Water Hacks: How To Stay Hydrated & Healthy Infographic

This is a guest post from Aris Grigoriou at Study Medicine Europe who have created this infographic on how to stay hydrated and healthy.  Check them out here.

It’s no secret that we need between 1.5 and 2 litres of water a day at a minimum (men require greater amounts than women), yet many of us refrain from drinking any water at all over the course of a typical day.

When you think of just why water is so vital to our health, this abstention from the world’s most abundant fluid is baffling.  Regular water ingestion is essential to replace the water that we lose throughout the day by breathing, sweating and digestion.

The water we intake duly helps us to enjoy healthier blood circulation and keeps our joints lubricated so that they will move freely. Also, it regulates the temperature of our bodies so that excess heat is released in very hot weather.

Therefore, it’s important that we establish a routine of water consumption which becomes second nature to us.

That means invariably having a glass before we eat breakfast so that we won’t feel as hungry later in the morning, or substituting foods lacking in nutrition for water-rich alternatives such as cucumbers or melons.

If you find plain water too bland to enjoy, add some flavour in the form of fruit or herbs to make it more appealing.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe outlines how you can obtain more water without altering your routine vastly. The changes are minimal; the consequences will be hugely beneficial.