to the gym and doing endless crunches, or surprisingly like a lot of people, actually give up trying to get a six pack believing it’s too hard or thinking that their genetics doesn’t allow it.  I can tell you from experience and seeing past results that this isn’t true, and their are methods that do work that will help anyone get a better torso and visible abs.

I’ve currently hit a point where I’ve become aware I’m far from my peak in the summer, standards have dropped and become a little complacent with my diet and the intensity of my workouts.  It’s time to take action!

My current state is about 14% body fat, I have reasonably well developed abdominal muscles but not as good as they could be given the amount of time I spend in the gym, as well as a layer of fat over the top so there isn’t much definition visible.


Sprints – Sprints on the treadmill are a great intense exercise that help burn fat.  I ran at a speed of about 80% of my full potential for 1 minute, then dropped the speed to walking pace for 30 seconds for a rest, and repeated for 10 minutes.

Abs circuit – the whole point of performing an abs circuit is to keep working different abdominal muscles with minimal rest periods, the aim is intensity. It consists of:

  1. Weighted crunches holding a plate or medicine ball with a twist
  2. Barbell rollout
  3. Plank
  4. Hanging leg raises

Performing one exercise and going straight into another gives minimal resting time and keeps your abs working, perform 2 or 3 sets of this depending on your current ability.  I intend to carry out this workout 2 or 3 times a week with a little variation here and there depending on my recovery and my diet (the Christmas period is now underway, mince pies are getting offered everywhere I turn and many beers have been drunk).

The key is to keep an eye on your diet and understand your body; if you’ve eaten this and drank that, you need to do X amount of exercise.  If your goal is to get a six pack or visible abs and your diet isn’t great, it’s going to be tough so you need to be prepared to put in the work!

Download our FREE e-book “The Six Pack Diary, The Essential Guide To Visible Abs”

Diet and Nutrition

When trying to get a six pack or visible abs, you need to pay just as much or even more attention to your nutrition as you do your exercise.  Now the fact that it’s winter and Christmas time poses a bit of a problem for my diet when trying to get a six pack.  I’m consuming too much saturated fat which is not what I want when I’m trying to keep my body fat percentage down.

If I’m drinking alcohol, eating sweets, loads of meat and cakes then there is a risk my body will become too acidic which will lead to an increase in body fat.  I therefore need to pay extra attention to my diet to make sure I’m consuming the right nutrients to balance out the negatives.

Here is what I will focus on:

  • Drinking more water – If you want to get good visible abdominals then drinking enough water is always important, but this time of year when I’m drinking more alcohol, and probably hot drinks like coffee, I need to increase my water consumption.  I need to stay hydrated and flush toxins and acids out of my system.
  • Greens and vegetables – I probably don’t need to explain the importance of getting enough greens.  I need to balance out the alcohol and acidic foods with green superfoods that provide my body with essential vitamins and nutrients.  Not only will this help keep me healthy and illness free through the winter, it will keep my body in balance, and help prevent an increase in body fat.  Click here for more on the importance of greens for your health.
  • Protein – It’s essential that I’m getting enough protein to help build my abdominal muscles.  Getting enough protein will also help make me feel full and prevent any cravings and temptations for sweets and chocolate.  If I’m getting enough protein and building muscle then my metabolism will increase, helping to burn off those excess calories I’ll be consuming over the festive period!

It’s assumed that during winter and Christmas time I’m going to be eating more, drinking more and generally having a good time, YOLO.  Therefore to try and get a six pack and visible abs then I just need to increase the positives to outweigh the negatives, simple!  (Easier said than done).

One great way to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients and greens over the winter period is by consuming green juice.  There are loads of health benefits including giving you more mental clarity, better skin and less stress.  Check out our product review of Organifi Green Juice here.