How To Lose Body Fat In Your 30’s

Losing body fat can be tough, even more so once you get into your 30’s!

Your metabolism slows down, you have a more sedentary lifestyle due to your job and family, and you struggle to stay on top of your health and fitness.

I’ve always been very strict with myself when it comes to my weight, exercising 4-5 times a week and watching what I eat.  However I’m now in my 30’s and my usual gym and diet routine just isn’t having the same effect as it used to.

Noticing an increase in your body fat doesn’t happen overnight or in a week.  It often comes about because of a slow, gradual decline in your activity levels.  You may think you’re still hitting the gym, but think back to when you were in better shape, what’s changed since then?

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In your 30’s you probably have a more demanding job and you may have a family and children, which makes it easier to justify skipping a workout or reducing the intensity of your gym sessions.  A stressful job can lead to turning to food as a coping mechanism, we’ve all done it!

If you’re in your 30’s you may even have more disposable income than you’ve ever had, which means you can afford to go out more to restaurants and social events with friends.

This can all lead to gaining body fat and a lifestyle which makes it hard to shift.

If you’ve gained weight and you’re searching for ways to lose body fat, you’ve probably made attempts but now struggling.  The problem is that in your 30’s if you’ve gained weight, some people think they’re past the point of no return; they’re past their peak, it’s downhill from here, thoughts of never being thin and ripped again, this all takes a toll on a persons motivation.

So how can you lose body fat in your 30’s?

  • Understanding the barriers

    The first thing to do is to understand the main reason you are having trouble losing body fat.  What is the cause of your weight gain?  What is stopping you from working out, or preventing you from getting the exercise you need?

  • Being brutally honest with yourself

    If you’re struggling to lose body fat, there is a high chance you just aren’t being honest with yourself.  You may tell yourself you’ve been to the gym, or you went for a run, and your diet has improved but did you work as hard as you could?  Did you eat snacks and cakes at work?  Did you binge on alcohol at the weekend?  It’s often the little things in our lifestyle we overlook when trying to lose weight but these can add up to make big differences.

  • Understanding your metabolism

    In your 30’s your metabolism will slow, which makes your exercise and diet even more important because your metabolism will determine how much energy, and fat your body will burn even when you aren’t working out.  It’s important to maintain muscle in order to keep a high metabolism, this is something many people overlook.  Both men and women give up on building muscle in their 30’s, opting for cardio workouts instead.  Many women are guilty of skipping meals to lose weight and not eating enough protein, all of which will affect muscle mass, slowing down your metabolism.  Make sure you’re doing exercises that help maintain and build muscle, which will increase your metabolism and help you burn more body fat.

  • Have a vision and make a strategy

    When trying to lose weight and lose body fat many people set themselves targets and goals.  This is good but the problem is when hitting the targets.  Many people have the wrong strategy to hit them, and often miss their targets which leads to a loss of motivation, with people quitting the gym and reverting back to their old diets and ways of living.  The best way is like with any long term goal, you have a vision for who you are as a person, who do you want to be and how do you want others to see you?  If you have a vision then you will adapt your lifestyle and choices to be congruent with who you see yourself as a person.  If you see yourself as overweight then your decisions will reflect that.  It’s hard to eat cakes, biscuits and fast food if you see yourself as healthy and athletic because it goes against your values.

Losing body fat in your 30’s can be made much easier if you have the right mentality, that’s half the battle.  It’s impossible to get the body you want if you’re unwilling to live the lifestyle that can lead to weight loss.

If you want to lose body fat and get visible abs, sometimes it’s worth taking supplements that can assist you.  We believe you can lose weight and body fat as part of a healthy lifestyle, and only believe in taking supplements that are healthy.

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