Elevate Coffee Reviews [Is It the Smart Coffee For 2020?]

Welcome to our Elevate Coffee review.

Coffee is one of the latest ingredients thought to assist in weight loss and many companies are producing ‘smart coffee’ products.

Elevate smart coffee claims to be the best weight loss energy drink. It offers you so many benefits, starting from increased energy to boost memory, there are so many advantages to consider!

We look to see how effective Elevate smart coffee can be, whether it is worth your money, and if safe to use as a weight loss supplement.

elevate coffee


Elevate Smart Coffee Key Features

  • Smart coffee
  • contains nootropic ingredients
  • amino acids
  • helps to lose weight
  • choline
  • reduced stress levels
  • decreased fatigue
  • boosts metabolism
  • suppresses appetite
  • Mix with your coffee or other drink
  • From $49.50

Elevate Coffee is marketed as one of the smart coffee products that burns fats by combining Columbian coffee, amino acids, fat burners, and choline. To be more precise, it features a proprietary blend of amino acids, choline, Columbian coffee, and fat burners.

What Is Elevate Coffee?

Elevate coffee is an instant functional coffee produced by Elevacity. The company claims that it is a smart coffee that helps in reducing weight while increasing the focus and mental clarity of the user.

Elevacity Elevate Smart promotes weight loss and even offers improved better focus and clarity. Please note that the product contains nootropics and many other ingredients that will supposedly help you to enhance mental clarity.

Some of the products offered along with Elevate Coffee are XanthoMax, Choclevate, Sound Sleep Patch, Hemplevate, and Extreme Energy Vitamin Patch.

The brain behind it is Elevacity, a multi-level marketing company. It was established in 2014 in Frisco, Texas and its official website states that the company aims to increase wellness, happiness, and wealth.

Anyone can be a distributor of the products of Elevacity by paying a one-time fee of $49.97.

With this amount, a member can easily distribute and sell the products of the company in all ways.

There is also an option to earn commissions as long as the user pays an additional $25 per month. This fee is just for membership. You are going to need more funds to purchase the products you are going to sell.

The company offers D.O.S.E– a combination of Elevate Coffee and XanthoMax. A user can receive six doses from these two at $30. There is also a month of supply that can be availed at $105.

If Elevate Coffee and XanthoMax will be bought separately, the retail prices for both will hit $110. This means that a user can save as much as $5 if he/she will purchase the package.

How Does Elevate Coffee Work?

Elevate coffee promotes itself as the smartest coffee in the market. It claims the benefits of burning body fat, elevating mood, increasing energy levels, curbing carbs, boosting memory, and enhancing mental clarity.

In addition, the coffee can give an antioxidant effect, reduced stress and anxiety, suppression of appetite, improved metabolism, and decreased fatigue.

To integrate this product in your weight-loss program, you can drink the coffee by itself or you can combine it with other drinks of your preference. One scoop or stick of Elevate Coffee is enough for eight ounces of water.

The company recommends drinking the product twice a day to see visible results.

Elevate Coffee Review: Is It a Regular Coffee?

You must be now wondering whether this coffee is just like any other regular coffee. Or, is this a different type of energy drink that serves so many other purposes.

In this section of our honest review, we will analyze if Elevate smart coffee offers smart benefits for our body.

To start with this product features a premium coffee blend which you may not find in any other normal coffee. This rich dark roast coffee (Elevate smart coffee) has many prominent ingredients that are proven to be helpful when it comes to offer extra energy, reduce your carb cravings, help in weight management, and foster fat burning.

Elevate coffee ingredients include all natural amino acids, appetite suppressant, and much more too.

The proprietary blend of the above-mentioned ingredients collectively help in weight loss.

Elevate Coffee Vs Happy Coffee

Have you heard about Happy Coffee? Are you now wondering whether happy coffee is same as the Elevate Smart coffee. Do they offer the same benefits or not?

Well, they are the same products. Happy coffee is alternatively known Elevate Brew which is a nootropic as well as dark roasted instant coffee.

This product is another micro-ground coffee which contains a perfect blend of nootropic ingredients and amino acid that can offer positive health impacts.

That’s why this is no other than a functional beverage. It promises to offer you the following health benefits.

  • Fat Burn
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Focus
  • Lesser Stress
  • Positive Mood
  • Support Immune Functions
  • Energy Boost
  • Positive Mood

User Testimonials: Are There Any Negative Reviews?

The majority of the reviews of Elevate Coffee are positive, with users feeling more energized with noticeable weight loss and suppressed appetite.

However some users have not noticed any weight loss, and have reported feeling jittery due to the caffeine.

We have seen a lot of users mention the product has suppressed their appetites.

Some users have even complained that the product does not taste that good.

Who Is The Founder Of Elevate Coffee?

Robert Oblon founded Elevacity and established its home office at 1700 Coit Road, Frisco, Texas.

He launched the company in 2014 and prior to that, he was the President of World Ventures, another business that used MLM strategy.

He owned a 5% stake in World Ventures.

Elevacity is based on its flagship D.O.S.E. line of well-being products. The formula is based on four separate happiness hormones that are directly associated with a human being’s state of happiness.

i) Dopamine:

This is a neurotransmitter that offers a range of benefits. For example, it is associated with improved memory, better sleep patterns, and human behavior.

ii) Oxytocin:

This is an important chemical that is present in our human bodies. This hormone has some extra benefits. For example, it ensures a better feeling of love and all-related emotions.

iii) Serotonin:

This hormone is made of tryptophan. Please note that tryptophan is a well-known amino acid that can send signals between your nerve cells.

iv) Endorphins:

This hormone is known as a natural opioid that can help a human being to feel a better sense of happiness and relaxation.

The above four hormones (DOSE) are triggered by the happy coffee ingredients.

Thus, this smart coffee is designed to increase your overall quality of life with better mental state and better mood.

Is Elevate Coffee Safe?

Elevate coffee is edible but its safety depends on how the user drinks the smart coffee. Drinking more than the recommended dosage may impose risks to one’s health.

To remind everyone of the possible risks when drinking this product, the company put product warnings such as not taking other medications or supplements while drinking the smart coffee.  Unsuitable for pregnant or nursing women, not exceeding the recommended dosage, discontinue of use if abnormal symptoms persist, and consulting the doctor if the user has previous medical conditions or if taking other medicines.

Users who are under 18 years old are warned not to use the product. This means that the product is only safe for those who will follow the recommendations of the company.

Also, some of the ingredients used to make the Elevate Coffee may give side effects to drinkers. The green tea extract may cause an upset stomach, an increase in heart rate, and nausea.

The cocoa may also cause headaches, bloat, and nausea. Moreover, the L-Theanine (if consumed too much) may give an effect of dizziness and diarrhea.

If you will take the smart coffee, make sure to be aware of the possible side effects.

Smart Coffee Reviews: Is It Worth to Purchase?

Many of you have may have dreamed of slim and trim body, isn’t it?

But, with your uncontrolled eating habits, it becomes quite complex to lose weight quickly and easily. Plus, your daily diet may not have enough protein rich foods to foster your weight loss goals.

That’s why healthcare professionals often recommend to use a smart coffee like this product.

What Are The Ingredients?

In January 2020, Elevacity updated the ingredients.

Based on the product label, it contains: chromium polynicotinate, premium coffee blend, cocoa bean extract, sunflower lecithin, green tea extract, PEA, green coffee bean extract, organic cocoa, bacopa monnieri extract, L-theanine, griffonia simplicifolia extract, caffeine, A-GPC, and Kucha tea leaf extract.

elevate coffee ingredients

Let’s now talk about the benefits of these individual ingredients.

i) Chromium:

This ingredient is widely found in various weight loss supplements. This is a mineral that aims to reduce fat.

ii) PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCL):

This is a neuroamine that is typically found in human bodies. Elevate smart coffee has this particular ingredient which can elevate an individual’s mood.

iii) Green Coffee Bean EXtract:

Green coffee extract us a well-known stimulant. This stimulant will help in achieving your weight loss milestone easily and quickly.

iv) Green Tea:

Just like green coffee, green tea is also linked for its weight loss benefits.

v) Alpha GPC or A GPC:

This is another natural compound that is claimed to work well in combination of other nootropic ingredients. This ingredient features some additional benefits. For example, it increases production of the key cell membrane phospholipids.

vi) Organic Cocoa:

Do you know the benefits of the organic cocoa powder? If not, then please check this section and know all the benefits of this smart ingredient in this section.

Organic cocoa can lower your blood pressure. In addition to it, it can further improve mental clarity and offer sustained energy. Other benefits of cocoa powder include reduced diabetes risk, reduced heart disease risk, and reduced inflammation.

vii) Espresso Coffee:

This ingredient offers a range of benefits. For example, it triggers various brain chemicals, boosts memory, reduces risk of coffee, improves digestion, and even has so many anti-ageing effects.

viii) Kigelia Africana:

This extract aims to provide you some positive impacts on your skin.

ix) Caffeine Anhydrous:

Do you want to lose weight? If yes, then this ingredient will be so apt for you!

x) Juglans Regia Extract:

This extract is also present in the formula of happy coffee. It is aimed to offer you a set of health benefits — starting from relieving stress to decreasing anxiety.

xi) Xylitol:

In this section of smart coffee review, we will talk about the benefit of xylitol. Please note that it’s a sugar-free sweetener that is healthier.

These are the key ingredients used in this smart coffee.

Apart from that, other ingredients are niacin, kucha tea leaf extract, sunflower lecithin, L-Theanine, bacopa monnieri extract, silicon dioxide, sunflower oil, organic rice concentrate, vanilla and chocolate flavors, etc.

Smart Coffee Review: Know Its Taste and Flavor

To be more honest, this Elevate smart coffee does not taste that good! If you are a usual coffee drinker, then you may find the taste to be a bit bitter.

To overcome this bitterness, you can add a sweetner. You may also add some milk or cream in order to improve the taste.

Speaking more about the flavor now. Are you wondering whether this coffee is available in natural flavors? It’s available in two great flavors like vanilla and chocolate.

Elevate Coffee Verdict

Elevate Coffee by Elevacity is more than your typical coffee.  It contains ingredients that have a range of health benefits with the potential to help weight loss and increase your metabolism and energy levels.

According to many users, it is an effective and safe supplement to assist in weight loss and energy levels.  However there are side effects that users should be aware of and pay attention if they have any conditions that could be effected by caffeine.  Always consult a medical professional if you are unsure!