Whether you’re looking to gain muscle mass, or maintain a lean healthy physique, eating enough protein is essential.

Protein powder and supplements are a great addition to your diet, but getting enough protein from your diet is possible and provide a number of nutritional benefits.

Here are our top 5 best foods for protein:

  1. Cod – animal protein with one of the lowest saturated fat content at 0.5g of fat per 100g.  63g of protein per 100g, low in calories and no carbs!
  2. Lean Beef – one of the richest natural sources of creatine which is hugely effective at helping to build muscle.  36g of protein content per 100g.  However it is high in cholesterol so best to try and limit this source to only once or twice a week.
  3. Chicken Breast – a good quality chicken breast will provide you with over 30g of protein per 100g and is low in saturated fat and carbs.  Top tip – try and avoid cheap water filled supermarket chicken breasts and opt for a local butcher or supplier.  It will be much higher quality, higher levels of omega 3, and just taste far nicer.
  4. Beans – there are many different types of beans, but all are highly nutritious and a great source of protein.  They are low in fat, and cholesterol free with rich in minerals that assist in muscle building.  The best source is soy beans and is a complete protein with essential amino acids.
  5. Eggs – Eggs are often misunderstood, with many people claiming the egg yolk is full of cholesterol.  This is true but it also contains many nutrients and vitamins, and are low in saturated fat.  The egg white is the protein source, at about 6g of high quality protein, as well as containing amino acids to assist in muscle building and recovery.