Thrive Patch Product Review [Does It Help You Lose Weight?]

Getting fit is not always that easy, it takes dedication, hard work, exercising regularly, eating healthily, limiting calorie intake, avoiding fatty foods, and maintaining proper water consumption.

While trying other types of fat burning foods or supplements, there is no guarantee about the side effects. The longer the use, the higher the chances of side effects. Also, there are several supplements available in the market today, some are manufactured based on deep research and medical facts, while many are made just with information from blogs. Identifying effective supplement or a fat burning food an be difficult!

Fighting obesity can be tough! Generally, people who are struggle with obesity often have a problem with will power.

Thrive Patch is a great solution for weight loss, weight gain, and so many other lifestyle related conditions. It is claimed to be a most successful remedy. Also, the program which is offered to improve your health along with Thrive Patch has numerous advantages.

What is Thrive Patch?

Thrive Patch is a unique and effective product for health development. Furthermore, it has to be used in the course of Thrive 8 week Experience. Thrive patch and Thrive 8 week Experience is designed and offered by Le-Vel which is a company who offer wellness programs and products through (MLM) Multi-Level marketing company.

Thrive patch and its thrive 8 week experience is claimed to be the most effective solution for almost all type of health and fitness problems.

How Does Thrive Patch Works?

Thrive Patch cannot be bought separately, it is a part of the Thrive 8 week Experience. Enroll to their program first, by enrolling you’ll be able to create your personal profile and then you’ll be given the report of your health facts.

Necessary protein and vitamins are suggested for the 8 week program and an everyday protein shake is included in the program.

After successfully experiencing all these, you’ll get to the stage where you are supposed to use the Thrive Patch.

Thrive Patch is to be put on your naked skin for 24hours, you can put it on any part of your body you want like abdomen, thighs, or arms. The patch works based on Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) which claims to deliver the nutrients through the skin. Also, it is said that the technology is effective in adding necessary nutrients through skin without any side effects.

Benefits of Thrive Patch and the Wellness Program:

Thrive patch and the overall program delivers the required nutrients through your skin and through intake, that way it helps your body to obtain a healthy state. Not only that, there are specific benefits like improved immunity, weight control, fight against fatigue, and improved mood. Above all, it helps the body to maintain a stable level of body fat.

What is DFT?

DFT is something similar to “Transdermal Technology”. In Transdermal technology, the medicines or essential proteins or other supplements are loaded in a patch (Similar to a sticker).

This patch is then pasted on the skin to deliver the nutrients through the skin, it further reaches the dermis and is distributed to the system.

Some of the medicines may not be suitable for injecting or oral consumption, such substances (Not all, strictly regulated) are distributed to the body system using these patches. In the same way, a Thrive patch delivers the much needed nutrients to your system.


Thrive Patch is a unique product that provides great health benefits. Not only Thrive Patch, but the overall wellness program offers excellent set of vitamins, proteins and nutrients.

One can get the Thrive Patch only after enrolling in their wellness program. The reason is very simple, Le-Vel believes in giving only the required nutrition to their members, nothing more – nothing less. While enrolling, the personal profile is created.

After studying the body stats and the current lifestyle, the program offers the best suitable solution to the member. That way, they ensure the effectiveness of the program.

There are several supplements and products available in this program along with Thrive Patch. Those can benefit the people who are thriving to get fit and live a stress free life. Go for it.