It’s summer time, it’s t-shirt season and therefore an opportunity to get the ams on show.

Building big, muscular arms is a goal for most guys who hit the gym and is one of the more satisfying workouts.  It’s no surprise that arms are often the most overworked muscle, with many guys focusing too much on arms because they’re on show.  We’ve probably all been guilty of building arms that are out of proportion, especially when we first started hitting the weights.

How many times are you in the gym battling for some mirror space because guys are doing endless amounts of curls…..everyday!

We look to focus on building the major muscle groups first, such as deadlifts and squats. This increases your overall strength and releases more growth hormones, which will benefit your arms and other supporting muscles.  Once the major muscle groups have been taken care of, we will then look to sculpt our arms.

Biceps (8-10 reps)

  • Barbell curls x 4 sets
  • Dumbbell hammer curls x 4 sets
  • Standing barbell cable curls x 3 sets
  • Close grip pull ups x 3 sets

Triceps (8-10 reps)

  • Cable rope overhead tricep extensions x 4 sets
  • Dips x 3 sets
  • Close grip bench press x 3 sets
  • Pressups x 3 sets

This is a beast of an arm workout, and to be honest we rarely do a full arm workout because we combine them in another major workout during the week.  For example, back with biceps, and chest with triceps as they both compliment each other.

Just like other muscles, building big arms is as much about nutrition and rest as it is about working them hard.

If you’re looking to increase muscle mass, you need to increase your calories.  One problem with trying to build big, ripped arms is that it’s really easy to overtrain them.  If you’re hitting other muscles hard such as back, shoulders and chest then you’re already working your arms pretty hard.  So make sure you factor this into your schedule and allow enough time to rest, as this is also essential for muscle growth!

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