Noom Diet Review [Does This Weight Loss Program Work?]

Have you heard about the Noom diet?

This is a well-known weight loss coaching app that has garnered massive popularity among people of all ages.

But, does this Noom app really work? Will it help you to lose weight?

Well, to know more details about this weight loss app, we will request you to go through our detailed and unbiased review below.


What Is Noom Weight Loss Program?

Noom is a health app that is designed by a group of behavioural psychologists, nutritionists, and professional weight loss trainers.

It is aimed to help you lose weight for the long run. The most unique feature of the Noom diet app is that it solely focuses on making various tangible, sustainable lifestyle shifts.

As you probably know that most of the available weight loss apps will encourage more extreme styles of eating. But, this app is totally different.

It will provide you access to various educational articles, tools for monitoring as well as tracking your progress towards weight loss, and adequate support from virtual health coaches. It focuses mainly on the behavioural changes and healthy habits.

Noom’s Healthy Weight Program offers you a comprehensive wellness plan, with the information on food, exercise, as well as mental health aspects.

The aim is to help you change your default eating behaviours so that you not only shed off the unwanted extra weight, but maintain your weight loss for a long-term.


This diet cum weight loss app offers you access to the following four benefits.

  • Weekly challenges and educational information: This is indeed one of the best benefits of using this application. It will cover the following topics, such as nutrition, stress management, and many other healthy habit formation.
  • To track your progress: When it comes to weight loss, it’s very important that you rigorously monitor your progress and take steps accordingly. The good thing is that the Noom app will allow you to log your meals, exercise regimen, as well as body weight.
  • A virtual coaching team: Once you become a subscriber to this diet app, a virtual coaching team will guide you. This team comprises of a goal specialist, group coach, and support group. The aim is to help you stay on the right track.
  • Biometric tracking: This is an excellent feature of Noom. It allows you to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar.

In the following sections, you will now reveal how the app works!

Getting Started…

Wondering how will you get started with the Noom diet App?

To get started, you must download the app quickly. Once downloaded, you will be asked to enter some required information, such as your height, weight, general health info, goal weight, gender, age, social circles, and other many more aspects of your life into it.

Also note, you will need to log your meals and snacks every single day. The app will continue sending you feedback on your appropriate food choices (nutrient dense foods).

In this way, the Noom diet will not only help you to eat better, but also to reach your target weight quickly.

Please note that you will also log your exercise regimen. The app comes with a built-in pedometer where you can keep a track of your steps. The Noom diet program offers exercise recommendations from time to time. Please make sure to follow them precisely.

You’ll also receive regular feedback from your personal, trained coach through the Noom diet app’s built-in messaging feature. The health coach will definitely share with you various tips and tricks everyday.

He/she will monitor your progress as well motivate you toward achieving your goal and help you overcome all your obstacles. You can also connect with all other members through the available virtual support option.

This is a complete 16-week long program. Through this entire program, Noom will continue to teach you how to make better and healthier food choices. You’ll get detailed insights on nutrition, weight loss requirements, and exercise regiment, etc.

The program even provides advice so that you can either prevent or manage chronic health issues like high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

How Does The Noom Diet Program Work?

We have already revealed how to get started with the Noom diet. Let’s now find out how this weight loss program works!

To simplify your eating habits, the app will color-code all the foods with three possible color ratings, such as green, yellow, and red. These color codes are based on their respective nutrient count.

For example, Red color-coded food doesn’t mean they are bad. It just means all these foods are having higher calorie contents. So, you must ensure to eat these foods in very smaller amounts.

Then, what foods are apt for you? Well, you must go for the green color coded foods. They are indeed the most nutritious ones and you should include plenty of them in your diet.

  • Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, bell peppers
  • Fruit: Apples, bananas, strawberries
  • Protein: Tofu
  •  Whole grains: Brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, whole-grain bread
  • Dairy: Nonfat yogurt,skim milk, non-fat cheese, unsweetened almond milk

So, these are all green color coded nutrient dense foods and they are very healthy and nutritious.

Speaking of yellow foods, they have fewer nutrients and more calories. So, you can eat these foods in moderate amounts.

Here’s the list of yellow color coded foods.

  • Protein: Grilled chicken, lean ground beef, turkey breast, eggs
  • Dairy: Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese
  •  Fish: Tuna, salmon
  • Legumes: Black beans, chickpeas
  • Grains: Whole-grain tortillas

And, we have talked about red color coded foods which are not suitable for the Noom diet users specifically if you are aiming for losing weight. Please eat these red foods in lesser amounts and in lesser frequents.

  • Oils: Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil
  • Nut butters: Peanut butter, almond butter
  • Seeds: Flaxseed, sunflower seeds, chia seeds
  • Nuts: Almonds, cashews, walnuts

With it, you have revealed all the examples of all types of diets/foods (green yellow and red) and the recommended frequency of eating them.

Customer Reviews

The Noom diet app has received great customer feedbacks. Specifically today’s millennials are satisfied and have given positive feedbackto  this weight loss program. If you are someone who is into a weight loss plan, then you can give it a try.

As per the customer feedbacks, around 78% of people have successfully lost weight while using Noom. This is indeed a very positive feedback.

Noom app comes with a variety of diet plan and meal plan options to support your weight loss goals.

Does The Noom Diet App Help You to Lose Weight?

Yes, the app is meant to help you lose weight. Do you want to lose weight? If yes, then Noom should be right for you.

The basic idea of this app and its working principle is commendable. It aims to help you maintain a healthy relationship with food. That’s why it has color-coded the available foods — you are recommended to eat green foods as much as possible and reduce the intake of red foods.

In this way, you will not only manage your weight gain, but also you will maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With daily reminders and personalized tips for cooking, eating, and exercise, Noom Diet app will make your weight loss journey more seamless and hassle-free.

Noom’s program focuses on the long-term approach to weight loss. That’s why it has more benefits when compared to quick-fix methods.

For example, it emphasizes on your calorie density. The program has already categorized foods into a color system according to their calorie density and concentration of nutrients.

Generally, low-calorie-dense foods (green foods), such as fruits and vegetables are the best-suited for your diet. Now, high-calorie-dense foods like meats, sweets, desserts, and fatty fishes are not suitable at all.

Your ideal diet should comprise of low-calorie-dense foods and beverages. These foods are associated with less hunger pangs, more weight loss, and a solution to chronic health problems.

Another significant benefit of the Noom diet is that it does not restrict or limit any foods or food groups. Instead, the idea is to promote healthy eating or clean eating.

The Noom diet offers flexibility so that you can fit all types of foods in your diet. But, you must ensure to maintain the right frequency and eating portion.


The Noom diet comes with a special 2-week introductory period which is free. After that, Noom will cost $59 a month, and $129 for a three-month subscription.

The plan will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it.

Bottom Line

By now, you already know that Noom is more than a simple weight loss app. It promotes your overall well being and behavioural changes.

By forming new healthy behaviour’s and reinforcing the healthy habit, your weight loss regimen will be more seamless and effective.

The Noom diet uses a psychology-based curriculum and lifestyle questions that will encourage self-efficacy. Plus, it will equip you with the right tools and educational tips so that you can go for a successful long-term weight loss maintenance.

This app can be accessed via any mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Rest assured that it’s an excellent, comprehensive tool to achieve your health goals.

But, please make sure to properly track your progress and follow your coach cum dietitian nutritionist’s recommendations precisely for the better outcomes.