Welcome to our product review of MyProtein MyGainer, the new premium mass gain formula by MyProtein.  We’re heading into the winter months, a time when many of us are no longer shredding for the summer, and looking to gain a bit of mass.  It’s bulking season!

Are you looking to add strength, size and muscle mass?


  • 47g of premium protein
  • 120g carbs
  • 1.4g saturated fat
  • 784 calories per serving
  • Flavours – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla

In order to gain mass you need a calorie surplus which means consuming more calories than you’re burning.  If you’re serious about bulking then MyProtein ‘MYGAINER’ is the perfect choice, with a massive 47g of protein, 120g of carbs, 5g of glutamine and 4g of BCAA’s giving you a massive 784 calories per serving!

Don’t be confused with using MyGainer with trying to just become bulky or huge.  MyProtein MyGainer is designed to help you gain lean muscle mass and strength and is therefore a very helpful supplement if you’re someone who struggles to maintain muscle mass and size.

This often just comes down to your personal body type, where some people are looking to lose weight or maintain a stable weight, others are naturally skinny or thin and need to concentrate on their calorie intake if they want to add muscle mass.

Do you struggle to put on size?

If you struggle to put on weight or build lean muscle, then MyProtein MyGainer is ideal for you because it is a healthy way for you to increase your calories and build muscle.  Many young people or amateur fitness enthusiasts/bodybuilders who are looking to build muscle mass concentrate on consuming more calories in order to increase their size, however the problem here is the source of the calories.

More calories, but the right calories

If you’re consuming the wrong foods which are high in fats and the wrong carbohydrates then you’re probably going to increase body fat, as well as risk other health related problems.  By using MyProtein MyGainer you’re increasing your calories in a healthy way due to the high quality whey protein, good source of carbohydrates and the low fat content, so providing you are training correctly then this is an excellent supplement to boost your calories to help you gain some mass without risking an increase in body fat or other health problems.

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MYGAINER contains a superior protein formula containing D-Celle Whey, whey isolate and milk protein scientifically proven to help build muscle mass and support maintenance after a workout.


Another major benefit of MyProtein MYGAINER is the premium taste: although it comes in the standard chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, it tastes great which is what you come to expect from many of the premium supplement brands.  It’s perfect for consuming throughout the day or even with your breakfast.

Importance of carbohydrates

Many people have a thing about carbs, trying to cut them out or reduce them from their diet.  However carbohydrates are important for muscle recovery after intense exercise or training which has led to muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen.  MyProtein MyGainer has 120g of carbs per serving as well as the 47g of protein, perfect for muscle recovery and building!


A sign that this is a quality product from MyProtein can be seen by the addition of multivitamins.  They haven’t just focused on providing you with a calorie surplus but have made sure this is a healthy protein drink that promotes health as well as muscle growth by including a variety of multivitamins that benefit you in different ways.  MyProtein MyGainer includes the following multivitamins:

  • Vitamin A – an antioxidant that prevents cell damage, good for healthy skin and bones.
  • Vitamin C – needed for healing and boosting immune system, used to make the protein collagen which helps make skin and cartilage.
  • Vitamin D – helps keep muscles, bones and teeth healthy.
  • Vitamin E – antioxidant that helps prevent disease, balances hormones and cholesterol and repairs damaged skin.

BCAAs – Branches Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs or “branched-chain amino acid supplements”  help stimulate protein synthesis and have been found to not only increase the rate of protein synthesis but actually increase the cell’s capacity for protein synthesis. One way muscles get energy if they are not fuelled enough is by turning to muscle and breaking them down to use as an energy source.

BCAAs help prevent this muscle loss by increasing the rate of protein synthesis compared with the rate of protein breakdown, contributing to muscle gain.  MyProtein MyGainer has 4g of BCAA’s per serving, added as another nutritional benefit to this quality product.

You can get your hands on MyProtein MyGainer here, or learn more about its nutritional content.