How To Boost Energy Levels And Reduce Anxiety by Nutritionist Jenna Hope

Welcome to our interview on energy levels and anxiety with nutritionist Jenna Hope

Jenna is a nutritionist from the UK who helps individuals live healthier lives, and is a nutrition consultant to a number of restaurants and brands.

With a first class honours degree (BSc) in Nutrition and Exercise and a Masters degree (MSc) in Nutrition, Jenna has amassed a large social following.

She has featured in MensHealth, Women’sHealth, Cosmopolitan, MailOnline, Sky News, ITV and many more so we knew her advice was of the highest quality.

One of the main barriers to living a healthy lifestyle is education; many of us know we need to eat better but don’t know where to start, or feel motivated enough to maintain it.

We were lucky to get in touch with Jenna to see if she could share some valuable advice around the benefits of a healthy diet.

We strongly recommend you visit Jenna’s website and check her out on Instagram, her contact details can be found below.

Please Can You Tell Us About Your Background And ‘Jenna Hope Nutrition’?

I’ve always been into food and health. I grew up in a healthy house and was always introduced to new foods. I’m a massive foodie and strongly believe that eating well should always be enjoyable. No-one wants to sit down to a piece of chicken breast and boiled broccoli… What fun is that!

if you work hard enough and you believe in yourself enough you will succeed”

I went to study nutrition at university as an undergraduate and a masters and then I decided to start Jenna Hope Nutrition to inspire people to eat well and feel great. Nutrition often tends to be associated to weight but it’s so much more than that. Eating well can improve your mood, energy levels, vitality, gut health, skin health… It’s not just about weight.



What Services Do You Offer?

I work with individuals to help optimise their overall health through food. I also work with brands in order to help provide nutrition guidance on their products and marketing materials.

It’s really important these days that brands are transparent and don’t try and convince their consumer that they’re something their not.

Additionally, I deliver talks to corporate companies to help encourage their employees to manage their stress and anxiety through nutrition. I feel strongly that we shouldn’t let our work compromise our overall health.


I’m more energised, positive and productive when I eat well”


I also work with the media. There are new stories every week when it comes to nutrition in the news and I think it’s really important to try and destroy some of the myths and support some of the truths which come out regularly. I work with a range of media outlets from TV to radio, to newspapers and magazines as well.

What Inspired You To Start A Career In Nutrition?

I was always brought up in a healthy house and was fascinated about how foods could affect mood, positivity and energy levels.

I really noticed big differences in how I felt when I ate certain foods and as a result I went on to study at university for 5 years!

From Your Experience, What Is The Biggest Obstacle To Having And Maintaining A Healthy Diet?

Preparation! I think people need to be prepared and know where they can purchase healthy meals and snacks. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more unhealthy options than healthy ones out there.

Being prepared can help you to ensure that you’ve always got a healthy option when you’re on the go. I suggest you keep a small bag of nuts in your bag at all times!

What Are The Main Benefits You Have Experienced In Your Life And In Others Of Having A Healthy Lifestyle?

I notice that I’m more energised, positive and productive when I eat well. In terms of my clients I’ve seen all types of benefits from improved energy, skin health, gut function and overall vitality. Healthy eating can have huge impacts on overall health.

Are you over consuming on sugar as a way to console your emotions?”


One Of Your Services Is Corporate Wellness; Are There Any Steps Workers Can Take To Improve Their Mental And Physical Health?

Absolutely! If there’s one tip which those who work in the corporate world could take away that would be to take a lunch break and eat away from their desk.

When they eat at their desk (whilst distracted with emails and phones) they’re at risk of not digesting their food properly. As a result their brain isn’t registering when they’re full and they’re much more likely to over eat. This way of eating also poses risk of impaired nutrient absorption as the digestive system isn’t working effectively.


How Can People Break Their Reliance On Sugar?

There can be so many reasons as to why people have a reliance on sugar.

I think the first thing is to try and assess whether this is a serious problem for you. Are you over consuming on sugar as a way to console your emotions? In these cases I recommend seeking personalised professional advice.

Although, for those who just feel that they eat a little bit too much sugar I recommend trying to balance your blood sugar levels with meals and snacks which are rich in protein.

E.g. snacking on a handful of almonds, hummus and carrots or boiled eggs rather than high sugar foods can help to curb cravings.

I’d also recommend starting the day with a high protein breakfast e.g. eggs, Greek yoghurt with berries and cinnamon or scrambled tofu on toast.

Are There Any Favourite Quotes Or Mantras You Live By?

Yes! I’m all for mantras and strongly believe that if you work hard enough and you believe in your self enough you will succeed. I also write a gratitude diary every morning and evening which I really believe helps with my positive attitude and drive to work hard.

Where Can People Reach You?

People can find me on Instagram @jennahopenutrition where I share lots of healthy and delicious recipes, top nutrition hacks and regular nuggets of information.

I’m also contactable via my website where people can sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive new articles each week.

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