3 Of The Best Superfood Supplements With Clean Labels [Full Transparency]

Superfood supplements with clean labels are becoming increasingly common.

We have reviewed some of the best superfood supplements with clean labels that offer full transparency over their ingredients.

When buying a supplement, we want to know exactly what ingredients it contains and what benefits we can expect.

Many greens and superfood supplements contain blends that don’t disclose the ingredients or the quantities.  Without this information it is hard to know the real level of nutrition we will receive.

Seeing the full ingredient list and the amount of vitamins it contains helps us know if the product is right for us.

Not all superfood supplements are the same and will contain different vitamins in varying quantities.

One supplement may contain a high level of B Vitamins but less Vitamin C.  Another may be high in Potassium but low in Zinc.

We all have different nutritional needs, so it’s helpful to know the nutritional content so we can make the right decision.

This is why we have found some of the best superfood supplements with clean labels and written full product reviews.


Our 3 Best Superfood Supplements With Clean Labels

  1.  SuperGreen TONIK
  2. Green Vibrance
  3. Total Living Drink Greens


SuperGreen TONIK


SuperGreen TONIK is our recommended supplement which we receive commission for any sales, so you may think we are biased.

However we recommend this supplement for a reason.  It’s clean label offers full transparency and it discloses all of the ingredients in the blends.

SuperGreen TONIK also gives a full breakdown of the vitamins and nutrients found in each serving.

Let’s have a look at the nutritional facts label:

One of the things we like about SuperGreen TONIK is the quantity of each ingredients.

If you look at the greens blend you will find spirulina, kale, chlorella, spinach and barley grass which are some of the most nutrient dense superfoods around.

What makes the product most effective is that each serving contains 2000mg in the case of Spirulina and Kale, and 1000mg of others.

You can also see on the left side of the label a full breakdown of the vitamins and nutrients found in each serving.  This is why its one of the best superfood supplements with clean labels.

You can read our full review on SuperGreen TONIK here.


Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance is a superfood powder supplement aimed at improving nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity.

This product has won awards and prides itself on its transparency, providing full disclosure labelling and no proprietary blends.

This means each blend shows what it contains and provides a quantity per serving for each ingredient, vitamin and nutrient.

Let’s have a look at the label below.

Although the quantities of some of the greens and superfood blends are not as high as SuperGreen TONIK, it still has high quantities.

It shows each ingredient which is organic, and a breakdown of some less well known ingredients like enzymes and probiotics.

You can also see in the top left a breakdown of the vitamins and nutrients the product contains.

Green Vibrance includes a high number of superfood ingredients and vitamins and has the one of the highest number of probiotics we have seen in a supplement.

This has been shown to be really effective at improving gut health.

If you would like to learn more, click here to read our Green Vibrance review.


Total Living Drink Greens


Total Living Drink Greens by Kylea Health & Energy is one of our best superfood supplements with clean labels.

The ingredient quantities per serving and nutritional content is one of the highest available.

The labelling is fully transparent all except the natural vegetable and fruit formula, which shows the ingredients but only gives the total quantity.

However we do know this blend contains 2000mg of Spirulina and high quantities of other ingredients like broccoli, chlorella and barley grass.

We can see that Total Living Drink Greens has high quantities of ingredients.

This supplement also contains 11g of plant protein and is designed as an all round health supplement.

The product comes highly rated, with many customers commenting on noticeable health benefits.


Read the full Total Living Drink Greens review here.


Clean labels offering full transparency is quite rare when it comes to superfood supplements.

As consumers, we want to see exactly what we’re buying so we know if the product is worth the money and if it will provide the health benefits we’re looking for.

Clean labels are on the increase and should become the norm in the future as customers become more informed and demand higher standards.

At the moment, most of the best superfood supplements with clean labels tend to be more expensive.

Is this because they contain a higher level of nutrition and want the customer to know?  We think many of the cheaper products don’t want you to know the real level of nutrition so choose not be transparent.

Many of the cheaper superfood supplements may not have clean labelling but that alone shouldn’t mean you cannot trust them.

There are many great nutrition companies offering useful products that still offer good value for money products, but we find the best superfood supplements with clean labels are often the highest quality.