Every now and again we break our routine, either intentionally to keep our body guessing or just because life can get in the way of the gym at times!

People live busy lives, unexpected events can happen and sometimes (albeit rarely) the gym does get sacrificed!

Anyway, it’s good to mix up your routine now and again to keep your muscles guessing.

So if you’ve missed a few gym sessions and are out of your routine, or just need to shake it up, check out this intense full body workout!

Reps 8-10

  • Barbell clean and press x 4 sets
  • Squats x 4 sets
  • Flat bench x 4 sets
  • Dips x 3 sets

FINISHER: this will 100% finish you off, consider your body shocked and back on track.

  • Pullups going straight into pressups x 3 sets

This full body workout hits the major muscle groups, so if you’ve had a few days off or just looking to get out of a rut, then give it a go!