Five Easy and Safe Ways to Detox

This is a guest post from Sarah Grace Del Rosario.  Sarah is a blogger at and blogs about a range of health related issues.

Toxins, as you already know, are everywhere. And you might be thinking to detoxify your body to eliminate any danger of toxins in your overall health.

You will then tend to browse and click one from hundreds of articles and swarming information about detoxification approaches on the net. But before clicking that link, bear in mind that most of these practices can be exciting at best but can also be treacherous at worst.

The first thing that you have to remember about detoxification is that your body is designed and formed to detoxify naturally.

The truth is the human body can well defend itself against the environmental abuses and once in while indulgences. This is the reason why you don’t need to have extreme and crazy detox measures such as tonics, flushes and “lemonade only” diets.

However, there are still numerous detox diets being promoted today even if several studies have already shown that the common elements of detox diets cause an increase in weight. These elements, such as fasting and awfully low-calorie intake, can cause a slower metabolism and sudden weight gain after you resume your normal eating habits.

We still cannot deny the fact that the toxins in our world today weren’t as massive as before. So while avoiding extreme detox practices, let’s try to list down the five gentle ways to help our body fight the toxic elements of our crazy but still beautiful world.

Help your body detox naturally.

Oops, before hitting the list, let’s go back and improve our first reminder in detoxifying, which is: you should help detox your body naturally. Don’t let your body take care of itself, you should pay attention and try not to overburden your body with toxins. What you can do is remove processed foods and GMOs and get rid of pesticide-laden foods and toxic products in your home. This way, you can surely help your body and do its job to detox effectively.

Other than keeping the negative junks to a minimum, below is the list of simple and safe ways to assist your body in detoxifying. These list doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars nor expose you to harmful side effects in the long run. These ones are gentle and safe enough for everyone.

  • The Power of Clay

Not many of us are aware of the benefits of clay. Bentonite clay actually has a negative electric charge at its molecular level which attracts positively charged toxins. The bentonite formation mimics the shapes of little business cards. The surfaces which are negatively charged provide an astoundingly high area and powerful drawing effect to their positively charged edges. Since many of the toxins are positively charged, clay can naturally help your body eliminate toxins as it will pull and hold the toxins into its center.

You can either take clay internally or just use it for your foot bath. These simple ways can assist you in getting rid of toxic buildup in your body.

  • Improve your diet by adding real and naturally detoxing foods

You don’t need the crazy fast or fad-diets in detoxifying your body, you just have to eat some food which can help your body detox naturally. But bear in mind that these foods should only be an addition to a whole and real food nourishment, not an alternative to your daily food intake. Some of the most beneficial detoxing foods are:

Fruits – These can assist your body in washing out toxins due to their high liquid content. An added bonus is that fruits are easy to digest and packed with nutrients.

Citrus Fruits – If you want to be more particular, you can eat oranges, lemons, as well as limes. They jump-start your digestive tract with enzymatic processes and also aid your body in flushing out pollutants. Lemon juice is also an effective aid in cleansing the liver.

Vegetables – Green plans can help in boosting chlorophyll in your digestive tract while veggies like onions, carrots, beet, and turmeric are great in helping your body cleanse. They have sulfur and glutathione that assist your liver in detoxifying hazardous chemicals.

Garlic – This little wonder is one of the most effective detoxing food. It works by stimulating the liver into generating detoxification enzymes which filter toxic residues from your stomach.

  • Breathing matters

It matters because oxygen is essential for your body to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Deep breathing strengthens the absorption of these good elements into your body.

Even if you breathe to live, you might still under-utilize its capability to naturally detox your body. All you need to do is take a few minutes of your day and focus on breathing deeply.

  • Brush your skin

Your skin, which is the largest organ of your body, is responsible for 10 percent to 15 percent of total body elimination. Some even call it the third kidney.

In order to effectively detox your body, you should do dry skin brushing. It only not improve your skin’s appearance by eliminating dead cells but also stimulates blood circulation and enhances the elimination of toxins.

  • Exercise regularly

By giving your body the boost it needs, a regular exercise is very helpful in your natural detoxification. It assists in blood circulation and brings nutrients to your every organ and muscle. You can also release toxins by exercising thru sweat build-ups. Just remember to rinse off after heavy sweating to get rid of the unwanted toxins.

Keep your detox safe and gentle!

Living a healthy life does not mean going to an extreme diet, fitness, and detox practices. You should live a life that is healthy while simultaneously finding joy in living. So start detoxifying by providing your body with what it needs to keep up its ultimate job: to detox your body naturally.

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