3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results In The Gym

If you’re not getting the results you want in the gym, it’s time to take a look at your approach and figure out where you’re going wrong.

It’s time to be honest, time to be brutal.

Whether you’re just starting out trying to lose weight or build muscle, or if you’re an experienced gym goer but feel you’re getting nowhere then this post is for you!

The truth can often hurt, but if you want to get results and get yourself into the shape you want, the truth is the only thing that will change your life.  We aren’t going to get scientific here, there’s no need.  We’re going back to basics and pointing out the core things you need to change in order to get in shape!

1. You have a lousy diet

Admit it, how many biscuits do you eat?  Did you have a sneaky piece of cake?  How much beer are you drinking?

There’s nothing wrong with any of these, in moderation for a balanced life.  But that’s not the goal here, we’re trying to get results.  If you’re trying to lose weight, or lose body fat for more visible abs then diet is key.

I’ve often stepped up my gym efforts but when I look in the mirror it seems no progress has been made.  But when I’ve been honest with myself I’ve realised I’ve been cheating.  I’ve given into snacks and biscuits, foods that add no nutritional value other than extra calories, sugar and fat.  This is your problem!

What’s in your cupboard?  Do you have cakes and biscuits available to you at home?  If you’ve had a long day at work, or you’re bored then it’s far too easy to cave in to biscuits and sweets.  The solution is simple, don’t buy them.  They shouldn’t even be in your house, so stop buying them and eliminate the temptation and you’ll soon begin to see results!

2. Your workouts have gone stale

We’ve all been there, in a rut!  Going to the gym and feeling like you’re just going through the motions.  Doing the same routine, the usual number of reps and sets.

If you’re new to exercise and working out you’re less likely to get into a rut with your workouts as it will still be a shock to your body.  The problem mainly arises when you’ve been working out for a while.  What worked and got you in good shape a few months ago won’t have the same effect on your body if you don’t change things.

Are you challenging yourself?  Remember you’re working out for a reason, you should know when you leave the gym how much effort you’ve exerted.  Try and mix up your routine, add another set, do drop sets, increase the weight, do more cardio, run an extra mile at a faster pace.  If you want to improve you need to shake things up and keep your body guessing, which will keep your metabolism fired up and burning more calories!

3.  You train by yourself!

One of the main reasons you aren’t getting results in the gym could be that you’re training alone.

Many people simply perform better when they have a gym buddy.  It’s someone to motivate you, to push you and to help keep standards high.

It keeps you accountable.  If you suffer from a lack of discipline, then you may think it’s acceptable to not squeeze out that last rep, or maintain the usual routine and tell yourself you’ve done a good enough job.

A good training partner will encourage you to go a little heavier, to squeeze out another rep, to add a drop set, to run a little further or a little faster.  Most people, especially men, get quite competitive when it comes to sport or physical fitness and will do whatever is in their power to maintain respect in the eyes of their peers.  So wimping out on a gym sesh should be out of the question!

If you have a good training partner the chances of you getting into a rut are much lower, and you should be able to see better results for all your hard work.

Hopefully this article should have helped you understand why you aren’t seeing results from your gym workouts.

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