Arthrozene Reviews: Does It Really Work?

As we advance in age, knee and joint problems catch up with us, which is not ideal. Simple tasks like walking and chores become a nightmare as the debilitating effects of joint pain begin to take a toll on us.

When the health of your joints is compromised, it can be inconvenient and even impact your mood and productivity. Having a healthy lifestyle will prevent this from progressing or even developing.

However, in the case that the condition has developed, it could be insufferable and thus we may need a dietary supplement to keep the pain at bay and manageable.

There are effective joint pain supplements out there that have no risks to your health.

Arthrozene by Fisico is a joint health supplement that alleviates swelling, supports healthy cartilage, and enhances the mobility of your joints.

Since nowadays there are a ton of joint supplements advertised online, how can you be sure that Arthrozene is what it claims to be and not just a money grab?

In this Arthrozene review, we take a closer look at its claims and the ingredients in it and find out if it is a good joint supplement.

What is Arthrozene?

Arthrozene by Fisico is dietary supplement with three key elements known to fight stiffness, restore mobility, enhance flexibility, and reduce pain. On top of that, it is said to address the root causes of joint problems thus offering a solution within five days of taking the pills.

Arthrozene reviews

This natural supplement is sold in capsule form. The recommended dosage is one capsule every day on an empty stomach. You might want to consume this supplement to restore joint health because it may help fight joint stiffness and distress. On top of that, this organic supplement might help improve mobility and flexibility.

The medication is available in many countries and many people have used this drug for joint pain relief.

According to the makers of Arthrozene, users may experience the following benefits from consistent use of the product:

Arthrozene claims:
  • Reduce joint discomfort and inflammation
  • Relieve stiffness
  • Support natural joint health
  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility
  • Experience effects in 5 days
  • Slow cartilage breakdown
  • Increase joint lubrication

Taking Arthrozene can prevent or delay the need for joint replacement surgery and also avoid having problems with mobility in our everyday lives hence we have to protect our joints.

Pain and inflammation of joints can also be a sign of or can lead to arthritis. The risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing arthritis are eating sugary, fatty, and processed foods and obesity.

Eating a good diet that comprises whole foods, fruits, vegetables, or omega-three fats and doing exercise regularly have been shown to be the best ways to prevent joint pain and inflammation. However, the aging of joints is inevitable and the elderly are at a higher risk of acquiring arthritis.

When diagnosed, Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs and acetaminophen are often taken for joint pain. They may be effective for reducing pain but have considerable side effects.

Natural supplements become the answer for people looking to prevent the progress of joint pain safely. Arthrozene is a joint supplement; it has the nutrients you will find in regular food but it is made in a way that enhances their absorption in our body.

The 3 Arthrozene ingredients come from chicken and plant extract. They are made into a proprietary blend to find the optimal dosage and bioavailability of the ingredient. They have combined these three blends into one because multiple clinical trials show their efficacy.

Fisico the manufacturer of Arthrozene also a manufacture other multiple brands.

Arthrozene Ingredients

Now let’s take a look at the Arthrozene ingredients one by one, analyzing the scientific evidence, and explaining what they do for joint health.

Arthrozene Ingredients

From the official website, Arthrozene is made up of three potent ingredients. These are:

  • 100 mg AprèsFlex® Boswellia Serrata Extract
  • 80 mg Mobilee® Natural Chicken Comb Extract
  • 40 mg B-2Cool® Native Collagen type II

An in-depth review of these ingredients and their claims are as follows:

1) AprèsFlex Boswellia Serrata Extract

ApresFlex, formerly Aflapin, is a patented blend of Boswellia Serrata extract made by Laila nutraceuticals. People in the middle east frequently use ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata as a traditional herbal remedy for many ailments.

It is a known anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and analgesic. Hence, it reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain associated with arthritis. Research has shown that for some patients, Boswellia Serrata can significantly enhance knee-joint function and reduce pain in about a week. However, in the same clinical study, they used Boswellia Serrata extract rich in boswellic acid.

The research also shows that active compounds of things like gum-resin and boswellic acid , can improve symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Additionally, the extract might relieve pain and inhibit inflammation.

Studies done more recently have also found that boswellic acids can inhibit an enzyme called 5-Lipoxygenase. This enzyme speeds up the biosynthesis of a group of inflammatory mediators. In short, the enzyme 5-Lipoxygenase is inflammatory, and boswellic acids have shown that they might inhibit it. One study has even shown that osteoarthritis patients taking a highly potent Boswellia serrata extract had drastically reduced pain and improved physical function scores.

Its safety has been studied in animals and was assessed to have a broad spectrum of safety. Other animal studies suggested the potential benefits of ApresFlex in arthritis. The ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata extract inhibits enzymes that can are known to cause damage to the cartilage and connective tissues.

It can slow down joint degeneration, control inflammation, improve mobility, and protect joint cartilage. To assess the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of Boswellia Extract, a randomized controlled trial was done.

Arthrozene contains 100mg of this, and that is less than the 250mg that was found to be most effective in the clinical trials. Notably, 100mg can still have positive effect on pain and motility so long as you are using a potent extract rich in AKBA.

Minor gastrointestinal side effects were shown in the clinical trial patients tolerated them well. Observations made in multiple clinical trials have proven the efficacy and safety of ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata as an alternative treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

2) Mobilee Natural Chicken Comb Extract

Natural chicken comb extract can treat osteoarthritis. This extract contains glucosaminoglycans, collagen type II, and hyaluronic acid. A clinical study was conducted using chicken comb extract with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

In many studies, Mobilee shows to protect joint cartilage, reduce joint pain, and increase muscle strength. 148 subjects with mild knee pain were supplemented with rooster comb extract and yogurt.

The randomized controlled trial showed decreased joint effusion, enhanced muscle regeneration, and reduced pain perception. These benefits are all crucial for joints and cartilage.

3) Hyaluronic acid

A deficiency in hyaluronic acid causes joint deterioration. Hyaluronic acid slows cartilage breakdown to prevent pain and relieve stiffness. Most studies examined the use of intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid in long-term therapy of osteoarthritis.

A review of various studies made from 2008 to 2015 on the use of the ingredient in different oral formulations was done. It showed that several studies have supported hyaluronic acid supplementation because of its safety and potential in long-term use.

A recent clinical trial was performed on 20 people who had knee pain using an oral supplement of rooster comb extract. This was the closest comparison to the ingredient, and the results showed improved quality of life at 8 weeks.

Subjects reported significant changes in bodily pain and social functioning.

4) Glycosaminoglycans

Glucosamine is a common ingredient in joint supplements. Glucosamine or glycosaminoglycans is also found in Mobilee. It is indicated as glycosaminoglycans in the formulation of Arthrozene.

Glucosamine is an amino acid sugar needed for joint health which supports joint lubrication, and joint mobility and reduces joint pain. However, despite being a widely used ingredient in supplements, its efficacy in symptoms of osteoarthritis patients is lacking.

A clinical trial on glucosamine combined with chondroitin showed minimal benefits. It even had mild to moderate side effects like stomach pain, bloating, and headache.

5) B-2Cool Native Collagen Type II

B-2Cool collagen in chicken sternum is made by Bioberica, this company also makes Mobilee natural chicken comb extract.

Type II collagen is important for joint health. As we age, the collagen in our connective tissues degrades and reduces which is not readily replaced.

Collagen deficiency can compromise joints. It can result in joint pain, which may lead to arthritis. Collagen supplements alone are found to improve mobility. Unfortunately, mild to moderate side effects occurred in the clinical trial.

Constipation and headaches side effects were experienced by the participants in the clinical trial. Nevertheless, a significant improvement in quality of life was also reported by the patients.

Cartilage-derived type II collagen exhibits benefits in animals with joint inflammation. Therefore, clinical trials were performed to evaluate its safety and efficacy in humans. 274 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were put through a randomized controlled clinical trial.

40 mg of native collagen from chicken sternum is found in Arthrozene. An optimal dosage without side effects was 20 mcg/day.

Who is Arthrozene For?

Arthrozene is recommended for people above the age of 18 who are experiencing joint pain and soreness from exercise.

While joint pain is extremely common among the general population, groups that could benefit from Arthrozene specifically include athletes, weekend warriors, and seniors.

Who should not use Arthrozene

Arthrozene is not recommended for the below cases.

People with Preexisting conditions

Joint supplements can cause contraindications with your prescription medications. Therefore, when you intend to take any dietary supplement, talk to your healthcare provider to offer personal health advice.

If you are already taking medications for arthritis, inform your doctor first before taking Arthrozene.

Pregnant and nursing women

If you are pregnant or nursing, do not take a joint supplement.

Many health supplement ingredients are not extensively studied for their safety and effects on infants.

Ages under 18 years old

Arthrozene is a joint supplement for reducing joint pain and inflammation in adults.

This condition is not a common concern for younger individuals.

Arthrozene ingredients are not tested for their effects in children. This means that it should not be taken by people under the age of 18.

Unrealistic Expectations

The claims of Arthrozene are not absolute.

The FDA does not approve therapeutic claims made by manufacturers of herbal supplements.

A consistent intake is the best way to go about it, accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle since it is well-known that these supplements do not have instant and highly potent effects.

If you witness severe symptoms, consult a healthcare provider first to receive a diagnosis and treatment customized to you.

How to Take Arthrozene and Dosage

You should take one Arthrozene capsule with a glass of water every day. One bottle contains 30 capsules.

Arthrozene Capsules

Arthrozene Reviews from Customers

A few of the reviews complained about stomach upset, nausea, and diarrhea.

It also did not work for some and complained about how Arthrozene costs higher than other joint supplements.

Fortunately, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Despite this, most of the reviews had positive feedback.

People expressed pain-free joints and better mobility after taking Arthrozene.

The overall rating of Arthrozene is 3.6 out of 5 on Amazon, with a 46% 5-star rating and 17% 1-star rating.

Some of the Arthrozene reviews are as below.

“Everyone’s different but this stuff has really done wonders for me. I have super crunchy knees from years of running and other sports and had just learned to deal with the discomfort. I had done the chicken shots a couple of times, but they’re costly. Thought I’d give this a try since it has some of the same ingredients, and it only took about 10 days before I saw a big difference. My knees are less achy, less crunchy, and when I run I don’t have that bone-on-bone feeling I used to. If you have bad knees this stuff is absolutely worth a try.”

“My mom has been suffering from arthritis for a while. The pain had gotten unbearable, and she wanted to go the “natural route”. She claims that this has made a significant difference in her mobility in such a short time. I wouldn’t say this is for everyone’s situation, but it has really worked for her.”


I had knee surgery 18 months ago. The arthritis was severe enough that after cleaning it up I was left with 25% of my left joint and kneecap. I am an avid bike rider and hiker and I found that hiking and walking were really difficult after the surgery and for months beyond … Then I found the Arthrozene. Within 2 weeks I noticed improvement.”

Fisico Inc. has been accredited since October 2016 on the Better Business Bureau website, . They have an A+ rating there. ​​On Trustpilot, there are only 3 customer reviews and two of them are negative.

In the end, the positives of Arthrozene greatly outweigh the negatives.

Arthrozene Side effects

People experiencing severe joint pain should get a proper diagnosis of their condition.

Do not self-medicate with alternative treatments such as dietary supplements if you haven’t seen a doctor about your symptoms. The best thing to do is first inform your healthcare provider before taking any type of supplement.

A joint supplement cannot replace the need for medication or surgery in a serious medical condition. If you have sensitivity to collagen type II, you are at a higher risk of experiencing side effects. If you take high dosages with prolonged consumption of collagen type II, you can surfer liver injury.

If you experience side effects associated with this, stop using Arthrozene and contact a qualified healthcare provider to provide medical advice.

Though this rare happens, you should call local emergency services immediately if you witness emergency symptoms like a severe allergic reaction.

Where to buy Arthrozene

You can purchase Arthrozene natural joint supplement at its official website.

It is available in single-bottle purchases and 3 or 6-bottle packs with free shipping.

Is Arthrozene Worth It?

Arthrozene is a well-designed formula with clear and transparent supplement facts. The science behind the key ingredients is very solid for adults suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also encouraging to see that the doses of the key ingredients are based on actual research, and not under-dosed.

Arthrozene reviews were generally positive for this brand and it appears that many customers have experienced a reduction in pain and improvements in mobility. Add this to the fact that there is a 90-day money-back guarantee and your risk is essentially zero.

Adults suffering from joint pain should add Arthrozene to their shopping list.

Arthrozene Promotions & Discounts 

You can save on Arthrozene whenever you make multiple purchases. One bottle costs $50, plus $6 for shipping and handling. If you buy three bottles at once, you will pay $135, bringing the average cost per bottle down to $45. You also get free shipping and handling.

If you’re convinced by the science and trust the Arthrozene ingredients I outlined above, you may want to get even more savings by purchasing six bottles at once. This costs $240, bringing the average cost per bottle down to only $40. No Arthrozene discount code is necessary.

How Arthrozene Compares to Other Joint Supplements

There are many joint products available on the market that contain a variety of ingredients that may support joint health. These alternatives may contain one or more of the ingredients found in Arthrozene, all of which are beneficial for joint health.

Most supplements with the same ingredients are around the same price, between $30–$50 a month.  If you want an optimal joint product, on top of the ingredients in this product, you should consider products that contain glucosamine, chondroitin, or curcumin that have been shown to improve joint health.

Of the many supplements that have been proposed as likely to help protect joints, Arthrozene looks like a solid choice.

Pros of Arthrozene


The main ingredients of Arthrozene have been shown in several studies to have the effect of improving joint health and offering pain relief. It provides ingredients that contain nutrients essential for the joints.

These nutrients are naturally found in the body and may reduce by age or in people with arthritis.

Arthrozene resolves the deficiency of hyaluronic acid, type II collagen, and glucosamine.

Several of the research supporting Arthrozene are randomized placebo-controlled and double-blind trials on arthritis patients.

Safe ingredients

The natural ingredients of Arthrozene have been shown to be safe and have zero to minor side effects.

However, that does not rule out the rare occurrence of side effects like stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea due to sensitivity to type II collagen.

These side effects usually subside eventually or disappear when the joint supplement is discontinued.

Arthrozene supplement is safer than many over-the-counter medicines.

Several studies have shown using consistent evidence that it is safe to use a chicken comb and chicken sternum extract as a supplement for arthritis patients.

ApresFlex, the patented blend itself, is tested in randomized controlled trials for its safety and efficacy.

All- natural Formulation

It is an all-natural supplement for pain relief and to support the joints.

Arthrozene is caffeine and stimulant-free. It will not cause palpitations or an increased heart rate.

You can take Arthrozene consistently with no worries of stimulant effects.

90-day Money-back Guarantee

All orders are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, less any shipping or handling fee.

If you don’t get the results you expected and are unhappy, you can simply return the used (or unused) bottles within 90 days after the product has shipped. Their customer service team will issue you a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

To process your return, call the Customer Service team at 1- 800-392-4727 to request a return merchandise authorization number.

The Cons of Arthrozene


Arthrozene cost is higher compared to other joint health supplements.

Most of the negative reviews have expressed complaints about it being a costly joint supplement.

Not for vegetarians or vegans

If you are allergic to chicken or are a vegetarian or vegan, this joint supplement is not for you.

Its active ingredients contain chicken extract or chicken sternum.

Dosage of nutrients

Mobilee and B-2Cool are patented blends made from chicken comb and sternum.

Despite the indication of milligram and percentage of the ingredient and nutrients, the actual dosage of its content is unclear.

It makes it hard to determine the efficacy of each nutrient in the formulation.

High dosages of collagen type II may cause liver problems and other side effects.

Without knowing its exact concentration, people who are sensitive to collagen need to be cautious.


It is bold to claim that a joint supplement can solve your joint pain in just 5 days.

Although some people found this product effective, some people found it took longer to show any benefits.

Giving an absolute and bold statement can give unrealistic expectations to buyers.

Joint supplements will have varying effects on different individuals depending on many factors.

As symptoms can differ greatly from person to person, the potency of Arthrozene for each person will also vary.


The ingredients have several animal studies, clinical trials, and systematic reviews conducted. Its safety is evident in many results.

Arthrozene ingredients have zero to minimal side effects with moderate efficacy. They were proven to support joint health in both animal and human models.

With more human studies being done in a large-scale and over a long period of evaluation, the benefits and risks of the ingredients would be better determined. The formulation is a combination of patented blends with exclusive information on specific dosage per nutrient.

We could better evaluate the benefits and risks if the exact doses of all the ingredients are provided.

We don’t know how much hyaluronic acid or glycosaminoglycan is in Arthrozene. Studies have shown the importance of dosage to determine the minimal dose needed without side effects.

Nevertheless, it is a good joint supplement for those with osteoarthritis and joint pain. The ingredients are essential nutrients found in the body and have anti-inflammatory effects.

In spite of the promising effects of Arthrozene, this supplement does not work for everyone. People have different reactions to treatments depending on multiple individual factors.

Fortunately, you can get a refund if Arthozene is not for you. Remember that the information on this Arthrozene review is for general knowledge only. Do not take this review as a diagnosis for your condition.

Seek professional medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider to evaluate your symptoms and treatment.