Top 5 Weight Loss Tips For Men In Their 30’s

Weight loss is one of the biggest issues men in their 30’s are facing!

According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, in the U.S almost three quarters of men, 73.7% are overweight and in England nearly half of 45-54 year olds are considered overweight.

Whilst they may be overweight or obese in their 40’s, many of the challenges men face occur much sooner in their 30’s.

The 30’s are often a transition period for men, with many men becoming more successful and focusing on their careers, as well as starting a family.

These lifestyle changes can bring about different daily routines as well as eating and diet habits which are a huge reason that men in their 30’s gain weight.

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology looked at the effect of obesity on male and female mice.

They found that the reason men suffer more ill-health due to obesity than women is because of how body fat is accumulated.

In women body fat accumulates more on thighs and buttocks, in men is mainly gained around the abdomen.

This means more body fat accumulates around vital organs which is linked to heart disease.

Men in their 30’s often start accumulating body fat due a change in their metabolism.  If you’re in your 30’s you can probably relate to getting in from a hard days work, sitting down on your sofa and lacking the motivation to exercise.

If you add in any post work drinks, you’ve found yourself sat down at a desk most of the day and your sofa for most of the evening.  Weight gain is inevitable!

Here are our top 5 weight loss tips for men in their 30’s:

1.  Space out your protein

Your metabolism is likely to drop once your in your 30’s and unless you’re consuming enough protein, you’re going to lose muscle mass.

More muscle = higher metabolism and your body will burn more fat to keep that fire going!

The problem is many men eat large portions of protein in a few meals during the day, and a study in the University of Texas found that men in their 30’s who cut their protein to 30g per meal but ate more regularly were able to build more muscle!

2.  Get more sleep

Studies have found that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, through increased appetite, decreased metabolism and less motivation to exercise.

Men in their 30’s often have a problem with sleep due to work stress and young children waking them in the early hours.  We’re also going through a phase where sleeping is seen as lazy, when you should up being productive.

You may be a workaholic, but you’re more likely to be productive if you get in your 8 hours!

3.  Cut down on alcohol

Guys you probably don’t need me to tell you that drinking alcohol is going to lead to weight gain.

The problem with drinking in your 30’s is that it just isn’t the same as your nights out in your 20’s.  You probably go out for big nights out less often, but more likely to drink casually during the week and after work.

Those calories all add up, and when combined with possibly a slower metabolism gaining weight becomes easy to do.

4.  Train with a friend

One reason men gain weight in their 30’s is the simple fact that they we generally have worse social lives.

You’re probably settled down with a girlfriend, wife or partner, maybe some children too, so you just don’t get out as much.

People who have active social lives are naturally going to take more pride in their appearance and watch their weight, especially if you’re hanging around with likeminded people who are health conscious.

Training alone can lead to less intense workouts because no one is their to push you, to help you raise the bar, and burn more calories in the gym.

A good gym buddy will help keep you motivated and top of your game!

5.  Rediscover what works for you

A big reason men in their 30’s gain body fat is because they stop playing sport or whatever kept them in shape in their teens and 20’s.

A lot of men in their 20’s are part of a sports club or play football on a regular basis with their mates which often comes to an end in your late 20’s and 30’s because your friends drift apart, or you pick up injuries.

An important way to lose weight in your 30’s is to rediscover a passion for a sport or start something new.

Don’t let ‘being in your 30’s be the end of your health and fitness journey, see it as starting over again.  I’ve seen guys who were useless at sport in school and their 20’s become successful long distance runners and thoroughly enjoy what they do.

I’m aware that now I’m in my 30’s I can’t compete and enjoy playing football, but I’m passionate about keeping fit and keeping low body fat so I make sure I run at least once a week and go to the gym a few times.

Losing body fat doesn’t have to be boring or seen as a huge challenge, just make it a part of your lifestyle, enjoy your exercise and commit to being healthier in your 30’s!