GYMSHARK: How Sportswear Brand Became Multi-Million Dollar Company in 2 Years

“Before there is an action, there is an idea.

We exist to create the tools that help people unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action.

Be all that you imagined you could be. Be a visionary.”


These words from Gymshark founder Ben Francis really sum up what their fitness clothing and accessories brand is all about and how the business started.

source: Instagram @Benfranciis

Gymshark was started in 2012 by two Aston University students Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan in their 2nd year of Business and Management and has become the fastest growing and one of the most recognizable brands in the fitness industry with a revenue target of £50 million this year!  They started with a team of 5, which has now grown to over 50 and sell to 180 countries around the world! 

If you’re a gym enthusiast you don’t have to look hard until you spot someone wearing their brand, whether it’s a gym vest, a snug looking t-shirt or even girls wearing their leggings, the Gymshark ‘shark’ logo is unmissable.

Gymshark was founded with the intention of making sportswear and accessories which were unique to the fitness market that catered for athletic, buff individuals to help them reach their full athletic potential.

Ben and Lewis wanted something different than the usual baggy bodybuilder clothes or the more tight fitting restrictive fitness clothing.  Gymshark’s apparel is made to be functional but also incredibly flattering, something with has contributed massively to its success in an Instagram, image obsessed world and fashion conscious generation.


Fitness gear is no longer confined to the rare trip to the gym, for many of us it’s a lifestyle that takes up a large portion of our time and also our social lives.  As we live more active lives both in and out of the gym, whether it’s the gym, running, or hiking we want to look good and feel good! 

This is something Gymshark understand as the team is part of this generation, they live and breathe fitness and are part of the fitness community.

Gymshark is more than a business, it represents a way of life

What makes Gymshark truly unique is that it is like a community, not a faceless corporation.  The founders are passionate, young, and in great shape who wear the brand.  They’re incredibly active on social media, visible and engage with their followers, making them relatable to the market they represent. 

Gymshark represent the young generation of today, the vision of their founders is the lifestyle they lead but also the lifestyle and vision many young people have today – not to settle for the status quo, to push yourself, chase your dreams and follow your passions and you can achieve incredible things. 

It’s more than a business, it’s represents a way of life and a movement for its community of likeminded followers.


Part of their success is down to supporting other athletes and amateur gym enthusiasts and going from an amateur fitness enthusiast to a brand ambassador is attainable when  a company like Gymshark not only encourages you, they support you.  They started off supporting and promoting unknown fitness enthusiasts who shared the Gymshark vision and philosophy, making them a brand ‘for the people’ with mutually beneficial relationships.

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