How Yoga Transforms Your Body – The Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

The mind-body practice of yoga is now widely recognised in the western world for having a huge range of health benefits.

What was once a niche practice is now becoming mainstream, with the global yoga industry estimated to be worth over $80 billion!!

Yoga may have once been something men may have frowned upon, especially in the west because historically it has been seen as something targeted predominantly towards women.  However, men are quickly catching on to the range of mental and physical benefits from practicing yoga!

True health is all about holistic health, and yoga is a unique practice that incorporates exercises for the core, improving strength, flexibility as well as reducing stress and boosting well being.

Check out the infographic below ‘How Yoga Transforms Your Body’ courtesy of The Huffington Post.

It breaks down the benefits of yoga into what you can expect after a class, after a few months, and after years of practicing yoga.

yoga infographic

As you can see from the above, many of the serious health conditions the western world is facing can be improved upon by practicing yoga.

One of the biggest problems we have in the west is that people are dissatisfied with their lives.

Both men and women are often working in careers they have no passion for, are overworked, or feeling stuck in life.  Unfortunately this is one of the biggest reasons people get depressed, because they are constantly having negative thoughts about their life, which can often lead to indulging in unhealthy foods and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Yoga has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, which will help give you a healthier, more positive outlook on life with better mental clarity.

This huge mental health benefit could be the thing which breaks your unhealthy cycle, making you happier and more successful in your professional life which could mean you make healthier food choices.

This is evident at the growing number of companies that are encouraging employees to join the gym with many offering discounted memberships to gyms and fitness classes.  Despite the yoga classes being popular with women, increasingly men are joining up due to the many benefits of yoga described above.

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