Salt Water Flush Detox [Does It Work?]

There are so many remedies and solutions out there for weight loss. And you might have tried almost all of them. Have they worked for you? If not, there is no harm in trying out a new remedy in the market.

You must have heard of Salt Water Flush, as it has become something of a household name with the health freaks. If you wish to try it for yourself, it would do good to understand what it is and whether it can work wonders for weight loss.

Here is an honest and unbiased review of this solution and what it offers.

What Is It?

Let’s first understand what is Salt Water Flush. In a nutshell, it involves the use of salt water to flush out all your body fat and calories. Salt water has been one of the traditional remedies for detoxification and that is what makes it so effective.

One of the most traditional and basic solutions for weight loss has been a glass full of warm lemon water every morning before breakfast. Even Eastern countries and societies like India have used this successfully.

Simply speaking, a Salt Water Flush is just a glass of salt water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning before breakfast.

Supposedly, this simple and regular intake of this remedy is not only good for shedding extra weight. It is also effective in preventing gastritis, bloating and acidity to a great effect. Let’s find out how it will benefit you.

Making A Salt Water Flush

Preparing an ideal Salt Water Flush is as easy as it sounds. Take a glass full of warm water, add 2-3 teaspoons of non-iodised salt and squeeze a juicy and zesty lemon in it.

Stir the water well and drink it up early in the morning, about a couple of hours before you binge on your breakfast.

If you wish to make your Salt Water Flush drink more interesting and even nutritive, you can add some powdered cinnamon or asafoetida for more health benefits from these spices. You can also blend in honey instead of sugar to sweeten the drink.

Warm water, with salt, lemon and honey, will give you much needed nourishment every morning as the day begins.

The Advantages Of A Salt Water Flush

Given the extremely healthy ingredients of a glass of Salt Water Flush, there are many advantages to be found for people. Let’s look at some of the major benefits.

  • The non-iodised salt content in the solution helps to destroy or even wash out the toxins inside the body. This prevents the onset of threats like tumours and ulcers and also cleanses the digestive system for better functioning.
  • The lemon juice is full of enriching Vitamin C which is one nutrient that you cannot have enough of. It is good for skin, prevents ailments like common cold and infections and improves your immunity to diseases.
  • Honey and spices like pepper, cinnamon and asafoetida are very effective as cleansing substances that destroy germs and replenish strength of your digestive system.

With a healthy and completely functional digestive system, you will be able to digest and assimilate food and nutrients quickly. This will also make you fitter and help you shed those extra pounds easily along with some exercise.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since a Salt Water Flush is a completely natural remedy for weight loss, side effects are generally out of question. Salt water, on its own, has no side effects and lemon juice, honey and spices are nutritious substances that need no introduction.

You should be cautioned, however, that having a daily drink of Salt Water Flush will result in more frequent bowel movements. This, naturally, will be a part of the detoxification process and it should not trouble you.

However, if you are having way too many frequent motions, it would be advised to stop drinking it for a few days before the digestive system is restored. Since abnormally frequent bowel movements might make you feel fatigued and weak, it would be better to take a break sometimes and let your system recover completely.

Final Words

However, all in all, it can be said safely that Salt Water Flush is one of the better and safer solutions out there for effective and lasting weight loss. Try it today and enjoy the many health advantages of this natural and enriching solution.