Active PK Reviews: Legit in 2022?

Active PK is a dietary supplement that effectively boosts metabolism and contributes to overall weight loss by fighting fatigue and abdominal fat.

Active PK supplement comes with a new and advanced formula that will not only help you to foster your weight loss goals easily and quickly, but also it will further help you to get a stronger, slimmer-feeling body.

Interested to know more about this product? Or are you now wondering if this product really helps you in losing weight?

Our Active PK review will look at the key product features, how it can help you, and the main findings from customer reviews.

Active PK review

source: LCR Health official site

What Is Active PK?

Let’s now have a quick introduction to Active PK.

Active PK is a weight loss supplement designed to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

It is a dietary supplement with a carefully selected ingredient list that lowers your belly fat, extra abdominal fat, removes brain fog and contributes to the overall energy levels.

Weight gain is common in many adults and with the lifestyles some people lead, many find it difficult to change and live a healthier life. Due to lack of exercise, healthy diet, excessive food cravings, and other factors, you may end up gaining unnecessary weight.

Of course, this excess fat needs to be burned so that you enjoy a slim-fit and healthy body. But, how to burn fat in an effective and efficient way?

Many people will choose to change their lifestyle and diet in order to lose weight, however some people require a little help or are looking for a quick fix.

Active PK should not be seen as the only way to lose weight but there are so many active ingredients that can contribute to a faster metabolism and weight loss.

Active PK pills offers you a range of health benefits, starting from improving brain function to helping in fat loss. In addition to it, Active PK will even help you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Key Features of Active PK

Some of the key features of Active PK Formula are:

  • Boosts energy levels & reduces abdominal fat

  • Promotes clearer thinking

  • Source of natural energy

  • Caffeine free

  • No synthetic additives

  • Dairy free

  • Revolutionary formula designed with all-natural ingredients

  • Helps fight fatigue

Is Active PK Good for Fighting Abdominal Fat?

There are so many diet pill products available in the market that claims to help in both weight loss and fat loss.

However, not many products are available that can burn abdominal fat. In this case, Active PK is an exception.

This diet supplement with its revolutionary formula is really effective. That’s why it’s considered to be one of the best weight loss supplements available.

Please note that the formula features two most powerful AMPK-boosting compounds (amp activated protein kinase), such as Berberine and Gynostemma. These two most potent natural compounds are proven to help your body trim stored fat.

That’s not the end! These compounds will boost energy, boost your endurance, improve your metabolism, optimize brain functions, and help you get a slim waistline.

What Are the Active PK Ingredients?

Among the ingredients that are part of Active PK, we can find the following:

  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (450 g)

  • Quercetin dehydrate (100g)

  • Berberine HCL (100 g)

Active PK ingredients

source: Active PK official website

All of these ingredients are scientifically approved as components for assisting with faster weight loss.

Most users of other supplements that contain the mentioned ingredients claim very good effects on overall health.

After only a short period of usage, their weight is significantly reduced, and their energy levels are improved.

It is the biggest proof that ingredients inside Active PK provide good support in weight loss programs.

Now, please have a look at the individual benefits of Active PK Ingredients.

Active PK Review: How Does Active PK Work?

If you wonder how this supplement affects our bodies, there are certain effects worth mentioning.

Active PK is perfect for the activation of AMPK in our bodies. AMPK is a special enzyme in our metabolism that regulates many important processes.

All the way from boosting the mitochondrial activity in the cells, to eliminating waste components, AMPK plays a very significant role.

That is why good regulation of this enzyme leads to more effective weight loss and energy boost.

AMPK is also responsible for breaking down sugars and glucose, which is important for reducing fat inside our cells.

All of these benefits of AMPK put this enzyme high on the list of our priorities.

When the enzyme is regulated by the right supplement, like Active PK, the effects are more than powerful.

Benefits of Active PK Ingredients

Active PK weight loss formula contains a bunch of potent natural ingredients. Are you interested to know the benefits of these core ingredients?

If yes, then please quickly check the sections below.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract:

This is one of the key ingredients of Active PK diet pill. This ingredient has proven benefits when it comes to lowering high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar, and even improving your heart function. In addition to it, gynostemma pentaphyllum strengthens your immune system and increases your stamina and endurance, and improves memory.

Please note that gynostemma pentaphyllum also helps in weight loss.

Quercetin dihydrate:

This ingredient can treat conditions of the heart and blood vessels. It’s even used for treating bladder infections, arthritis, and diabetes.

Berberine HCI:

This ingredient is effective when it comes to controlling high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. What’s more, it even helps you to burn fat. In addition to it, Berberine HCI has proven benefits when it comes to burning fatty acids.

Rice Flour:

Rice flour supplies your body with a good amount of fiber, which is essential for all types of diets. It can lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, and even help with digestion. Rice flour is commonly found in dietary supplements because it helps in burning fat and losing weight.

Other ingredients:

Other two key components of Active PK include hypromellose and vegetable stearic acid.

Who Are LCR Health?

Active PK is produced by a company called LCR Health, a nutraceutical company based in Los Angeles.

The company produce a range of physical and mental health products which are a result of scientific breakthroughs in understanding how to optimize human performance.

Dr. Rand Mclain is the Chief Medical Officer at LCR Health who has 20 years’ experience in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Rand Mclain

He has earned gold standard professional affiliations from the American Medical Association, American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, National Academy for the Advancement of Science, and the National Academy of Sports Science for his metabolism boosting and anti-ageing techniques.

It is clear that with this level of scientific expertise, LCR Health are a credible company and Active PK has been produced by experts in their field.

What Results Should You Expect?

Once you try using Active PK, you should see changes in your body image because by activating AMPK enzyme, the effects become more visible.

You should experience higher energy levels, which can be a good trigger for additional change.

When you feel energized, it is the best time to start with some kind of exercising which could be a light walk or a simple training in the gym.

Whichever activity you choose, it will be a perfect way to additionally boost metabolism and speed up the losing weight potential.

We all have hidden forces that force us to change, and exercising is one of the best ways to wake up those strengths.

As a result of better energy levels, you can also speed up your metabolism and provoke further weight loss which is assisted by the effects of the AMPK enzyme.

It boosts the overall weight loss potential and should notice an improvement in your mood during the day, and therefore more ready for daily challenges.

If you work out during the time of using Active PK, your options to lose weight are much better.

That is why most specialists advise people to work out during the period of increased supplementation, because the effects are much more powerful.

How To Take Active PK Capsules?

It is very important to take Active PK according to official recommendations and you should consult your doctor before any consummation, so you can be completely sure about the effectiveness of the supplement.

If you start taking Active PK, be patient about the results, because every supplement has to be taken for the specific period of time in order to show results.

In any case, you will be pleased to see how your abdominal fat decreases, insulin level optimizes, and energy level normalizes.

All these positive effects of Active PK make the supplement one of the best options when it comes to weight loss reduction.

You can notice why so many users claim that Active PK is completely effective for improving life and transforming body for better.

For the best results, it’s recommended to intake two capsules of Active PK supplement every day. Just grab a glass of plain water to take these capsules daily. You can either intake these capsules with food or you can even intake these capsules in empty stomach.

Active PK Potential Side Effects

You have already revealed the natural ingredients of Active PK formula and their benefits in the above sections.

You must be now keen to know whether this product causes any side effect. Isn’t it?

Well, this dietary supplement has no side effects. That’s simply because — the formula does not have any synthetic additives. There are all natural ingredients that have proven benefits like the formula will help you to combat abdominal fat, boost energy, and foster quick energy production.

However, people react differently to even the safest product, so it is imperative that some of the potential issues that could arise be highlighted here.

  • When you consume Gynostemma Pentaphyllum in high quantities, it might lead to increased nausea. It is why you are advised to keep the consumption within the recommended range. 

  • Quercetin Dihydrate might be a plant extract, but it could also have some adverse side effects. It can possibly lead to experiencing headaches and sometimes nausea. When you start experiencing such, it is best to stop using this dietary supplement. 

  • Some have also reported issues such as diarrhea, constipation, cramping, and sometimes stomach pain. As you can see, Active PK can affect the digestive system. 

Active PK Customer Reviews

On the whole the customer Active PK reviews of are positive.

Many users have experienced noticeable changes in their level of body fat, especially on their abdomen.

Some of the Active pk reviews are

“It has been two months now ever since I got myself Active PK. Today I get to review Active PK and talk about my experience. Well, I appreciate what Rand McClain and his team have done to come with this product. After two months, there are noticeable changes to my appearance.”

“I have been using it for 1 week now. So far, no weight loss, but my energy levels are through the roof. So, that is one plus for the product. I will continue using it to see if it can help burn my belly fat.”


“Reading customer reviews from other people is not always enough to understand more about this AMP-activated protein kinase activator. I took a chance, and now I can say my abdominal fat is melting away. Of course, it does not happen overnight, but I am glad I can see some progress.”

General Customer Reviews

The most common comment was that many users have experienced an improvement in their energy levels and mental clarity, even by users who into their 60’s and 70’s.

A small minority of users said they had not experienced any reduction in body fat.

However, it is worth mentioning that Active PK will not be a miracle supplement and is likely going to give greater effects if used as part of an overall lifestyle improvement.

Is Active PK Safe? 

The Active PK ingredients are known for boosting AMPK levels in the body. AMPK is sometimes referred to as the metabolic master switch as it increases metabolism, that results in more fat burning. Now the major concern that customers have is whether this LCR Health product is safe to use. 

Safety is something debatable when it comes to using weight loss supplements. Not everyone would be convinced that the supplement is safe. In this case, the company uses natural ingredients to make the product, thus reducing the chances of making them a risk to your health. 

One thing for sure is that you need to stay within the recommended dosage range. This will largely help you experience more benefits of the product. Some would want to consume more pills thinking such would make the weight loss process faster. However, that might not always work well for you. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to maintain safety while using Active PK

  • Keep it away from children as the composition of the supplement is not suitable for kids’ health 

  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women are advised not to use it 

  • If you have a heart condition or other chronic health issues, stay away from such supplements. 

Always talk to your doctor before starting to use this supplement. It is vital that you do not mix the supplement with other medications as they might lead to drug interactions. 

Third Party Tested

LCR Health test all of their products in their own lab, but also use independent third-party testing companies to make sure their products are safe and effective.

By holding themselves to the highest manufacturing standards in the supplement industry you should rest assure that you’re getting a well-developed product that is unlikely going to do you harm.

The tests make sure the ingredients are 100% pure and there is no contamination.

Where To Buy Active-PK?

If you ever want to get this weight loss supplement, it is best to buy it from the official company website. 

You will need to set up an account with the company before spending your money getting bottles of Active PK. Do not worry, as the registration process is simple and straightforward. 

Once you have your account, simply navigate to Active PK product, which is under the Products section. From there, you can choose the quantity of Active PK you want and add it to the cart. Follow the screen instructions until you can complete your order. 

Active PK Price

  • 1 bottle = $69.00

  • 3 bottles = $186.30

  • 6 bottles = $330.15

You can buy active pk in quantities of either 1, 3, or 6 and shipping is free (included in the price).

Money Back Guarantee

All LCR Health products including Active PK come with a 100% money back guarantee. The policy will remain valid within the first 90 days of purchase.

So, in case you are not satisfied with Active PK and its claimed benefits, then you can go ahead and take advantage of the 90-Day money back guarantee. In such cases, the customer support staff will explain and assist you in the process so that you can return the product to LCR Health’s fulfillment center.

Once your shipment is received, you will be issued with a complete refund, no questions asked.

Does Active PK Burn Fat?

Active PK will help you to shed off a few pounds, provided you follow the right course of routine.

For example, you must intake two capsules per day so that the AMPK activation is kick-started, and it will convert the nutrients into usable energy.

What Are the Alternatives to Active-PK?

This blend of ingredients is not unique to Active-PK. While formulations vary by pricing and dosing, as well as the included ingredients, there are a number of other supplements that offer similar blends.

AMPK Booster from Super Smart offers more gynostemma and a comparable dose of berberine, though it lacks the quercetin content. Nonetheless, for a similar blend, you’ll pay just $42 for a 1-month supply.

AMPK-4 Activator contains more gynostemma, berberine, and quercetin when compared to Active-PK. Priced at just $35.99 for a 45-day supply, this is the most cost-effective option yet.

Active PK Review: Bottom Line

We think Active PK is a quality product that aims to tackle an important health problem in raising your metabolism and reducing body fat.

If you are looking for a safe, effective, and reliable product that can help you to shed off a few extra pounds, then Active PK will be a good choice for you.

The product is produced by experts at a respectable company who seem to be experts in producing science backed health products.

Active PK longevity activator promotes AMPK activation (amp activated protein kinase activation) due to which your body will start converting nutrients into usable energy.

Overall, the user reviews are mostly very positive with users experiencing noticeable improvements to their energy levels, a good sign that their metabolism has been affected.

One of the main positive points of this product for us was that it is tested in LCR Health’s own labs as well as a third party, which gives us more confidence in the products safety.