Organifi Complete Protein: The 2-in-1 Protein and Multivitamin Shake

Thanks for visiting our review of Organifi Complete Protein.

We take a look at one of the biggest protein products in the supplement market and break it down to how it can benefit you.

We have looked at the special ingredients, who Organifi are and how you can trust them.  We also look at what makes Organifi Complete Protein special and different from all the other protein products out there.


Here are 13 Features Of Organifi Complete Protein:

  1. 20g of plant protein
  2. Delicious flavour
  3. Plant based digestive enzymes
  4. 2g of filling soluble fibre
  5. Omega 3 fats from organic MCT oil
  6. 50% of your recommended Vitamin A
  7. 50% of your recommended Vitamin C
  8. 50% of your recommended Vitamin D
  9. 50% of your recommended Vitamin E
  10. 50% of your recommended Thiamin
  11. 45% of you recommended Molybdenum
  12. 35% of your recommended Iron
  13. Packed full of other multivitamins and nutrients including ZINC, MAGNESIUM, IRON and POTASSIUM

What makes Organifi Complete Protein DIFFERENT from other protein products?

The difference between Organifi Complete Protein and other protein powders is that Organifi use plant proteins instead of protein from dairy, egg or soy.

Why does this matter?  Well some people, whether they are aware of it or not are actually negatively affected by their type of protein.

If you’re consuming additional protein to try and build muscle then the chances are you’re consuming whey or dairy protein which is great for building muscle but it often depends on your own body’s tolerance.

Side effects can often effect your digestion system causing bloating, inflammation and also acne.

Another aspect of Organifi Complete Protein that separates it from the rest of the market is that it contains multivitamins!

You may think your standard protein shake includes additional vitamins, but these are usually concentrated towards a particular type and are often synthetically produced in a lab.

Organifi have included vitamins A,C, D and E which have been harvested from organic wholefoods which includes superfood vegetables!

The benefits of this are huge!  This isn’t just a protein drink, it’s a health drink with multiple benefits far beyond simply building muscle mass!

Organifi have designed their Complete Protein shake to be for multi purpose.  It contains loads of vitamins and nutrients that you’d usually find in a meal, so in a way it designed as a meal replacement.

So you can basically use it as a post workout shake, have it for breakfast or as a nutritious snack.

Who is Organifi Complete Protein For?

This product can literally be for anyone who is looking to maintain a healthy diet and get a load of good nutrients into their body to help feel and operate at their best.

As there is 20g of plant protein, it probably isn’t for you if your main aim is  bulking and to increase muscle mass.  20g of quality protein is adequate for helping to build and repair muscles after training, but also maintain good energy levels.

It has loads of vitamins and nutrients in that you’d struggle to get in your diet purely through food alone, so it helps your immune system, give you good skin and bones and helps you feel your best.

Organifi Complete Protein is therefore best for anyone who exercises regularly, is looking to maintain or even lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Organifi Complete Protein not only assists with muscle growth, it makes you feel fresh, energized and alert!

I’ll discuss more about the benefits of protein later in the article and if you’ve ever had a protein product before I’m sure you’re well aware of the benefits and the reasons to consume protein.

As a health drink, Organifi Complete Protein is providing you with nutrients that you’d often find in a full nutritious meal, which has huge benefits for your overall health and well being, and how you look and feel.

As you can see, Organifi Complete Protein is unlike any normal protein drink.  It’s a health drink packed full of ingredients then benefit your whole body.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle or recover after a training session, boost your immune system and energy levels, improve your skin and your overall health or assist in weight loss, Organifi Complete Protein can help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Other features of the product which may surprise you include:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Vegan
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

What ingredients are in Organifi Complete Protein?

  • Monk Fruit – used as natural sweetener and antioxidant, it amazingly has zero calories with no effect on blood sugar!
  • Coconut – helps speed up your metabolism and reduce cravings!
  • Vanilla Bean – has a mood boosting and energy enhancing effect, as well as being packed full of vitamins like magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Proteins – Pumpkin seed protein, Quinoa protein, Pea protein – important for muscle growth but also helps strengthen bones and teeth.  Packed full of amino acids, iron and fiber!
  • Vitamins from 100% real whole foods – vitamins from superfoods and vegetables.
  • Unique Digestion Soothing Enzymes – helps break down and absorb nutrients and vitamins!  LIPASE helps digest fats.  PROTEASE helps digest protein and protects from bad bacteria.  LACTASE helps digest dairy and prevents bloating.

Who are Organifi?

Organifi are a health and wellness company founded by Drew Canole, who has “dedicated his life to helping others lose weight and reach optimal health through the power of juicing vegetables and superfoods” according to their website.

They are not just another company trying to sell their product, instead their mission is to educate and spread awareness throughout the local and global community so everyone can enjoy happy and healthy lives.

Organifi’s purpose is to “show you the healing and detoxifying benefits of natural plant life, so you can overcome your biggest health obstacles and live a life of happiness and vitality.” ~

They believe passionately about providing quality products which have been tested and proven to work so they’re confident you’ll love and feel the benefits.  They’re so confident their customers will be happy with Organifi Complete Protein that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, providing you return the empty bottles!