Optimum Nutrition are recognised as one of the biggest producers of sports nutrition products in the world.  The premium brand has a reputation for exceptional quality and world class athletes trust them to provide their nutritional needs.

The brand focuses on quality and being the best, so it came as no surprise to us that their ‘True Strength’ fitness apparel was equally as impressive as their nutrition products.

The clothing has a premium feel, as they are made with stretch-fit fabric and tapered to help show off all that progress you’ve made in the gym.

The seamless fabric ensure maximum comfort, which is helped by the moisture wicking breathable material which keeps you feeling and looking good even during the most intense workouts!

The difference between the more traditional sportswear brands and those such as Optimum Nutrition ‘True Strength’ is the image – anyone can wear one of the mainstream brands, but with Optimum Nutrition and their bold ‘ON TRUE STRENGTH’ logo it shows you take your health and fitness seriously, you’re part of a muscle building tribe, and you demand the best!