Why Your Metabolism Could Be The Key To Weight Loss


When people decide to lose weight their first option is usually to start a diet and make changes to their eating habits.

The problem with this is where does it end?  Continually cutting calories and watching everything you eat doesn’t address the main issue and leads to a boring life.

If you’re looking to lose weight, the best thing you can do is boost your metabolism.

What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the biochemical process that converts what you eat and drink into energy.

Your metabolism is like your body’s engine, it burns energy to keep your body functioning, organs working and your heart beating.  Your resting metabolism will be unique to you but it will account for up to 75% of the calories burnt each day!

You can now see how important your metabolism is when it comes to weight loss.

Factors that affect your metabolism are your body size and composition, lifestyle, your age, and your sex.

Does Metabolism Cause Weight Gain?

As mentioned above, your metabolism is the process of converting food into energy and will burn calories even when you’re resting.  Therefore the speed of your metabolism, or metabolic rate is incredibly important for weight management.

As you age your metabolism will naturally slow down and you will find it is easier to put on weight once you hit your 30’s and 40’s compared to in your teens and 20’s.

A slowing metabolism on its own cannot be blames for weight gain.  Weight gain will often be due to eating excessive calories and also a lack of physical exercise.  However, if your metabolism is slowing due to age or your lifestyle and you don’t adjust your diet to reflect this then weight gain will be almost inevitable.

How Can You Increase Your Metabolism?

The top 5 ways to increase your metabolism are:

  1.  Eat More Protein – protein helps build muscle, and the higher your muscle mass the more energy must be burned to feed and sustain the muscles.
  2. Lift Heavy Weights – building muscle helps maintain your metabolism so by lifting heavier weights, this will help develop your muscles.
  3. High Intensity Workouts – high intensity workouts involves intense, fast bursts of activity will boost your metabolic rate by shocking your system, working harder and burning more energy.
  4. Drink Cold Water – the cold temperature will help increase your metabolism as your body will use energy to heat it up to body temperature.
  5. Get More Sleep – lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain, and a negative effect on metabolism.

Are There Any Supplements To Speed Up Metabolism?

If you’re wondering if there are any supplements that can assist you in speeding up your metabolism, you’re in luck!

Most of the weight loss products that are advertised on the market are designed to kick start your metabolism.  They usually contain caffeine, or are CLA (Conjugated Linoleic acid) supplements.

These are the products we have reviewed that assist in speeding up your metabolism for weight loss and have been rated positively by the majority of users:


Our product reviews explain the purpose of these supplements and how effective they can be.  Your current weight situation and what you want to achieve will determine the best supplement for you.

It may be that you could lose weight and speed up your metabolism by tweaking your diet and mixing up your exercise routine.  The natural way is always the healthiest and most effective, but if you’re needing some assistance then there are proven ways that can boost your metabolism that can lead to you losing weight.

One of the main advantages of using supplements are that they give you more energy and make you feel better, which encourages you to move more and become more active.  Most people experience feeling more energetic, and this higher energy level contributes to a more active lifestyle.