Green Vibrance: Legit Superfood? [2023 Reviews]

Green Vibrance is a multi-nutrient supplement that includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics (25 billion to be exact). Green Vibrance is an excellent place to start if you want your body to function at its best.

Mark Timon, a nutrition expert who developed the first Green Vibrance formula, launched Vibrant Health in 1992. His main objective was to use whole-food nutrition, herbs, and natural extracts to assist people in achieving optimal health.

The company was later acquired by Ted and Paige Parker in 2007.

In this Green Vibrance review we do a deep dive into the key ingredients and components in Green Vibrance as well as their role in producing general well-being and promised additional benefits.

Does Green Vibrance offer the proposed health benefits it claims? Is Green Vibrance worth buying? Let’s dive into this Green Vibrance review so you can find out if it’s worth adding to your supplement routine.

What is Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance is a popular grass juice powder made by Vibrant Health, a Connecticut-based supplement manufacturer that has been producing supplements since 1992.

Green Vibrance Reviews

Green Vibrance is a dietary supplement that contains essential nutrients to improve its users’ overall health. Green Vibrance promotes “nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity.”

Vibrant Health created the supplement as a powder that helps improve the internal health:

  • Nutritional value
  • Improved digestion
  • Immune system defense
  • improved circulation

Green Vibrance is a vegan green powder that is free of gluten and GMOs (GMOs). The product is portable and practical to use with meals, after meals, or as a light meal replacement thanks to the powder shape.

Green Vibrance provides the cell with vitamins from green superfoods. The supplement has a significant amount of suggested foods that might help the body’s cells heal. The paleolithic (paleo) diet philosophy of ingesting entire plant foods is the foundation of Green Vibrance powder, which comes in a single bottle with hundreds of antioxidants (on the basis that it would be much harder to collect and absorb all of the ingredients individually).

Green Vibrance’s formulators believe that regular use will result in better nutrition, easier digestion, increased illness immunity, and better nutrient circulation throughout the body.

Green Vibrance Ingredients

Green Vibrance is made up of 70 different ingredients. These are broken down into ten categories: cereal grasses, plant-based micronutrients, antioxidant life preservers, immune support, adaptogens, skeletal support, fiber, liver support, enzymes and tonics, and probiotics.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these blends…

Cereal Grasses

The Cereal Grasses blend contains leaf powder and juice powder forms of Barley, Oat, and Wheat Grass. This is a highly nutritious blend that contains 3,300 milligrams in each serving.

Barley Grass Leaf Powder

According to BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, is a green superfood with leaves that naturally absorb rich nutrients from the soil. It is thus a natural source of potassium, folic acid, b-complex vitamins, and Vitamin C.

Oat Grass Leaf Powder

Oat grass leaf powder is a green grass superfood that is high in beta-carotene, folic acid, plant protein, and fiber.

Wheat Grass Leaf Powder

According to Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry and the Journal of Biological Chemistry, is a powerful superfood high in chlorophyll and silica, an organismal compound with therapeutic effects on the skin, organs, and hair.

Barley Grass Juice Powder

This grass contains 45% plant protein when collected for juice. Cells can be repaired thanks to its sturdy structure and fermented sprout properties. According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, barley grass may help reduce obesity.

Oat Grass Juice Powder

According to Nutrients, the processing of juice causes the release of the antioxidants, polyphenols and tricin. These antioxidants support heart health and may help prevent the negative effects of stress, menopause, or everyday illnesses like colds.

Wheat Grass Juice Powder

The juice made from wheat grass helps fight free radicals and may lower the body’s level of carcinogens.

Cereal grasses are high in nutrients that benefit the body in a variety of ways, including immune system support, cardiovascular health support, and promoting healthy digestion.

Plant Based Micro Nutrition

Green Vibrance’s primary ingredient is organic cereal, but the dietary supplement also has a sizable number of plant nutrients that support a balanced microbiotic diet.

Every serving contains approximately 2,500 MG of plant-based micronutrients, including chlorella cracked soft cell powder, sunflower lecithin powder, beet root juice, parsley leaf, zucchini, alfalfa sprouts, green bean powder, broccoli sprouts and kale sprouts. This is a high-quality phytonutrient blend, but many of the dosages are a little small.

Spirulina is a wonderful ingredient with numerous known benefits. Unfortunately, the concentration in Green Vibrance is quite low. It only contains 600mg. While 600mg will undoubtedly provide some of spirulina’s benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties, more is required to reap other benefits. For example, studies have shown that consuming 1g or more per day can help lower cholesterol.

The circulation and absorption of crucial nutrients will be aided by a micro biotic diet. The following are some of these micronutrients:

  • Chlorella, beet root juice powder
  • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin powder, spirulina powder
  • Parsley powder, zucchini fruit powder, carrot root powder

Antioxidant life preservers Blend

This blend contains numerous antioxidants, including tomato fruit powder, strawberry fruit powder, apricot fruit powder, goji berry fruit powder, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, green tea and black mustard seed. These are the ingredients you want to see on the label if you want to detoxify your system.

Turmeric, and its active ingredient curcumin, may have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, and other benefits. The spice known as turmeric may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.

Many high-quality studies show that turmeric has major benefits for your body and brain. Many of these benefits come from its main active ingredient, curcumin.

Immune Support

While many of the ingredients in Green Vibrance provide immune-boosting benefits directly or indirectly, the creators felt it was necessary to include a few more immune-boosting ingredients just to be safe. The immune support blend contains three ingredients: astragalus, beta glucan, and ResistAid.

Astragalus is a plant with anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. There is some preliminary evidence that it can help prevent viral infections and fight the common cold in humans.

The FDA considers beta glucan, which is derived from oats, to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also thought to boost immunity; however, studies on its effect on the immune system have only been conducted in the lab and on animals, not on humans.

Probiotics Blend

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that improve gut health. Probiotics, in particular, are excellent for improving gut and intestinal health. Some experts advocate the use of probiotics to treat gut-related illnesses such as IBS. Other examples of probiotic supplements include Plexus Probio5 and PrebioThrive.

Green Vibrance contains a good amount of probiotics, with approximately 2.5 billion CFU per ingredient, for a total of 25 billion probiotics, the most we’ve seen in a greens powder.

Most greens powders contain far fewer probiotics, and some contain none at all.

The Green Vibrance probiotics blend contains 12 different probiotic strains. This variety will aid in the health and strength of your gastrointestinal tract, improving digestion and alleviating any digestive issues you may be experiencing.

Liver Support

The majority of our body’s detoxification occurs in the liver. Almost all of the food and drink we consume must be digested by the liver. Certain plants can aid in enhancing certain liver activities that facilitate the organ’s work.

The most popular liver support vitamin is milk thistle. It functions by boosting the synthesis of specific cytochrome p450 family enzymes.

Other ingredients that improve liver health are carrot root, chicory root, liverwort and dandelion root.

Enzymes & Tonics

Ingredients in this category are ginger root powder, cayenne pepper powder, protease, lipase, amylase, invertase and cellulase.

These enzymes support the breakdown of several macronutrient kinds. The nutrient that each enzyme breaks down defines the enzyme. Proteases, for instance, break down protein, lipase, and amylase, fat, respectively. Ginger root and cayenne pepper are two tonics that support the body’s natural synthesis of digestive enzymes.

Green Vibrance Benefits

It is frequently a good idea to take an antioxidant supplement to prevent environmental and internal damage because modern lifestyles frequently involve stress and consume significant amounts of processed food. The ability to provide a dense supply of vitamins and nutrients via a powder formula is the main advantage of Green Vibrance.

A diet high in antioxidants, according to the National Library of Medicine, can improve cardiovascular health, normalize blood sugar and cholesterol, and support cell metabolism and detoxification of the body.

Aside from providing nutrients that may be lacking in a modern diet, this supplement may also help provide more energy due to its high concentration of plant glucose and chlorophyll. Its natural probiotics may help improve the absorption of existing vitamins and minerals.

Does green vibrance work?

The majority of the antioxidant elements recommended for a microbiotic health diet are found in Green Vibrance. According to clinical studies, this kind of formulation has positive effects on important bodily systems like the skeletal, neurological, and digestive systems.

The National Institute of Health claims that these antioxidants have a beneficial effect on long-term health as long as the components are well-preserved against oxidation.

According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, for instance, the high concentration of silica and minerals in cereal components can naturally enhance bone health and density.

Furthermore, enzymes present in root powders (such as betacyanin) can counteract free radicals and contribute to an anti-aging eating routine. Although the entire Green Vibrance combination has not yet been put to the test in third-party research, each of the individual ingredients has a wealth of scientific evidence to support its ability to enhance health.

Green Vibrance Customer Reviews

Now you know about the ingredients and health benefits of green vibrance, what do real users say?

Overall, green vibrance supplement has 7716 customer ratings and scores an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. Let’s look at some of the green vibrance reviews.

Don’t waste your time looking for a better product! I used this during chemotherapy in my green smoothie every morning. Some of my chemo nurses starting using it seeing how well I was doing! Can’t recommend this product enough!

I have been drinking Green Vibrance for exactly one month. I felt a change a week ago of wellbeing, energy, and level mood. I realize now that it is the effect of Green Vibrance. All my life I have had very low energy with periods of overwhelming sleepiness and depressed feelings. I had always neglected nutritious eating, especially vegetables. Now I am feeling so much better … Green Vibrance is a miracle for me.

How to take green vibrance

The original Green Vibrance is a powdered supplement that should be consumed after meals to maximize nutrient absorption during the course of natural digestion. The following are some tips for taking Green Vibrance.

For optimal absorption, combine a large scoop of Green Vibrance with eight ounces of water or juice and stir thoroughly. Drink between 30 and 45 minutes after meals.

After opening, keep powder in the freezer or refrigerator to preserve probiotics.

For the best results, formulators advise taking Green Vibrance at the same time every day.

While some people enjoy the Green Vibrance taste and flavour, others claim it is “earthy”, and there is a lot of negativity surrounding its texture. To improve taste you could mix it into your favorite smoothies.

Potential Side effects

Little negative effects are known of taking Green Vibrance since it is a natural plant product. Plant juice and leaves are used in the cereal’s ingredients (rather than flour from grains). Green Vibrance is therefore gluten-free. The food is vegan and vegetarian and doesn’t have any GMO ingredients.

Although generally harmless, some Green Vibrance variants contain VanifoliaTM natural vanilla powder (35mg). Those who are allergic to milk or soy should be aware that this flavor formula contains traces of these two substances.

Green vibrance Arsenic controversy

ConsumerLab claimed that Green Vibrance’s green powder includes arsenic, but Green Vibrance responded:

“In short, they stated that the arsenic in Green Vibrance is non-toxic organic arsenic, which often can come from sea water (and some Green Vibrance ingredients are sea plants). This arsenic is also easily excreted from the human body and is not a risk. However, Green Vibrance has stated that they appointed someone in their production team to monitor heavy metals in both ingredients and finished product.”

Cost and Where to buy green Vibrance

You can buy this superfood powder at the official Vibrant Health website as well as Amazon. It’s also available from retailers like Walmart and The Vitamin Shoppe.

The cost of Green Vibrance depends on the format you wish to buy. Products include:

  • Green Vibrance Original: $33
    • 15 Packet: $35.00
    • 15 Day: $33.00
    • 30 Day: $56.00
    • 60 Day: $94.00
    • 83 Day: $120.00
  • Green Vibrance Capsules: $46
  • Vibrance: $32
  • Maximum Vibrance Vanilla or Chocolate: 15 to 30 Days $79.20
  • Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut: $56
  • Green Vibrance Matcha Tea: $56
  • Spectrum Vibrance: $50

Pros of Green Vibrance

  • Overwhelming positive customer reviews
  • Great, healthy ingredients
  • Combines probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Caffeine free
  • The company is transparent.
  • Cost friendly

Cons of Green Vibrance

  • Some reviews about uncomfortable side effects
  • Can have side effects

Bottom line

This formula is quite impressive overall. Blends of digestive enzymes and probiotics are a wonderful supplement to the formula. Green Vibrance contains a lot of healthy ingredients that could improve the four pillars of internal health.

In addition, this company has been in operations in the health industry for years making it a safe bet. Green Vibrance can be a great nutritional supplement to buy if you’re searching for something that your whole family can use, including sports, busy professionals, elders, and pregnant women.

However, as with most supplements, some Green vibrance users report of poor taste and other contaminants like lead. It is therefore important to speak with a qualified healthcare professional before adding this nutritional supplement to your diet.