Remedial Massage Therapy & Fitness in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide

This is a guest post from Body First Health Group.  BFHG offers a range of premium professional services, support and supplements to clients at every level of health and fitness. Their team of industry professionals are committed to guiding their clients at every level of need, in physical therapy, strength and conditioning, nutrition and supplements.

Remedial massage is a therapy that is used to find and repair areas that are damaged in the body.

This is facilitated by speeding up the body’s own healing systems. Therapy is done depending on the specific problem and ranges from pressure that is strong and deep or gentle and shallow.

The difference between remedial massage and other forms of treatments of pain is that the focus of the massage is to trace the causation of the pain before therapy. Thus remedial massage is holistic in nature treating pain through an understanding of the origin and symptoms.

What can you expect at a remedial massage centre in Australia?

First, you will have a detailed discussion with your remedial massage therapist who will probe your general health and lifestyle before coming to the issue in hand. Only after this will a thorough examination be carried out.

The purpose of the consultation is to know the cause of the pain so that a suitable therapy programme can be structured.

It is natural for you to be concerned that your therapy session might be painful if you have an existing injury or recovering from one. Your therapist will take all these aspects into account when customising your treatment. Communication is the key to effective treatment. You have to detail out the areas of pain and stiffness on a diagram so that the therapist can accurately identify the problem areas.

Therapists at a centre are well trained in various remedial massage techniques that can effectively take tensed and tight muscles to a relaxed state. They are experts in the treatment of neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, muscular spasms, tennis elbow, arthritis and sciatica. Almost all remedial massage centres in Australia work on similar lines.

How does a remedial massage work?

Apart from the benefits of remedial massage given above, there are other ways it works on the body.

  • Circulatory Systems – Remedial massage therapies stimulate the circulatory system and encourage blood flow to the tissues. As the lymphatic network is closely connected with the circulatory system, pain and swelling in any part of the body is reduced through increased lymphatic flow.


  • Muscle Systems – There is a direct impact of remedial massage on the muscular system. Tight and overused muscles are stretched and relaxed thereby leading to tissue regeneration and reducing of spasms and cramps.


  • Joints – Remedial massages works on the muscles around a joint. This results in increasing the range of joint motion and increases stability and joint strength.


  • Endocrine and Hormonal Changes – When pain and stress is experienced, the body produces cortisol. It has been proved that remedial massage slows down production of this hormone. On the other hand it helps increase levels of serotonin and dopamine which enhances mood and assists in pain reduction.

All this has been proved through empirical studies.

All-inclusive fitness centres in Australia

While remedial massage is a pain reliever, you should also take steps to keep your body at peak fitness levels to reduce the possibilities of sudden injuries and harm. For this it is recommended that you join a fitness centre that offers comprehensive body conditioning services.

This is because fitness is not only about working out at the gym with barbell weight plates or other equipment. It is also about strength and conditioning, nutrition, supplements and in some cases specialised treatment therapies.

An example of such a centre will help explain better what total fitness is all about. Take the case of Body First Health Group, a comprehensive health care centre in Dandenong, South Victoria, Australia that offers remedial massage therapies and a host of other services.

If you take a look at what they have to offer, you will see that it is fully about total body care. Such professional and expert fitness centres can be seen in every State in the country and is one reason why Australians are an extremely fit lot, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Services offered at fitness centres

These are some of the services provided at top of the line specialist centres for health, fitness and physical therapies.

Strength and Conditioning – You will get training and fitness advice from a professional personal trainer who can guide you in reaching long term fitness goals, ways to reduce possibilities of injuries and how to avoid risks. With this advice you can even train at home as an addition to regular workouts at the centre. But in such cases, ensure that the equipment you get is of the highest quality.

To be sure, go online and order from Fitek, one of the leading fitness equipment suppliers in Australia.

Nutrition Plan – A good nutrition plan created specifically for you will help in achieving fitness and health goals and get the desired body composition which is primarily weight loss or weight gain. An important part of this plan will be a study by the nutritionists of whether you have any intolerance which can affect your health.

Clinical Myotherapy – Leading fitness and remedial massage centres in Australia provide this therapy as part of their regular services. It focuses on management and treatment of all types of myofascial and musculoskeletal pain.

Any pain that extends from joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves can be effectively treated through clinical myotherapy. Basic process includes soft and deep tissue manipulation with advanced techniques being joint mobilisation, electrotherapy and dry needling.

Some of the issues that can be effectively treated with this therapy include –

  • Sports Injuries – soft tissue, joint, impact or trauma
  • Rotator Cuff Issues (shoulder impingement, Inflammation, etc)
  • Nerve Pain (sciatica, carpal tunnel etc.)
  • Joint pain and discomfort
  • Postural Injuries/strain
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pain from sprains and tears
  • Chronic pain from repeated injuries

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