What Are The Biggest Benefits of Taking Nootropics and Smart Drugs?

Nootropics and smart drugs have gained huge popularity among some of the most successful and intelligent people in the world.

In places like Silicon Valley, the finance industry and academic institutions, taking nootropics has almost become normal and you would be hard to find someone that had not heard of smart drugs.

Nootropics are used by tech entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley investor Dave Asprey, 4 Hour Work Week author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris, as well as up to 11% of U.S college students, according to Menshealth.

Clearly there must be some real benefits to taking nootropics if some of the brightest minds in the world are using them in demanding, intellectual jobs to keep them sharp.

What are the benefits of taking nootropics and smart drugs?

The first major benefit of smart drugs is that they are said to ‘enhance your cognitive ability’.

What does this mean? Well let’s start by looking at what cognition actually is.  Cognition is the set of mental abilities that affects how a person understands the world and how they act.

Cognitive abilities are brain based skills that we use in order to remember, learn, and solve problems from simple things to the more complex.

Cognitive Abilities involve:

  • Perception
  • Motor skills
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Language
  • Executive functioning
  • Visual and Spatial Processing

As you can see from the above, cognitive abilities involve the skills we need to function in everyday life, but are also critical to our success in life.  From mastering small tasks, solving complex problems, and communicating effectively with those around us, the greater our ability then the likelihood of achieving our goals are greatly increased.

Cognitive abilities are critical to our success, so no wonder increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, students and executives are now using nootropics on a regular basis.

If there are supplements our there that are, as far as we know, safe, legal and available then it is probably worthwhile giving them a go and seeing what effects they have on your life.

The biggest benefits of nootropics involve an improvement in memory, increased focus and attention span, more clarity, less mental fatigue, improved mood, and better energy.

People who have taken nootropics have said they have been able to hold conversations about complex topics for longer, with more interest and enthusiasm.  Clearly there are real benefits to taking nootropics, but the lack of research means it’s difficult to determine the real cause of the benefit.

It is likely that benefits of taking nootropics and smart drugs are different depending on the person taking the drug; their diet, their level of fatigue and amount of sleep, the time of day, and their hydration.

Just like hydrating yourself with water, or having a caffeinated drink like coffee, you’re going to feel refreshed and alert following this.  Therefore if you’re already feeling alert, by having a good diet, with sufficient sleep and hydration, will you still feel the effects of taking nootropics?

There are many questions still to answer on the real benefits of taking nootropics, which we are very keen to find out.  We’ll be doing more research on smart drugs and nootropics involving their ingredients, how safe they are, and where you can get your hands on them. We’ll probably even give them a test and review them, so come back soon!