Core Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Lower Back Pain

You might be suffering from lower back pain and that causes so much discomfort, but guess what? There are remedies that don’t require your money or you don’t even need to leave your home.

If you have a disease that may be causing your back pain then the best thing to do is to immediately visit your physician. You might also want to take into consideration this from Halo Health which you can purchase to have a faster recovery from your back pains. Nonetheless, you will not run out of remedies for your back pain conditions. Just be resourceful and do not panic.

Why Are You Experiencing Low Back Pain?

  • Improper posture

Improper posture leads to compression of the spinal cord and it is a condition called the Spinal Stenosis. It is common to experience lower back pain if you are starting to practice improper posture but you should be aware and correct it right away because Spinal Stenosis can be a serious condition.

  • Arthritis

This is probably the most common cause of lower back pain especially within the age range of the 30s to 50s. Meanwhile, low back pain is also the most common symptom of arthritis. You can use a hot compress to ease the pain caused by this disease. This is the type of condition where you need to visit your physician regularly. This may not be as serious as other diseases that cause lower back pain but this cannot be neglected.

  • Osteoporosis

This disease is very common between ages 50 to 60 and is more prone to women than men. It is said that almost half of the women at the age of 50 to 60 suffer from this condition. As mentioned, it is more common to women between ages 50 to 60 so the major causes of getting Osteoporosis is sex and age. This disease can also be due to genetics if it runs in the family then most likely you will also get this when you get old and more likely if you are a woman.

Core Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain:

1. Hip Lift/Pelvis Tilt

How to do this:

Lie on the floor or your yoga mat with you back. Bend your knees but keep your hands flat on the floor on both sides of you. Slowly lift your pelvis or hip and stay in that position for at least 5 seconds. Do this for a minute and once a day.

This strengthens the core muscles or the lower torso and which also helps in preventing low back pains. You can do this while at home and for as long as you can. You may gradually increase the time you do it as you get used to it.

2. Planking

How to do this:

On your yoga mat, lie down facing the floor with your elbow on the ground as well. Keep your toes tucked in the ground and your abs tight. From there, you will make your body an elevated position but make sure that your spinal cord to butt is flat in position. Do this within a minute per day. You can add time as you get used in doing this exercise.

3. Side Planking

How to do this:

To make this less complex, do the usual planking first then slowly change your position by putting your weight on your side (left or right arm and feet). This exercise will strengthen your both arms and legs. Make sure to do this exercise right because if not, it will not prevent you from low back pain it will cause it instead.

Keep your abs, arms, and legs tight on this. Do not force yourself if you are already feeling tired. Do this within 30 seconds or less and then increase the time if you already have your core muscles strengthened.

4. Partial Curls

How to do this:

Lie on the ground while your feet on the ground and your knees bent. You can cross your hands on your chest or lift your hands up like reaching the ceiling. Slowly lift your shoulders but keep your abs tight.

5. Tabletop Leg Press

How to do this:

Lie on the ground with your back while legs are raised 90 degrees. Your upper leg is pressing on towards your abdomen. Keep your abs tight. Slowly lift your shoulders a few inches from the ground on that position. Hold on to this position for 5 to 10 seconds.

Your hands should be touching your knees. Then slowly let your shoulders the ground. Repeat 10 times.