Your Guide To Understanding The Symptoms and Causes of Cancer

One of the most dreadful diseases that cause the death of people in the world is today cancer after heart disease. Gradually with the advancement of technology, there are significant changes and improvement in curing cancer.

The creation of abnormal cells in the body causes cancer. Additionally, these cells have the ability to destroy normal body tissues. They can erupt easily into other parts of the body.

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There are 200 different types of cancer. Each varies from the other but has few common symptoms. In this article, we have narrowed down the signs that one should never ignore.

Symptoms Of Cancer:

Cancer does not give signs exclusively that will indicate about the disease, but if you notice the below-mentioned symptoms occurring frequently, then you should go for a clinical trial under an expert doctor.

  •    Change in the bowel moments, frequent urge to urine and diarrhoea.
  •    Sudden weight loss
  •    A sore throat
  •    Fatigue and swelling in the joints
  •    Change in the body colour, shape, size
  •    Redness on the skin
  •    Difficulty in swallowing the food
  •    Hoarseness
  •    Digestion problem and bloating
  •    Feeling full with little food
  •    Not having the urge to eat
  •    Fever and sweating at night
  •    Sudden bleeding
  •    Anaemia – decreased blood count

The moment you start noticing such signs that last for more than two weeks, immediately check with a doctor who will undergo a clinical trial.

Different Types of Cancer

  •    Breast Cancer
  •    Lungs Cancer
  •    Prostate Cancer
  •    Colon Cancer
  •    Skin Cancer
  •    Jaw Cancer
  •    Ovarian Cancer
  •    Leukaemia

Reasons for Cancer

It is difficult to determine the causes of cancer. Nevertheless, anything that leads to the abnormality of cells into the body will result in the disease. Sometimes it is the environmental changes, or it is the lifestyle that will activate the cells in the body. We have curated significant reasons for cancer.

  1. Asbestos, cadmium, nickel and other chemicals are harmful to health. When one gets exposed to these chemicals chances of having cancer increases.
  2. There are specific cancers like ovarian, colorectal, prostate, skin and breast that are related to genetics.
  3. Sometimes the disease is also caused by the bacterial and viral infection. One of them happens to be liver cancer due to the Hepatitis-B. A virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) causes cervical cancer.
  4.  A hormonal change in the female also promotes cancer. When the oestrogens level drastically increases, it results in uterine cancer.
  5. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun also brings cancer. Sometimes when a person is going through the radiation therapy for chest – one might become the victim of breast cancer.

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What is the identification and treatment of cancer?

If you are someone who is particular about the health and notices the symptoms, then discuss it with your doctor and have a clinical trial for confirmation.

There are many discoveries in the field of cancer for its treatment.

The first steps are usually of going through the medical history of the patient and diagnosing cancer. Once it’s been detected the doctor will go through the lab tests, blood samples, electrolyte levels and so much more.

For the examination of the body CT scans, MRI, ultrasounds are conducted. To know about the cancerous tissues endoscopy is performed.

Later on, one has to go through a procedure called biopsy where the cancerous tissue is being analyzed. With the help of a biopsy, one can quickly know about type and stage of cancer. Afterwards, surgery is carried out followed by chemotherapy.

What are the additional preventions one can take?

There’s a specific way of preventing cancer. But doctors often suggest ways of eliminating the risks of having the disease.

  1.    Quit smoking and drinking
  2.    Eat a healthy diet
  3.    Avoid excessive sun exposure
  4.    Exercise and be fit
  5.    Boost up your immunity power
  6.    Perform a yearly check-up of the body
  7.    Intake the necessary vitamins and minerals through supplements

Today, cancer is spreading extensively. Even if you are not addicted to certain habits, there are certainties of having cancer.

By sharing this article, we definitely do not want to scare you but if you notice, the symptoms go through a clinical trial.

Last but not the least – Listen to your body, look after your body because if you don’t no one will.

This is a guest post from Heather Neves.  Heather is an health writer and is currently an editor for Southern Star Research in Australia.