Vshred Reviews: Legit Weight Loss Program?

Are you looking for more information on the V shred program by Vince Sant and its custom meal plan options? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Vshred claims to be a trusted advisor when it comes to getting in amazing body shape, partaking in the right nutrition, getting expert supplementation advice, and more.

The company has a wide range of product lines, along with a support network, and world-class training team to help you get the best fitness regime.

If you want to find out more about Vshred’s custom diet plan option and whether you can lose weight by following Shred programs, then keep reading this review for all the details.

VShred Overview

Vshred offers an online fitness app and supplement service for men and women. Their custom meal plan options have gained worldwide popularity and have been featured in media outlets like Insider, Business Insider, Los Angeles Times, and Insider, just to mention a few.

Vshred Reviews

So, basically, VShred is a nutrition and fitness company. The face/founder of VShred is an influencer called Vince Sant.

You have probably seen him on Instagram, Facebook, and other media platforms as Vince Sant is well-known as a celebrity fitness trainer. He is also known as the V Shred guy.


Vince Sant Instagram

Vince has built a brand that has amassed a large number of followers on various social media platforms including eight million followers on Facebook, close to one million followers on Instagram, and two million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2015, Vshred was founded by Vince Sant, Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn.

These four co-founders had one vision: they set out to build the right solutions for people who are keen on their fitness and looking for the right supplements/products to help them attain their fitness goals.

VShred YouTube

The company started its business in its Las Vegas headquarters with just a small budget of $1,000. Since then, the company has managed to grow exponentially in the subsequent years.

They offer various V Shred programs and the most popular one is the custom diet and fitness programs for men and women.

On top of that, they have various supplements available to support and help in weight loss. And speaking of weight loss supplements, lately we’ve looked into a few of those like Lady Boss Lean, Exipure, and Venus Factor that may be worth finding out more about.

What is The V Shred Program?

If you are keen to find out what the V shred program is all about, here are the details.


VShred offers a range of programs and custom meal plans, such as:

  • Fat Loss Extreme
  • Custom Diet and Training for Her (and for Him)
  • Ripped in 90 Days
  • Move: At Home
  • 6-Pack Shred
  • Clean bulk program
  • Toned in 90 Days, and more

Among them, the VShred 90 day Fat Loss Extreme program is the most popular one.

Most of these programs are brought to you by Vince Sant, who’s a world famous fitness model certified trainer. These programs will help you achieve a ‘slim and toned body’ without ‘starving yourself.’

In addition, Vince Sant will describe three ‘fat destroyers’ you can implement to burn the stubborn fat in your body.

Does VShred Custom Meal Plan Help You to Lose Weight?

V Shred claims to offer you a revolutionary fitness program that can help you get real results in a short amount of time. The best and most unique part of this program is that it follows a new system based on “minimum effective” dose workouts.

These “minimum effective” dose workouts are allegedly combined with non-restrictive diet plans and world-class coaching techniques for the best results.

V Shred has worldwide popularity because, according to Vince, it has helped 687,269 people transform their bodies by getting slim and toned.

Another benefit is that this program does not promote starving yourself. Instead, it’s built around a 24/7 community of support as well as world class coaching to keep you motivated and getting fast results.

V Shred App Details

In addition to the V Shred website, they have an online app called the V Shred app. This app is also dedicated to helping you achieve all fitness goals and take advantage of exactly what diet plan is ideal for you.

V Shred App

It also gives you in-depth details of various workout programs and their underlying benefits.

It claims to be a cutting edge fitness app where you will need to fill out a short v shred quiz concerning your body type, body weight, fat burning aim, and other details.

Based on the results of this quiz, the app will generate the best exercise program for you. There are various Shred subscription programs available.

Technically, the V Shred app is free to download and you can get it downloaded on your smartphone via Google Playstore or Appstore for iOS.

Once downloaded, you will get 5 days of free access to its features if you opt for any 90-day program.

But after five days of the free trial period expiring, you’ll have to start paying for new content.

Note that price of individual programs will vary depending on the program and/or membership you select.

V Shred Custom Diet Pros

  • Offers customized plans for all body types, genders, ages, and activity levels
  • BBB-Accredited platform
  • Offers a host of effective workout and diet plans
  • V Shred university membership and community support are available
  • Does not follow strict only workout regime routines


  • V Shred program may not work so well for every individual as the final result will vary based on the individual body type
  • Some people have had negative experiences with the V Shred programs.
  • V Shred customer service isn’t that helpful as some people have commented in their reviews

Does V Shred Workout Program Work?

To be honest, we have found mixed reviews about V Shred workout programs. For example, V Shred carb cycling weight loss and fitness programs have worked extremely well for some people. While for others, they have not noticed any significant results. Thus, the overall feedback is mostly mixed opinions.

The good thing is that V Shred program has reached worldwide popularity i.e. many business bureaus and fitness experts have seen remarkable results as per their reviews. One thing you must note is that every individual’s body is different so the training plan may not work 100% for all people so you can expect the variance.

Final Verdict – Is V Shred Operating a Legitimate Business?

Well, V Shred is a trustworthy company and has been operating for 6-7 years.

Whether you are planning weight loss or you want to burn fat or you simply want to become more fit, V Shred has a bunch of workout plans and diet options for you. Starting from high intensity interval training to V shred diet fat loss extreme program, there are many options available.

However, V Shred reviews have mixed opinions and the available V Shred subscription plans may not work the same for all as it primarily depends on an individual’s body type and weight.