7 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight and Have Too Much Body Fat

If you’re struggling to lose weight and have too much body fat you’re probably wondering where you’re going wrong.  Am I working out enough?  Am I eating too much?  Is my metabolism too slow?

Losing weight is possible but to make it happen you need to be honest with yourself, disciplined in your approach to exercise and maintaining willpower over what you’re eating.  We often find that people who are overweight struggle to lose body fat because they are not changing their lifestyle, but making small inconsistent changes that don’t make a big difference.

Here are 7 reasons why you can’t lose weight and have too much body fat:

  1.  You’re trying to starve yourself 

    Many people trying to lose weight think that the quick fix is simply to cut down on what they eat, skipping meals and going long periods of time without eating.  The problem with this you’re starving your body, and the body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism starts to shut down.  Your body finds it difficult to burn calories, and is more likely burning muscle to feed itself because it is easier than burning fat.

  2. Not exercising hard enough 

    How honest are you being with yourself in the gym?  Many people on their mission to lose weight go to the gym and simply go through the motions, going on the treadmill or cross trainer or bike but not really exerting enough effort.  Is this lack of effort down to being lazy, or a fear of failure?  Some people find it hard to lose weight because they are scared of a lifestyle change, fearing a life that way will be too hard to maintain.

  3. Post workout binge eating  

    Maybe you’re commitment to going to the gym or working out isn’t the problem, you could be doing everything right in this department but coming home and not refuelling the right way.  Many people feel that because they have done some exercise, they have earned that pizza, burger or chocolate bar.  This can be ok at times, but if you’re trying to lose weight then eating the right foods, at the right times, in the right quantities is essential for weight loss!

  4. Lack of discipline

    You could be hitting the gym and working out, eating the right foods pre and post workout, but still snacking on unhealthy foods.  Some people want to lose weight but still snack on biscuits and cakes throughout the day, thinking that it won’t matter or make a big difference.  If you’re doing this everyday it all ads up and is likely a key reason you can’t lose that body fat.

  5. Portion sizes too big

    You’re simply eating too much, consuming too many calories which isn’t offset by your workouts.  Maybe you’re just used to eating certain meal sizes so your body is used to eating this much.  Try and reduce this slowly and your body will adjust, adjusting too quickly will probably leave you feeling hungry and increase temptation to snack.

  6. Not enough sleep 

    Studies have found a direct link between sleep deprivation and weight gain.  The effect of sleep deprivation influenced your diet, energy levels and therefore ability to exercise.  It’s recommended you get 8 hours of sleep a night, especially if you’re taking part in physical activity so your body can rest.

  7. Your diet is not balanced 

    If you’re trying to lose weight and reduce body fat you probably know that it’s healthy to consume protein, and reduce fat.  One problem people have is that they consume too much protein, too much meat and not enough fruit and vegetables. This means their diet is too acidic which can lead to weight gain because the body is trying to protect the organs from the acid.

Losing weight and reducing body fat is a challenge, especially if exercising and eating healthily is a big lifestyle change for you.  Part of the problem is actually getting the right information, not your actual desire to lose weight.  However by maintaining your discipline, being honest with yourself about how much exercise you’re doing and what you’re eating, losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult or painful.

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