We aren’t really fans of using specific diets to lose weight, but in this case the alkaline diet is more of a lifestyle choice.

The alkaline diet has the backing of many medical experts because it assists in weight loss but also your overall health and well being.

Common high alkaline foods include: vegetables, most fruits, plant based proteins, almonds, green smoothies and juices.  The diet plan encourages people to eat more of these foods to help make their bodies more alkaline internally.

Highly acidic foods have been found to be the cause of many health problems, including cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Unfortunately the average diet in the western world is made up of highly acidic foods such as processed meat, dairy, alcohol, sweeteners, citric fruits, and seafood

Get the right balance

Now we don’t really agree with cutting out all acidic foods, as there are many nutritional benefits to eating SOME of them, but it is important to get the correct balance.

In order for your body and organs to function effectively, it’s important to get the right balance of acid and alkaline in your body.  The body and organs are all interconnected, so if a high build up of acid is responsible for damage to one organ then this is likely to spread to other parts.

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