One of the biggest challenges in building muscle and getting a toned muscular body is achieving visible, lean abs.

Many people struggle with this because they are focused on the wrong things and trying to squeeze a few crunches in at the end of their workouts.  In order to sculpt a lean, ripped torso you need to the deep core muscles.

Variation is key, along with full body fat burning exercises, and of course the right diet!

Here are our top 5 exercises for lean abs:

  1. Plank

    A really effective and simple exercise that will work all of your core muscles.  You can add variations that will help target deep abdominal muscles such as side planks and planks with rotations.

  2. Overhead Squats

    Overhead squats work the abdominals because they force you to maintain a good posture.  With good form, you will tense your core on your way up, an excellent exercise for building good core strength.

  3. Kettlebell Windmill

    These will really help build and tone your oblique’s.  Good form is essential to feel this in your core, and not to let momentum generate the movement.

  4. Weighted Crunches

    For best results try and use a decline bench with an appropriate weight and twist half way up.  This will build deep core strength and build obliques and abdominal size and strength.

  5. Back Extension & Twist

    When building a good lean set of abs, a good balance is essential as all muscles support each other, which assists in muscle growth.  Targeting your lower back and posterior of the body will help build and tone muscles supporting your abs and building an all round lean core.