Sono Bello Reviews: Is It Legit? [2023]

Wondering whether Sono Bello reviews are legit?

You may have specific areas where unwanted fat has settled and are looking for extra help to reshape your body. Liposuction is an aesthetic procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen and hips.

This minimally invasive surgery can improve the silhouette and allow a model to get back to work quickly. It can redefine and contour your body in a variety of different areas where the traditional methods such as maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise don’t yield fruits or take too long to offer significant results.

Some of the Body contouring surgeries include panniculectomy (removal of excess skin in the lower abdominal region), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), excisional body lifts, such as a lower body lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), inner thigh lift or buttock augmentation.

Liposuction can help patients who need a little extra assistance to reshape certain target areas where stubborn fat resides, but it is not a weight-loss solution. It can remove unwanted pockets of fat and leave patients looking trim and fit. Individuals at or near their ideal body weight who need extra assistance can get amazing help with the right liposuction treatment.

In this review we will take a closer look into the business Sono Bello; what it offers its customers and what customers have to say about it. According to their website, Sono Bello is an industry leader in providing liposuction, body contouring and excess skin removal procedures to patients across the country. It is based in the United States with over 60 locations across the nation, including a few in Los Angeles, California, and Dallas.

Sono Bello has attracted a large following on social media with over 98.9k on Instagram. It’s also featured in a few media publications, including Business Wire, Yahoo News, and In Touch Weekly. 

By the tail end of this review, you’ll have learned what sono bello is, how it works, the customer reviews and the risks involved.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Sono Bello

Sono Bello is a company with a chain of body contouring clinics that employs over 125 board-certified plastic surgeons. The company states that they have performed more than 150,000 cosmetic procedures at 60-plus locations across the United States. As a side note Sono Bello means ‘I’m beautiful’ in Italian.

These procedures are targeted towards men and women who want a quick treatment that will give them a slimmer figure. The company promises to provide each customer with an advanced micro-laser liposuction procedure for quicker results and less recovery time.

Sono bello reviews

Weight loss is no walk in the park. The traditional way of calorie-conscious diets to daily exercise may help you shed off those few extra pounds. Unfortunately, it usually comes with a few caveats. It’s time-consuming, labor-intensive, and it may result in some excess skin or bulge.

People thus seek alternative methods such as plastic surgery to achieving their target weight. Well, that is what Sono bello is for and is generally within the talks of reputable services.

Sono bello was founded by Thomas Garrison a medical doctor. Dr. Garrison graduated from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences with his MD degree in 1982 after which he completed a residency in Emergency Medicine.

Sono bello, a Washington- based company has expanded its operations to various part of the US since its establishment in 2012. Sono Bello states that they look towards the future of plastic surgery:

“Sono Bello® believes body cosmetic procedures to be both a science and an art. Over the years, we’ve seen that when the two work together seamlessly, lives are changed for the better.” 

About the Founder of Sono bello

Dr. Garrison graduated from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences with his MD degree in 1982 after which he completed a residency in Emergency Medicine.  He was a flight surgeon in the USAF where he participated in the F-16 medical operations and served as consultant to the USAF Command Surgeon General.

Dr. Garrison practiced Emergency Medicine for almost 20 years, mostly in Ogden, UT, within the Intermountain Health Care (IHC) system.  He served as department chair for 5 years, served on the Executive Committee and was the founding director of the IHC Emergency Medicine Clinical Programs leading organization wide Emergency Medicine initiatives.

Dr. Thomas Garrison

Dr. Thomas Garrison founded Aesthetic Physicians, PC (APPC) in 2008, which is the medical practice of Sono Bello.  Sono Bello offers the latest in body contouring and facial rejuvenation on a national scale with 50+ centers.  This is the largest private plastic surgery organization in the US.

APPC partners with Body Contour Centers, LLC and Body Sculpt Intl, LLC, both management services companies, to provide the services of Sono Bello.  APPC is an Arizona professional corporation headquartered in Scottsdale.

Dr. Garrison entered the aesthetics market in 1998 when he founded Laser Aesthetics, LLC which provided laser hair removal services and consulted for Advanced Laser Clinics, LLC where Dr. Garrison served as the Corporate Medical Advisor.  Advanced later sold to American Laser Centers, LLC where Dr. Garrison continued to provide services.

As an entrepreneur Dr. Garrison was a founder of Bio-Path Holding, Inc., a biotech company affiliated with the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.  As a Partner of Garrison Capital, LLC he oversees interests in healthcare, technology and hospitality.  He has also been instrumental in several other startups and early-stage companies both as an investor and advisor.

How Does Sono Bello Work? 

Sono Bello claims to offer highly advanced and customized body contouring services that help to remove unwanted fat, more so, stubborn fat using the above procedures.

Additionally, they help to tighten skin and stimulate the production of collagen giving it a smooth appearance.

Sono Bello users are promised a face-to-face personalized approach with a surgeon to create a plan that works for them.

Sono Bello will determine if you meet the requirements for the procedure you want, in which case if you may be referred to another treatment.

The company fortunately offers free consultations to all customers such that you’re not immediately roped in if you’re having second thoughts.

How lipo works

Liposuction is carried out by making a small cut on the skin. The laser is then inserted into the incision.

Once the laser is under the skin, it works to melt the fat away from under the skin by perforating the cells so that they deflate. The fat is then released into the interstitial fluid and flushed out by the lymphatic system.

Next, the doctor inserts a small tube into the same area to suck away the liquefied fat before closing the incision. In addition to melting the fat cells, laser beams also coagulate small blood vessels which reduces the bleeding.

A laser lipo procedure typically takes no longer than one hour and if done properly, you will recover rapidly and return to a normal lifestyle after one day. Generally, the results of laser lipo are permanent and produce a noticeable difference in body profile within a very short period of time without excessive trauma or aggressive treatment.

The procedure can also take multiple sessions over several weeks, depending on the patient and the area being treated.

Types of laser lipo devices include SmartLipo, CoolLipo, Prolipo Plus and more. While all perform the same procedure, there is some variance laser wavelengths between each tool, which can contribute to recovery and procedure time.

Sono Bello Procedures

It’s quite comforting to know that Sono Bello has done over 150,000 successful surgeries in the past with each surgery being led by an experienced plastic surgeon. Prospective Sono bello customers can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands.

It is interesting to note that there’s no upfront cost attributed to any of its procedures, as each treatment is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the procedures.

Sono Bello Laser Fat Removal

Liposuction is considered an effective surgical procedure for slimming, reshaping, and removing excess fat deposits in the body.

Most procedures are performed with general anesthesia or minimal oral sedation. The surgery requires doctors to create small incisions in body tissues and use microcannulas (thin needles) to extract fat cells from the body.

It’s important to note that liposuction treatments aren’t meant to be a solution for obesity or as a shortcut for weight loss. Rather, Sono Bello states that the procedure should be considered a way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to remove from diet or exercise alone.

Unlike dieting—which they state merely reduces the size of fat cells—liposuction removes the fat cells entirely.

Most Sono Bello centers offer three procedures that it considers less invasive than traditional liposuction:

  1. TriSculpt™ Laser Liposuction
  2. Venus Freeze™
  3. TriSculpt E/X™

These procedures are used to treat a wide variety of areas, including chest, chin, waist, abs, arms, back, and legs.

TriSculpt™ Laser Liposuction

As Sono Bello’s most popular procedure, this three-step fat removal procedure relies on “stay-awake localized anesthesia, power-assisted liposuction, and micro-laser assisted liposuction.”

Sono Bello reports that laser liposuction helps to restore the natural contours of your body and is ideal for removing fat pockets from your stomach, waist, arms, and legs.

You’ll stay awake through the procedure and get local anesthesia in the treatment areas. During treatment, a physician uses microcannulas to suck out unwanted fat from large pockets and a separate microcannula with a low-power laser to break down fat in smaller sections like your upper arms and under your chin.

Venus Freeze™

This non-surgical procedure is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by using a combination of radiofrequency and magnetic pulses.

Cellulite is the formation of lumps and dimples in the skin. Cellulite is also known as the orange-peel skin, cottage-cheese skin, hail damage, and the mattress phenomenon.
Cellulite can affect both men and women, but it is more common in females, due to the different distributions of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. It is estimated between 80 and 90 percent of women may experience cellulite at some point in their lives.

The Venus Freeze should be painless and will cause only a gentle massage feeling on your skin. This operation needs no anesthesia or relaxers. Sono Bello states that you will experience a trimmer, smoother figure in as few as five sessions.

The treatment begins with a Sono Bello treatment provider applying a soft gel to the target area and gliding a Venus applicator over the gel in smooth motions to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite.

The amount of cellulite decreases as the skin tightens. The treatment purportedly causes new collagen and elastin fibers to form to bring you more supple skin over time.

TriSculpt E/X™

This procedure is designed to remove excess skin, especially around the lower abdomen. It’s advertised as the ideal solution for toning up your appearance, especially when paired with liposuction to remove excess fat first.

This TriSculpt E/M treatment requires no deep-sleep anesthesia, as patients are awake for the entire operation. By using power-assisted technologies, the surgeon will carefully eliminate abdominal sagging.

Once recovered, you can begin to marvel at your newly sculpted figure. For those interested in learning more about the Excess Skin Removal procedure, this Sono Bello review recommends booking a consultation to find out what this treatment entails.

Chest EX

Chest EX is a micro-laser liposuction procedure that focuses on male chest reduction. SonoBello claims Chest EX can reduce the appearance of “man boobs” or gynecomastia, by helping you lose fat and gain muscle tone. According to research in the journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, “a non-invasive technique, such as cold‐induced lipolysis, may be a good alternative therapeutic option.”

While that alcohol-induced stomach will go away on its own, the same cannot be said for that excess bulge around your chest. For those diagnosed with gynecomastia, the Male Chest Reduction provides a quick solution to help you feel flatter and fitter.

According to Sono Bello, “this treatment involves a combination of liposuction and/or direct excision of the glandular tissue.” Jargon aside, it basically means that it requires a few extra steps and an experienced surgeon.

Like the procedures we’ve covered so far, this operation requires no anesthesia. Offered as a straightforward way to help you achieve that coveted shape, the Male Chest Reduction is definitely something for guys to consider.

Sono Bello Chin Fat Removal

Sono Bello offers a chin and neck liposuction procedure that is said to provide a shorter and more comfortable recovery process than other solutions. The Chin Fat Removal treatment which is part of the Sono Bello face lift procedure takes care of those unflattering bulges.

Designed as a minimally invasive operation, this surgery requires a micro-laser applicator to shave off unwanted fat.  During the recovery process, it’s normal for patients to experience bruising around the treated area. This usually goes away in just over a week.

Does Sono Bello Work?

Reviews for Sono Bello procedures vary by person, and so does its effectiveness. However, there are Sono Bello before and after pictures on the official website, so there’s a chance you’ll see results.

According to some reviews, liposuction can work, but these kinds of targeted results aren’t always maintained. Some claim that many sessions were required to get the weight-loss results they wanted, while others said the procedure works just fine.

While considering which brand of liposuction treatment to use, it seems logical to assess whether liposuction has a medical backing. We’re interested in whether the treatment causes long-term weight loss, and whether it causes aesthetic benefits.

In regard to weight loss, it appears that liposuction is effective based on a thorough meta-study published in 2009 which analyzed data from liposuction patients that removed large amounts of fat (10% or more). The researchers found that weight loss was maintained even up to 4 years after treatment with no average increase in weight documented during that period.

A clinical trial published in 2019 analyzed the quality of life in participants undergoing liposuction and found that patients who underwent the procedure had improved quality of life not only in regard to their appearance but also to when considering how they felt physically.

An extensive medical review published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal tracked the results of 631 liposuction patients over 12 years. The study authors found that the “cosmetic results were good, with a 2-to-6-inch [waist circumference] drop from preoperative measurements”, indicating that the patients lost a significant amount of visible fat.

Based on the available research, we’ll conclude that Sono Bello is likely to be effective for both long-term weight loss and cosmetic benefits.

How long does Sono Bello results last? 

According to a New York-based plastic surgeon, the results of a liposuction can be permanent however, it would be impossible to take out every single fat cell in the area. Therefore, if the person gains weight the area of the liposuction procedure may also increase in size.

Specialist surgeon Dr. Bernard Beldholm clarifies that any fat you regain after liposuction will look a little different than before the procedure.

He also stated that if the person gains weight, the remaining fat cells will grow but the patient will remain in proportion. For example, if liposuction has been done on the saddlebags ‘hip area’ and the person gains weight, then the legs and body will get bigger, but the saddlebags will not return.

Who is Sono Bello for? 

Plastic surgery is not something to be taken lightly unless you’re frustrated with your weight, size, or shape, and traditional weight loss techniques are not bearing fruits. Sono Bello can act as that final measure to help take care of excess bulge.

Liposuction is meant to remove unwanted pockets of fat that tend to accumulate in areas that are resistant to dietary changes or exercise. These pockets are common on the lower abdomen, the upper thighs, the jowls, and other areas on the body.

Liposuction removes these pockets of fat and thus slimming the contour. Excellent candidates are those that still have good elasticity in their skin so that the skin can tighten down to the slimmer contour once the underlying fat is removed.

Not everyone is a candidate for liposuction. According to Dr. Shridharani, people who have sagging, stretched, loose skin should avoid this procedure.

Liposuction alone is not the best procedure, as it will leave an area of loose sagging skin, albeit without fat underneath. In these cases, procedures that remove excess skin, such as a tummy tuck, are better options.

It goes without saying that this surgical company is geared towards adults, but perhaps some exceptions can be made for younger patients diagnosed with severe issues. In addition, prospective patients should be in good health, have a medical history free of significant problems, and be within 30 pounds of their ideal body weight.

It’s also best to be a nonsmoker.

Safety and Side Effects

All surgical procedures have some inherent risks thus Sono bello being a surgical procedure offers certain risks. The Mayo Clinic states that you might experience mild bleeding immediately after or develop infections at the site of the incision.

There’s a risk of noticeable scarring due to the treated skin pulling away from healthy skin. This results from procedures that don’t heal correctly, and some people experience permanent or temporary numbness and tingling from nerve damage.

Past customer reviews show that some people experienced pain during the procedure since they weren’t given general anesthesia while others reported painful, slow-healing infections because of incisions that went too deep.

One of the most common side effects is physical irregularities, such as bumpy weathered skin, or fat bulges due to uneven fat removal or poor healing.

Your risk of complications like these increases if your surgeon is working on a large area and if you don’t take the recommended precautions during the healing phases.

However, these negative experiences look to be the exception, not the norm. Most people who undergo Sono Bello procedures don’t suffer from unexpected side effects.

Sono Bello Pricing

Unfortunately, Sono Bello doesn’t offer many details on the pricing range for its procedures. However, we’ve put together a price range of some of their liposuction treatments that we managed to find.

Sono Bello states that TriSculpt and TriSculpt E/X prices start at $1,349 per area, with a minimum requirement of three areas treated ($4,047 total minimum).

The starting price for Venus Freeze is $2,995.

However, the precise cost for your procedure will vary based on the clinic’s location, the area and amount of your body you want them to treat, whether you opt for financing or single payment, and what your starting BMI is.

Sono Bello offers various payment plans to help customers finalize their bills more comfortably. From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems that they only provide monthly installments with no interest and reduced APR. We highly recommend visiting their website for more details on this.

A breakdown of the estimated cost is as below.

  • Outer thigh procedure: $3,000
  • Two rounds of back and belly fat removal: $12,000
  • Full body liposuction treatment: $13,500
  • Skin removal on their stomach: $4,000
  • Back and midsection liposuction: $6,000

Based on the variance in prices shown, it’s difficult to predict what your treatment costs will be from looking at past procedures because they vary based on each person’s unique situation. The best way to get a price estimate is to contact your preferred treatment location for a phone estimate or to schedule a free consultation.

Sono Bello fortunately offers numerous payment options that don’t include incurring an interest if you pay off the full amount of your treatment in six or 12 months. They also claim to offer financing through Care Credit or a medical credit card that offers various financing options depending on the cost of the procedure and the time for repayment.

You’ll want to be sure that you have a complete understanding of the costs associated with your treatment before you commit. It’s prudent to read the fine print and ask plenty of questions during your consultation so you know what you are signing up for.

According to a 2017 statistic by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of liposuction was $3,374. The price of the procedure varies based on location and surgeon. That’s likely lower on average than what you’ll pay at Sono Bello.

However, this pricing can be deceiving. In the words of plastic surgeon Dr. Samuel Lin, “the average fee referenced is only a portion of the cost. It does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities, or other related expenses.”

Is Sono Bello Better Than Traditional Lipo?

Sono Bello uses a liposuction procedure called “TriSculpt.” It combines traditional liposuction which uses tubes to physically remove fat with laser treatment for more targeted areas like under the chin.

Sono Bello Review

One medical review of liposuction for fat loss published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that laser-assisted liposuction was “more favorable” than traditional liposuction due to enhanced fat reduction combined with a skin-tightening effect.

However, we cannot prove any medical research suggesting that Sono Bello’s “Tri Sculpt” procedure is more effective than any other laser-assisted liposuction procedure.

Is Sono Bello painful?

If you can withstand post-workout pain, you can definitely resist a few aches from any Sono Bello treatment. The company states that most patients return to work within 3 days, but this ultimately depends on the procedure done. In addition, a professional will prescribe you with some over-the-counter medications to help relieve any discomfort.

Sono Bello vs. CoolSculpting

Sono Bello seems to be surfing the plastic surgery wave that’s dominating the cosmetic industry from Texas to California. However, they’re not the only ones riding the tide, as companies like CoolSculpting are often within the conversation.

CoolSculpting promises to get rid of extra fat through a safe, cost-effective procedure. The process relies on cryolipolysis, which is a technology designed to freeze fat cells so that they die, and your body can eliminate them.

To help patients reach a more informed decision, we’re comparing these two brands in terms of procedure variation and company perks.

Sono Bello:

  • Offers multiple liposuction procedures such as tummy tucking, excess skin removal, and cellulite reduction
  • Provides a few Sono Bello pricing options in the form of monthly installments
  • Accredited by the Association for Ambulatory Health Care organization
  • Has clinics across the nation

Cool Sculpting:

  • Known for its cool-sculpting cosmetic surgeries for fat reduction
  • FDA-cleared
  • Offers various locations from around the world
  • Has a price range of around $2,000 to $4,000

Comparing CoolSculpting to Sono Bello’s procedures, a few things are clear. First, CoolSculpting is considered a lower risk procedure because there’s no incision, you don’t need anesthesia, and there’s usually minimal recovery time after.

One drawback is that this often leads to subtle results. A primary CoolSculpting complaint is that it takes a long time for the procedure to work, and the results are usually subtle.

It’s worth noting that its competitor offers locations outside of the United States and gives out a price range for its procedures.

Sono Bello Customer Reviews

To ascertain the effectiveness of this procedure it is important to look into the customer reviews, their experience and results.

There are many encouraging success stories on the websites’ main page not to mention Sono Bello before and after pictures and videos that speak volumes on the success rate.

Let’s look at some of the customer feedback.

I had the laser Lipo and also what Sono Bello calls an E/X, which is the removal of the skin on the lower abdomen. I am 72 hours out of surgery, my new shape looks amazing I feel wonderful. Best decision I ever made in my life!

The whole experience has been smooth and everyone has been there when you need them!
For more detailed review and pictures please go to the ReakSelf website and search Sono Bello Troy, Michigan and or Dr. Lakin, I will be posting in January 2021 and I will keep it updated for the full six-month results! Thanks

Another patient gave this review

This was a terrible experience the results were awful.  Follow up visit I had a few concerns that were not taken seriously. I went in to get some scar tissue removed from a past operation and the results we’re worse. I should’ve taken some of these yelp reviews seriously when I read them.  I hope to share my experience, so you don’t fall into the same- thank God I found a professional that actually cares for their patients with education managing their expectations and is with you every step of the way. Call Elite MD. You’ll thank me   I don’t want to put even one star

I had Sonobello 5 weeks ago, I absolutely love it!! All the swelling has not gone down yet, but what I see, I love. I can wear different clothes now and I bought 5 new bikinis. I haven’t worn a bikini in over 30 years. The staff and Doctors were great! Follow up great! I had my upper and lower abs, flanks, hips, and back bra roll done. If I like it now, I can’t wait to see the 6 months results. I would recommend this to anyone.

Sono Bello overall Scorecard

As shown above there are mixed reviews on Sono bello from different users. It has a consumer rating of 2.48 stars on SiteJabber from 181 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Sono Bello ranks 81st among Cosmetic Surgery sites. We’ll let their respective ratings speak for themselves:

  • Sitejabber: 181 reviews with 2.48/5 stars 
  • Yelp for the Washington location: 94 reviews with 3.5/5 stars 
  • Better Business Bureau: 308 complaints with a B+ rating 

Sono Bello Lawsuits

While there are no current lawsuits against Sono Bello, in 2009, there was a lawsuit because a patient passed away after treatment.

According to a statement later released by Sono Bello,

“Sono Bello extends its heartfelt sympathies to the family of Aura Javellana. SonoBello hopes that the recent settlement will assist the family in dealing with their loss of May 2009. We respect the family’s grief and accordingly have chosen not to discuss the particular facts and circumstances behind this matter. The claims against us were settled by our insurance company and there was no finding of fault or admission of liability on the part of SonoBello or the involved physician. We acknowledge that there was an attempt by both parties to reach an agreement regarding confidentiality of the settlement. SonoBello was not prepared to meet the financial demands of the estate in this regard. Sono Bella current accreditation from the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) exemplifies our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of care for our patients.”

Is Sono Bello Worth It?

While liposuction can provide aesthetic and quality-of-life benefits in the short-term that should persist if the patient eats at or below caloric maintenance, it does not provide similar health benefits to losing the weight naturally through caloric reduction or increased exercise or both.

This is because liposuction primarily removes subcutaneous fat (the visible type that causes a “belly” above your abs) but does not reduce visceral fat (the fat around organs which is considered more directly related to health outcomes).

One medical trial suggested that liposuction patients may suffer from an increase in visceral fat post-procedure due to metabolic changes. The researchers found that liposuction triggered “a compensatory increase in visceral fat”, but that this fat could be counteracted by physical activity.

This is why we only recommend losing weight naturally through diet and exercise, and safe supplements where needed. Losing weight through lifestyle modifications also has less risk than losing weight through a medical procedure.

Lipo appears to be healthier than doing nothing at all, so for patients who believe they are simply unable to lose weight through lifestyle modifications, it may be a good option.

How to Contact SonoBello

You can call or live chat SonoBello, but there’s also a bit of contact information on the BBB website.

Address: 1200 112th Ave Northeast Bellevue, WA 98004-3817

Call: 1-800-995-1136

Write: 1200 112th Ave NW, Bellevue, WA 98004

What is the difference in treatment with Sonobello vs Sobella?

Both Sono Bello and Sobella offer Laser Lipo treatment and Ultrasonic Cavitation. Sono Bello also offers other procedures like the Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck Alternative, Cellulite Reduction, Excess Skin Removal, Male Chest Reduction, and Chin Fat Removal. Sobella also has other procedures like Radiofrequency Treatment, BellaSculpt, FitSauna Far Infrared Sauna Box, and Booty Plumping Treatment.

Sono Bello Pros and Cons

Here’s our take on the pros and cons of this medical procedure:


  • Effective for long-term weight loss
  • Effective for aesthetic benefits
  • Established in medical research
  • Better than traditional liposuction
  • Low risk of major side effects


  • Expensive
  • May cause side effects unlike natural weight loss
  • Initial consultation conducted by salespersons instead of physicians.
  • Lack of harmony between salespersons and clinicians on prices.
  • No refund policy.


SonoBello is a liposuction alternative focused on the use of laser lipo technology. On the official website, you’ll notice before and after pictures to highlight its effectiveness. However, the cost is potentially a concern for some. While there are benefits to SonoBello, there are alternatives based on your weight management plan.

If you’re considering a procedure from Sono Bello, you need to be realistic about what your experience might be. Keep in mind that there are risks involved and that results can vary between patients.

Sono Bello does appear to be a relatively trustworthy brand, with board-certified doctors performing their procedures and writing most of the health content on their website. The brand is also certified with the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), a non-profit organization that certifies medical facilities and procedures.