The Shepherd’s Diet – [Weight Loss Program Review]

So you’re looking for a weight loss program and you want fast results without any side effect, right? If yes, then maybe you can try The Shepherd’s Diet.

This weight loss program is backed by biblical teachings. The creator of this program believes that you can lose your weight naturally by following Jesus Christ teachings. Are you a bit curious? Do you want more details? Here is the detailed review of The Shepherd’s Diet.

What is The Shepherd’s Diet?

This is a weight loss program designed on biblical teachings. Whether you’re religious or not, it seems there are some lessons we can learn about health from the bible. 

Some changes in your food habit and lifestyle can help you to get rid of the stubborn fat. Some argue that these teachings might not be that effective to get a fast result therefore, we have discussed all the aspects in the following paragraphs to answer your queries.

Self-control and Avoiding Gluttony

The diet focuses on two important factors, self-control and avoiding gluttony.

The creator of this program believes that the key cause of weight gain is overeating. Therefore, the program will focus on mindful eating to help people to eat right for natural weight loss.

It will enable the users to develop some healthy practices such as to wait for twenty minutes before taking the second serving. In addition, it will teach self-control and resist the desire to eat unhealthy food.

Self-control, healthy eating, and avoiding overeating can reduce your weight naturally.

Avoiding Laziness

The program does not support laziness and instead focuses on an active lifestyle. The author says that one of the major causes of weight gain and diseases are laziness.

If you do regular activities and follow an active lifestyle, you can effectively lose your weight. All these things are explained in biblical teachings. If you have faith in biblical teaching, you might find the program worth following.

Paleo and Mediterranean Diet

This book will focus on the Paleo and Mediterranean diet to support your weight loss which include whole grains, healthy fat, plant proteins, vegetables, and ethically grown meat. In addition, it will teach to focus on homemade food and to avoid processed food and sugar.

Fasting and Spirituality

Fasting and spirituality have the potential to support your weight loss. In this program, you will come to know about some concepts like the Moses Secret Protocol to ensure easy fasting.

Fasting is a biblical teaching and the author believes that it can be best for weight loss. Fasting is encouraged in almost all the weight loss diets. This program will also teach you to stay away from food for sometime before taking any meal.

You will also come to know how spirituality helps in a weight loss.

Anti-stress Guide

The Shepherd’s Diet focuses both on the physical and mental health important for a natural weight loss. In this program, you will find an anti-stress guide that will help to replace the negative thinking with the positive ones.

Positive thoughts and a stress-free life can help in weight loss and the guide follows the biblical teachings such as the prayer to get rid of stress and negative energy.

Eat Simple on a Budget

Eating on a budget can be very effective for weight loss.

Eating on budget means, you need to focus on cheap and nutritious food and you can easily find many types of food that are easily affordable and rich in nutrition. You can take the example of lentils; a lentil is a low-cost food which is highly nutritious and comes with a number of other benefits. Modesty in the diet is part of biblical teaching and it is emphasized in this program.

Final Verdict

The Shepherd’s Diet is based on the bible and biblical teaching that proves the credibility of the program. It focuses more on natural methods such as a healthy diet, avoiding overeating, physical activities, and stress-free life for weight loss.