PhD Smart Bar Review: Legit Protein Bar For 2022?

When Phd Nutrition announced its new bar Smart Bar, the company proclaimed it to be extremely tasty and nutritional. This protein-based snack was long overdue especially for those who were either training or just looking to eat healthy snacks with high protein content and minimal sugar.

PhD Smart bar is one of the many protein bars available on the market, so it’s always best to do your research to know which bar suits your dietary requirements and personal taste the best.

Let’s face it, these bars are not cheap so it’s imperative to get a good insightful review, that’s why we’re here we this phd smart bar review.

What Is PhD Smart Bar?

PhD Smart bar is a super delicious high protein bar and low sugar snack which serves two major purposes. One, it’s designed to supply your body with the much-required protein content. This PhD Smart bar really ensures to offer you quality protein. Two, a special focus is given to make the sugar content as low as possible.

Phd Smart Bar Review

PhD Smart bar is perfectly suitable for both men and women who are seeking a tasty, quality protein, low sugar snack. The best part is that this product will allow you to fulfill your craving for confectionary while allowing you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

This low sugar snack has a super-soft protein center that is coated in gooey caramel layer for an utterly delicious taste. In addition, it even offers a subtle crunch texture that you will experience as soon as you take a bite of it.

Most of the protein packs currently available in the market usually offer a bland taste and texture. In contrast, PhD Smart bar seems to be an exception because it really offers a delicious taste. What’s more, it’s available in various flavor options.

For instance, if you love the taste of peanut butter, then PhD Smart Bar in Choc Peanut Butter will be suitable for you. Whoever loves the classic chocolate flavor and taste, can try this Smart bar in dark chocolate flavor. The blend of gooey caramel along with cocoa powder will be ready to elevate the taste-buds of chocolate lovers. Another interesting flavor is Cookies, Cream flavor and Dark Choc Raspberry which is an absolute delicacy for Raspberry fans.

Reveal more details about the main flavors of PhD Smart Bar in the sections below.

PhD Smart Protein Key Features

  • 20g Protein

  • 0.6g Sugar

  • 0.6g Impact carbs

  • Great taste and many amazing flavours

PhD Smart Bar – Key Features Explained in Details

i) High Protein:

This product features a super soft protein center. Are you now interested to know what is the protein source?

Well, both collagen hydrolysate and soya protein as the sources of protein for PhD Smart Bar. Apart from these two ingredients, milk protein is one of the primary sources. Precisely, milk protein is the major source of protein for this high protein low sugar snack.

Collagen is the second primary source and Soya protein is the third source of protein for it.

ii) Low Sugar:

This low sugar protein blend has minimal sugar content. That’s why it would be a perfect addition to your daily diet.

iii) Suitable for Different Recipes:

PhD Smart bar can be easily blended with various types of recipes, including smoothies to making a healthy drink and much more.

With the amazing taste of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, condensed milk, dark chocolate, white chocolate, PhD Smart Protein crispies provide you enough flexibility to play around with your favorite recipe.

You can even eat these high protein low sugar delicacies on their own. Just grab one of these protein crispies and give it a bite! Your appetite will be immediately served, and your tastebuds will be immediately enriched!

For the best experience, you should go for your most favorite flavors. There are so many options available including barley malt extract, birthday cake, natural vanilla flavour, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and more.

When Should You Take It?

The whole point of a protein pack is for it to be taken as a healthy snack or before or after a workout. The PhD Smart bar is not a meal replacement but should be used as a high protein snack whenever it’s required, either mid morning or mid afternoon.

The benefit of the 20g protein and low carb and sugar content is that it will help fill you up and prevent any energy crash, as your sugar level won’t be caused to spike. The problem with sugary snacks is they give you short term energy but make you crash, leaving you craving for more snacks. The PhD Smart protein is an intelligent way to snack!

Taste & Texture

One of the historical problems with protein-based bars and one of the stigmas attached to them is that they don’t taste great, they’re heavy and hard to chew.

PhD Smart bars should impress you because they look and taste very much like your typical chocolate bar, this modern day protein bar is designed to be taken as a healthy snack throughout the day or as a pre/post workout bar.

The PhD Smart protein has three layers, a rich chocolate coating, cocoa crispies and a caramel layer. When you bite into the bar you will notice the crispy texture, and the lightness which is quite rare for a protein blend bar.

The Smart bar we sampled was chocolate peanut butter flavour which tastes fantastic and gives you the feeling that you’re actually eating a pretty naughty chocolate bar.

PhD Smart Bar Interesting Flavor Options

Birthday Cake (concentrated strawberry flavor with a satisfying crunch texture)

PHD have set a high bar for their newest release, in celebration of their second birthday they released this new yummy protein bar.

Birthday Cake (concentrated strawberry flavor with a satisfying crunch texture)

Birthday Cake has proved a difficult enemy to conquer, with most bars not getting it quite right. This was truly a game changer for the Phd smart bars.

Salted Fudge Brownie (offers a true confectionary bar taste)

We absolutely cherish an unusual unique flavor! Besides, sea salt brownies are arguably the classiest type of brownie.

Salted Fudge Brownie (offers a true confectionary bar taste)

The center is slightly softer than other flavors but milky and sweet, similar to the Choc Peanut Butter flavor. As usual, the crispies add the crunch and the thick milk chocolate coating is creamy and cracks when you take a bite.

White Choc Blondie (tastes like milk powder and it’s great for white chocolate lovers)

This is similar to a white chocolate bar with the spice of a blondie; well, an unusual flavor you can try out.

White Choc Blondie (tastes like milk powder and it’s great for white chocolate lovers)

Chocolate Brownie (an amazing condensed milk cocoa butter flavor)

Dark Choc Raspberry (a perfect raspberry flavoured caramel layer)

Mississippi Tough Mudder Pie (lovely malty flavour with a bobbly texture)

Mississippi Tough Mudder Pie (lovely malty flavour with a bobbly texture)

Choc Peanut Butter (peanut buttery flavor)

This has a nice whiff of peanut butter.

Choc Peanut Butter (peanut buttery flavor)

Cookies & Cream (features a natural bourbon vanilla flavour)

The cream element comes from the core. It has a sweet milky flavor.

Cookies & Cream flavour

The caramel layer makes it even better, and the crispies are there for the crunch.

Caramel Crunch (plain caramel flavor with a satisfying crunch texture)

Pros and Cons of Phd Smart bar


  • It’s a high protein low sugar bar.

  • It’s available with various interesting flavor options.

  • It’s one of the best protein bars. Plus, it’s a perfect low sugar bar.

  • These protein blend bars are affordable, convenient, and versatile.

  • Suitable for both men and women.

Drawbacks (if any)

It depends on what you’re looking for in a protein pack. If you want something that tastes great, is light, and easy to eat then the PhD Smart Bar should satisfy you.

However, I used this bar as a mid-afternoon snack with the intention of tying me over in between my lunch and my workout. This was the first time I used the Smart bar and saw the chocolate peanut butter flavor and attractive picture on the wrapper – it gave the impression of a chunky protein pack that should fill me up nicely.

My only disappointment was that it left me wanting a little, while it tastes great and had great texture, the PhD Smart protein gave me the feeling that I needed more – I probably could have had two of them.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the PhD Smart Bar is probably one of the best tasting and delicious high protein pack products on the market and is packed full of protein with low sugar content.

If you’re after a bar that tastes good and isn’t going to make you pack on the pounds, as well as increasing your protein then the PhD Smart protein is a great choice.