Belinda Benn Get Lean Program Review [Does It Work?]

Welcome to our review of the Belinda Benn Get Lean Program.

If you’re looking to lose weight and start a diet and weight loss program it can be confusing where to start.

There are endless diet products available so its important to do your research and see if they’re worth your time and money!

We have taken an in depth look at the Get Lean Program and summarised the main points to help you decide!

What is the Get Lean Program?

The Belinda Benn Get Lean Program is a 12 week nutrition and workout program designed to burn fat , lose weight fast and transform your body.

The eating and exercise plan is specifically designed with the goal to burn body fat and tone your muscles by firing up your metabolism. This program does not involve taking any supplements and is a purely natural approach to losing body fat.

The program contains bodyweight fat burning exercises designed for you to follow in the comfort of your own home.  The resistance re-shaping workouts require dumbbells and a bench.

The Get Lean Program has been designed to help you lose weight and become lean in a totally natural way. This is by following a healthy diet and performing exercises which have been proven to increase your metabolism and burn fat.

Who Is It For?

The Get Lean Program is designed for anyone who is looking to get into better shape, whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond.

You may think the program is purely for women in their 30’s and 40’s, but it is designed to help you transform your body whatever your age.

  • You’re looking to lose body fat
  • You’ve tried fad diets but aren’t getting results you want
  • You’re 80% happy with your body but want better muscle tone or abs
  • You’ve hit a plateau and need a new program and motivation
  • You haven’t exercised before and want to start living healthier
  • You’re middle aged and want to boost your metabolism to burn fat

Who Is Belinda Benn?

Belinda Benn is an Australian body transformation coach.  She has created the Get Lean Program based on her own experiences of what works best to burn fat and get the body you dream of.

Belinda had previously worked in the cosmetics industry for a number of years and achieved what some people what consider ‘success’. However, when she turned 40 she was single and incredibly unhappy with her body she decided to take drastic action. She quit her job, sold her possessions and went travelling.

In her own words at the age of 37 she had never exercised, never owned a bikini, was flabby and had cellulite!

At the age of 44 she decided to enter a bikini contest, joined a gym and dedicated herself to fitness and nutrition research. Within 2 months she had transformed herself into a fitness model and was even featured in and Muscle and Fitness!

The transformation of her own body and mind gave birth to Belinda Benn the Aussie Transformation Coach, and her new career helping others achieve the same thing began.

How Does the program work?

The Get Lean Program is a 12 week course which comprises of e-books, audio and video material all designed to teach you from scratch the diet and exercises that will help you increase your metabolism and burn body fat.

There are 10 components of the program which include:

  1. The 12 week Get Lean nutrition manual
  2. The Torch The Fat Recipe book
  3. The Get Lean quick start guide
  4. The Body weight fat burning workouts
  5. The Resistance re-shaping workouts
  6. The Memory Jogger workout clips
  7. The Printable Workout cheat sheats and progression plan
  8. The HIIT Cardio guide
  9. The Training Jump start guide
  10. 30 Days free access to Aussie Transformation Coach

Benefits of the program are that all of the material is instantly downloadable in PDF format so you don’t have to wait around for products to be shipped.

One of the main problems people have when starting a weight loss and exercise program is maintaining motivation to see the program through. That’s why the Get Lean Program has a private members area where you can interact with other people going through the same thing as you.

User Reviews

User reviews of the Get Lean Program all seem to be positive with many 5 star ratings, and although the program can be used by men and woman, most users seem to be women.

Many users seem very happy with the results and their body transformations.   Many users who are in their 30’s and 40’s claiming to have visible toned abs.

It appears that what makes this program successful is that Belinda Benn has a story where she herself was out of shape and middle aged which allows many of the target buyers to relate.

Seeing Belinda completely transform her body by this program gives you the belief that you can also lose body fat and get the body of your dreams.


The Get Lean Program has a number of endorsements from qualified exercise, nutrition and physiology professionals who have reviewed the program.

They have praised Belinda Benn for creating a program that combines nutrition and exercise that most people can adopt and fit into their lives to help transform their bodies.


  • $87
  • Includes bonus material valued at $195
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Belinda Benn Get Lean Program can be downloaded instantly for just $87 and currently includes her bonus material which is worth $195.

Considering this is a 12 week (90 day) program packed with exercise and nutrition plans, we think this it’s good value for money in comparison with other similar products. One of the reasons the program is so successful is due to the price; would you pay $87 for a full body transformation?

If you feel the program is not for you, whether you don’t think its having an effect or if you simply can’t be bothered then there is a 100% money back guarantee within the first 60 days. This means there is no risk for you!

Our Verdict

Any program that uses natural methods to help you lose body fat and live a healthier life should be considered if you are serious about losing weight. There are many products that make big claims and confusing science, so it’s nice to see a program that is natural and shown to get results.

The program has credibility because Belinda Benn herself has made an incredible body transformation and has clearly done her research on nutrition and exercise.

The Get Lean Program helps increase your metabolism, eat healthier, increase fitness and lose body fat all for a reasonable price. Whether you’re a man or woman, of any age looking to lose body fat and transform your body then this program should get you results!