Cruise Control Diet Review – [Does It Work?]

The creators of the Cruise  Control diet claim that it is a method that offers fast and lasting progress to your weight loss journey.

Several researchers went ahead and looked for any evidence that could support this claim, but there was none; they failed to find any kind of scientific research that could support this, especially evidence regarding the studies that are available on their meal plan and also approved food list.


Who Started The Cruise Control Diet?

Its website was officially registered in the year 2011; the creator of this method is called James Ward who started this program after using it and became successful for him in losing his weight. He therefore created this program basing it on all the rules he followed to achieve the weight loss.

No information suggests that he is a health and fitness professional.

Cruise Control Diet Claims

The total amount of weight that one has to lose determines the rate at which he or she will lose that weight.

For example, if you want to lose 100 pounds, you might end up losing 30 in your first month of trial, but for those who only need to lose 30 pounds can easily lose the entire weight in maybe eight to ten weeks.

What Foods To Use?

It suggests that one can eat whole foods, but if they are processed then it should be avoided at all cost.

Therefore this means that your food list can contain things like; asparagus, avocados, broccoli, cabbages, strawberry and the breast of a lean chicken.

Does It Work?

If you moderate your consumption of junk food and follow all the instructions as directed, then your chances of losing weight with cruise control diet are higher.

It is important that you have a serious self-control; this method requires you to rely only on your body signal which has proved to be a hard task.

Benefits and Results

It is beneficial because it supports the consumption of a healthy diet of whole foods. If you can manage to stay away from the junk foods then this method will be very beneficial for you, it will really help you in losing weight.

Cruise Control Diet and Weight Loss

If you restrict yourself from consuming foods rich in carbohydrates and foods that are nutrient defense, then you will achieve your weight loss, this is because your body will turn to fats that are stored in your body for energy, and hence you lose weight.

How Does The Cruise Control Diet Work?

This diet has been broken down to three phases; phase one goes for a period of two weeks, it entails metabolic reset.

Phase two involves the time when one is learning to eat the whole foods, and this is also the phase where one also avoids cheating his or her diet by avoiding junk intake at all cost.

Phase three is where the fats are burnt rapidly, the previous phases prepare you for this phase of a speedy weight loss, and this is because you already know how you can regulate your hormones and how you can give your body the fat burning foods only.

Side Effects

People who have gone through this program always have a tendency of craving sweets.

You might also be prone to stomach upset; this is simply because your body is trying to adjust to the new diet, but the good news is that after a few weeks, this uneasy feeling will fade away.


This program has provided a list of food that one should not eat if he or she is in need to get a flat tummy.

This includes orange juice, and you should avoid it because it has a high sugar content and also lacks fiber, thus depositing a lot of sugar to the liver which later converts to fat.

Fat-free yogurt also has high sugar contents.

You should also avoid taking artificial sweeteners because they destroy your metabolism and make your body to store a lot of fat.

Also, try to avoid raisins which are very high in sugar and lastly, whole wheat bread.


At the moment, no lawsuit has been made against the program or the author.


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The program costs $39.99 including the shipping fees, for those who reside in Canada or United States then $9.99 is their shipping cost, unlike other countries whose shipping cost is $14.99.

Final verdict

This program does not cause any serious side effects and also lacks evidence that shows that it is a very effective program, this is why it would not be nice to recommend this program since it was also created by a person who is not a professional.

If you would like to lose weight, it is advisable that you go for clinically proven ingredients to lose weight.