Athletic Greens Alternative? Best 5 Supplements Tested!

Greens powders are dietary supplements made to help you consume the necessary amount of vegetables each day.

Ideally, adults should be eating at least 2 to 3 cups of these vegetables per day: kale, spinach, Swiss chard, collard greens or broccoli leaves. Most people don’t consume enough veggies, which is nothing new. Less than 12% of adults in the United States consume the recommended quantity of fruits and vegetables, despite research showing their importance to general health.

Greens powder has gained popularity as a means of assisting individuals in consuming the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals each day. The nutrient mix in greens powder is designed to provide the nutritional needs for a healthy diet while supporting your body’s immune system and energy levels.

The AG1 is marketed as a simple and efficient health supplement that gives you all the vitamins, minerals, and energy you need to lead a very active lifestyle. The Athletic Greens AG1 shaker cup has everything you need, whether you’re an athlete, a parent with a busy schedule, or someone who works long hours. However, it comes at a steep price.

You may be wondering what other greens powders match up to athletic greens and are not as costly. In this article, we explore athletic greens health claims and drawbacks, and the best alternatives to athletic greens that would give you the same benefits and go easy on your wallet.

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What is athletic greens

Athletic Greens is a powdered combination of about 75 vitamins, minerals, superfoods derived from whole foods, probiotics, and adaptogens. This makes it one of the most comprehensive green powders in the market today.

It is a green juice powder that is designed to be quickly absorbed and beneficial for both athletes and non-athletes to have complete and practical daily nutrition.

Athletic Greens is not a completely organic product, although some of its custom blends do contain organic ingredients. Athletic Greens is made with premium organic and non-organic components.

The greens superfood powder, AG1, includes nutrient-dense extract, herbs, and antioxidants, a digestive enzyme and super mushroom complex, and an alkaline, nutrient-dense raw superfood complex. It is also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and non-GMO.

About The Athletic Greens Brand

Chris Ashenden started Athletic Greens in 2009 in an effort to better his diet while battling digestive and gut health problems. This company is situated in New Zealand, and the facility where its products are made is TGA and NSF GMP registered.

The Athletic Greens brand’s goal is to enable consumers to take charge of their health. Professional athletes and health authorities have recommended this brand because of its positive attributes.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens is a nutritionally complete supplement with a whopping 75 constituents in its comprehensive mix, including vitamins, minerals, and nutrients taken from whole foods.

These ingredients include fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, herbs and adaptogens, and probiotics and digestive enzymes divided into four groups:

  • Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense Raw Superfood Complex
  • Nutrient Dense Extracts, Herbs & Antioxidants
  • Digestive Enzyme & Super Mushroom Complex
  • Dairy Free Probiotics

The supplement seeks to provide consumers with the greatest wellness and nutritional advantages in four key areas, including energy, immunity, gut health, and neural and brain function. One scoop of the supplement contains 12 grams and has 50 calories, 2 grams of fiber, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of protein.

Since the formula incorporates proprietary blends, the ingredients list is not fully disclosed.

It’s difficult to determine how much of each ingredient there is in a formula that uses proprietary blends. Thus, it is impossible to determine the formula’s effectiveness.

Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense Raw Superfood Complex 8453 mg

This superfood complex is packed full of ingredients that reportedly provide an antioxidant content equivalent to approximately 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. Some ingredients include organic spirulina, rosehip (Rosa canina), organic wheat grass juice powder, and organic chlorella.

A medical review published in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine analyzed data from years of clinical trials on multivitamins and found they had no health benefit, and may slightly increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

Nutrient Dense Extracts, Herbs & Antioxidants 3577mg

This blend contains adaptogenic herbs and nutrient-dense natural plant extracts to support hormonal function and antioxidant activity. Ashwagandha, citrus bioflavonoids extract, and vitamin K2 are among the ingredients.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic root that has been used for over 5,000 years in Ayurvedic Medicine, a healthy lifestyle system practiced by people in India. In clinical trials, ashwagandha extract improved attention, performance on cognitive tasks, attention, and cognitive reaction time. According to research, ashwagandha can help balance reproductive hormones and alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms.

Digestive Enzyme and Super Mushroom Complex 233mg

The digestive enzyme and mushroom complex aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function. The digestive enzyme bromelain, burdock root, reishi mushroom powder, shiitake mushroom powder, and astragalus root powder are all included in this blend.

Bromelain is a pineapple enzyme that can break down proteins to amino acids.

Bromelain has been shown in animal and cell studies to be effective in reducing inflammation, inhibiting microbial growth, protecting against cancer, reducing diarrhea, enhancing antibiotic activity, improving liver function, protecting against ulcers, supporting immune function, supporting blood circulation, and reducing swelling, in addition to its digestive health benefits.

Dairy Free Probiotics

Probiotics are included to help with gut health, nutrient absorption, and immune system strength. Lactobacillus acidophilus UALa-01 and Bifidobacterium bifidum UABb-10 are both present in Athletic Greens.

Lactobacillus acidophilus UALa-01 is a strain of L. acidophilus designed to survive in the digestive tract.

Various strains of L. acidophilus have been shown to improve immune response, lower cholesterol, improve gut health, and prevent infection. This bacterium may also help with weight loss, though the research results are mixed.

You can purchase AG1 online at retailers like Amazon and the Athletic Greens official website.

Health Benefits Of Athletic Greens

Exercise Recovery

Reducing inflammation can help with exercise recovery. Athletic Greens’ nutrient-dense greens powders contain ingredients that have been shown to reduce redness and swelling, reduce tissue inflammation, fight oxidative stress, and provide nutrients to ensure optimal performance.

Improves Digestion

Many of the ingredients in Athletic Greens help with digestion. This supplement contains probiotics as well as prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and ingredients that reduce gut inflammation.

Boosts Immunity

Athletic Greens contains ingredients that reduce inflammation, prevent inflammatory cytokine overproduction, and support normal immune function.

Supports Energy Production

Athletic Greens’ vitamins and minerals are all required for proper metabolism and energy production. Other adaptogenic herbs and ingredients may aid in energy production, nutrient absorption, attention, and focus.

Support Nervous System

Athletic greens help the nervous system by supplying nutrients for neurotransmitters, adaptogens to improve cognitive function, and antioxidants to reduce inflammation in the brain.

Improves Liver Function

Athletic Greens contains several ingredients that have been shown to reduce inflammation in tissues such as the liver and may even be protective against fatty liver disease.

Supports Hormone Function

Athletic Greens contain vitamins and minerals required for hormone production, as well as adaptogenic ingredients that aid in the balance of reproductive and stress hormones.

Athletic Greens drawbacks

Contains Proprietary blends

Athletic Greens uses proprietary blends, which make it impossible for customers to know how much of each ingredient they are taking. This is a disadvantage for anyone who needs to ensure they are not taking too much of a specific ingredient.

Expensive compared to other plant-based green juice powders

The formula ranges in price from $2.63 to $3.30 for the pouch and $2.82 to $3.63 for the travel packs, depending on whether you buy it once or as part of a subscription. As such, you may want to look for a formula that is a little more wallet friendly.

May cause gastrointestinal side effects

Commonly reported side effects of Athletic Greens include nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and other digestive issues.

Athletic Greens should not be taken by children under the age of 18 without the supervision of a medical professional. Individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications should also seek medical advice before using Athletic Greens.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Athletic Greens alternatives!

Best Athletic greens Alternatives

Before we look into some of the alternatives to athletic greens, it is important to know what makes a good greens powder supplement.

Green foods supplements are advertised as “providing all of your daily needed greens,” which means that people expect these supplements to provide everything they require in their diet to be healthy. While many are beneficial, there are some vital nutrients, minerals, and additional benefits that you should always look for in a greens supplement.


Spirulina was considered a superfood by the Aztecs and may be one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. Phycocyanin (the plant pigment that gives spirulina its color) became popular in our modern culture when NASA began studying these algae that grow in both salt and freshwater. It is an extremely powerful source of antioxidants, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties. Spirulina is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B1, B2, B3, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and trace amounts of nearly every other nutrient.


Wheatgrass is another superfood that can help you achieve optimal health. It is made from the newly sprouted (7-10 days after planting) leaves of Triticum aestivum, the common wheat plant. With all of the gluten sensitivities that have recently emerged in our society, it is easy for many of us to avoid all things wheat, but it is important to note that wheatgrass is not the same thing and does not contain gluten.

Wheatgrass has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in the elimination of toxins, aids digestion, boosts metabolism, lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and can help your body fight cancer.

Protein derived from plants

Whether you exercise frequently or not, your body requires a certain amount of protein on a daily basis. Protein supplementation aids muscle recovery after strenuous workouts, which is why you’ll see people who frequent the gym carrying protein shakers everywhere they go, but we all need protein, whether we fit into that category or not. Protein also helps you feel fuller for longer, so if your diet is lacking in protein, a daily protein supplement may help you avoid the frequent snacking that you find yourself doing between meals.


The main problem that most doctors and dieticians have with drink-based diets is that they lack fiber, which is one of the main things that nature provides in fruits and vegetables to allow us to fully absorb the nutrients that they contain. While some people dislike the pulp of fruit juice, it is the part of the fruit that allows our bodies to benefit from the nutrients other than sugar that the juice contains.

So what are the best alternatives?

Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen TONIK is among the top greens powders for 2023.

Supergreen Tonik is a superfood and adaptogen powder that combines 16 evidence-backed ingredients. It contains 22 vitamins and minerals that are comparable to those in multivitamin supplements. Additionally, it includes 38 plant-based superfoods and greens to support immunity, focus, and normal levels of energy.

Athletic greens alternative

Super green Tonik is free of toxins, caffeine, dairy, soy, and GMOs (genetically modified ingredients). It comes in berry and mint flavors which makes this product the best tasting greens powder.

Adam Wright, the company’s founder and creator was inspired by his personal experience when developing SuperGreen TONIK. For 25 years, Adam suffered from Chronic Fatigue and struggled to find an effective treatment.

This former triathlete is devoted to health and wellness and is well-versed in supplements. Using everything he knew about supplements, he created SuperGreen TONIK, a green powder.

SuperGreen TONIK Ingredients

This product’s ingredients are listed in optimal dosage instead of a ‘range’ in a bid to stay transparent to its consumers. The ingredients for this green powder are listed on the first page of its website. It usually has three major blends: Immune blend, Nootropic blend, and Organic Greens blend.

The following ingredients can be found in each SuperGreen TONIK blend:

The Organic Greens Blend:

Horseradish tree leaf powder – 500 milligrams

Moringa, also known as horseradish, is another component that is very nourishing. Organic Moringa Oleifera is loaded with natural minerals and vitamins. According to studies it can help with hypertension, diabetes, cancer, insulin resistance, and liver disease symptoms. It can also promote the growth and repair of healthy cells following an injury or infection.

There is currently insufficient information available regarding moringa dosage. However, studies have used doses ranging from 500 mg to 3 g. Supergreen Tonik contains 500 mg of the minimum recommended dosage.

Barley grass powder – 1000 milligrams

Barley grass is a leafy green that can support heart health. It has been shown in studies to significantly lower cholesterol levels.

It is also high in antioxidants, which, as previously stated, can aid in the reduction of inflammation in the body. It is also high in fiber, which can help with gut health.

Organic spinach powder – 1000 milligrams

Spinach contains a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation in the body.

It contains nitrates, which can be converted to nitric oxide. This can help widen blood vessels, which can help lower blood pressure.

Spinach also contains magnesium, which can help with mood, PMS symptoms, and sleep.

Collards leaf powder – 2000 milligrams

Collards Leaf, also known as kale, is a high-nutritional leafy green. It contains a lot of vitamins K, A, C, and manganese.

According to research, it can lower the risk of heart disease by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and decreasing bad cholesterol.

Organic spirulina powder – 2000 mg

Organic Spirulina Powder is anti-inflammatory and may help lower blood sugar levels. According to research, it can also improve heart health. A study found that taking one gram of spirulina per day reduced triglyceride levels by 16% and cholesterol levels by 10% in people with high triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Organic Chlorella Powder (1,000 Mg)

Chlorella, like spirulina, is an algae. It also contains a lot of nutrients and antioxidants.

One of its most significant advantages is that it can detoxify the body. Chlorella has been shown in studies to bind to heavy metals and other harmful substances and excrete them from the body.

The recommended dosage for chlorella is 6 to 10 g, according to research. Having said that, Supergreen Tonik contains one gram, which is less than the recommended amount.

The Nootropic Blend:

  • Rhodiola root powder and extract (300 milligrams)- Rhodiola Rosea can alleviate anxiety, increase energy, reduce fatigue, and stimulate the nervous system.
  • Bacopa leaf powder and herb extract (300 milligrams) – Bacopa is a potent plant that can help with cognitive function. According to research, people who take Bacopa supplements can improve their processing speed and learning rate. It can also be beneficial to one’s mood.
  • Ginkgo leaf powder (240 milligrams) – Ginkgo Leaf has antioxidant properties that help the body fight free radicals. It can also improve brain function and reduce stress.
  • L-theanine (250 milligrams) – L-Theanine is a non-essential amino acid that, when taken as a supplement, relaxes and eliminates drowsiness.
  • Ashwagandha root extract (500 milligrams) – The extract of Ashwagandha root reduces stress and improves cognitive function. Ashwagandha root is anti-inflammatory and can improve sleep quality by alleviating anxiety and insomnia.

The Immune blend

  • Black pepper fruit extract (24 milligrams) – Black pepper fruit extract is an alkaloid extracted from the black pepper plant’s fruit. It is a common dietary supplement additive because one of its main selling points is its ability to increase the bioavailability of the product’s other high-quality ingredients.It also improves metabolism and nutrient absorption, improves exercise performance and weight loss, helps to reduce blood sugar levels and inflammation, improves mood and brain function, and lowers the risk of heart disease and other illnesses.
  • Olive leaf extract (250 milligrams) – Olive Extract has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and cardioprotective properties.
  • Garlic bulb extract (250 milligrams) – Garlic contains a powerful compound called allicin, which can help fight diseases such as the common cold.
  • Dandelion leaf extract (500 milligrams) – Dandelion leaf is a plant that is high in vitamins A and C. Both are potent antioxidants that can aid in the reduction of inflammation in the body. When there are fewer free radicals in the body, oxidative stress decreases (inflammation). This results in a stronger immune system.

Super green Tonik health benefits

The following are some of the health benefits of using SuperGreen Tonik:

  • Improves immunity
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Improves brain function by improving sleep quality
  • Encourages a healthy way of life

Potential Side Effects

On the website, there appears to be no known side effects. However, as with any supplement, it can raise the risk of digestive problems. It can cause symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, or stomach cramps.

If you experience any of these side effects, reduce the dosage until you find the right one for you.


If you’ve tried green superfoods, you’re probably aware of their aversion to disclosing their ingredients or sharing how much of each ingredient is used. That is not the case with TONIK the SuperGreen.

  • Keto and paleo friendly
  • All natural ingredients
  • Third-party tested
  • No proprietary blends
  • Vegan friendly
  • Has a one-year return policy
  • Push the body + mind nutrients (brain formula etc)


  • Relatively expensive – One jar costs $87 and contains 30 servings i.e $2.85 per serving a

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi is a greens powder supplement that enables you to get your daily greens and other superfoods in one glass without having to go shopping, chopping, juicing, or cleaning up.

Organifi green juice was created to support stress levels and help your body recharge each day. With its special alkaline greens blend, Organifi’s main objective is to make leading a healthy lifestyle more convenient for everyone.

The nutritional supplement company Organifi places a strong emphasis on good health. They produce superfood powders, innovative healthy food formulae, and other products that promote better health.

The green juice superfood is Organifi’s best-selling item. Some well-liked Organifi options include Immunity, Red Juice, Sunrise to Sunset, Gold, Glow, and more.

Organifi green juice powder contains 11 superfood which boost energy and detoxify the body. This green superfood powder is naturally flavored with many organic natural flavors, such as orange flavor, mint flavors, and monk fruit extract.

The formula is USDA certified organic, meaning 95% or more of the ingredients are organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and keto-friendly.

Organifi Green Juice Ingredients

Organifi green juice ingredients include potent superfoods and adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body adapt to stress and mitigate the negative effects of stress hormones.

Organifi contains 11 active ingredients making up its two blends: Greens Blend and Superfood Blend.

The greens proprietary blend is made up of organic wheatgrass powder, organic wheatgrass juice powder, organic moringa leaf powder, organic spirulina powder, organic chlorella powder, and organic matcha green tea powder.

The superfood blend includes organic coconut water powder, organic ashwagandha extract, organic lemon powder, organic red beet powder, and organic turmeric extract.

In addition, it contains prebiotic tapioca powder. We’ll go over some of the ingredients in each superfood proprietary blend below.

Matcha Green Tea Extract

Matcha, a type of green tea leaf extract, is marketed as being even healthier than other types. It is grown and processed differently than other types of green tea. Furthermore, the entire tea leaf is consumed.

It is believed to offer numerous benefits, including lowering oxidative stress, enhancing mental clarity, supporting the health of blood vessels, and reducing inflammation, among many others.

Organic wheatgrass powder

Wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice powder, a more concentrated version of wheatgrass, are both used by Organifi.

Wheatgrass is high in flavonoids, vitamins C and E, B vitamins, choline, and chlorophyll.

According to research, chlorophyll aids in weight loss, reduces food cravings, and improves cholesterol levels. It also improves immune function, decreases inflammation, and improves skin health.


Moringa, also known as horseradish, is another component that is very nourishing. Organic Moringa Oleifera is loaded with natural minerals and vitamins. According to studies it can help with hypertension, diabetes, cancer, insulin resistance, and liver disease symptoms. It can also promote the growth and repair of healthy cells following an injury or infection.

There is currently insufficient information available regarding moringa dosage. However, studies have used doses ranging from 500 mg to 3 g. Unfortunately, Organifi green juice doesnt indicate the amount as it a proprietary blend.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a transparent liquid found in coconuts. It is evaporated and dried to make a powder. This powder contains electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium, which aid in nutrient replenishment.

A patient in the remote Solomon Islands, for example, was successfully treated with coconut water for hydration fluids. Coconut water aids in the removal of toxins from the system and reduces the likelihood of developing kidney stones. It also promotes healthy skin due to its antimicrobial properties.

Red Beetroot

Organifi utilizes a standardized beetroot extract containing 2% nitrates. Nitrates boost nitric oxide production and improve blood flow throughout the body, particularly in athletes. Beets are also high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is a calorie-free, all-natural sweetener. This sweetener comes from a little fruit that is indigenous to China.

Calorie-free beverages sweetened with artificial or non-nutritive sweeteners like monk fruit, for example, have been demonstrated to have little to no influence on daily caloric intake, glucose and insulin levels, when compared to sucrose-sweetened beverages.

Monk Fruit may help promote weight loss due to not containing calories.

Potential Side effects

Organifi’s green juice powder contains caffeine, as was already indicated. Hence, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to start with half a scoop rather than a full scoop to determine if you experience any negative side effects.

According to the website, people who are extremely sensitive to caffeine usually have no problems drinking green juice. For instance, compared to a cup of coffee, matcha tea powder has significantly less caffeine.

Organifi Green Juice Health Benefits

Organifi Green Juice purports to have numerous health benefits. You may experience an increase in energy and a decrease in mood swings. When your hormones are in balance, your mood will be more stable and not fluctuate. It also contains 3 g of fiber per serving. Fiber is essential for gut health and digestion.

Furthermore, cortisol balancing will improve your body’s digestion. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can cause side effects if it is out of balance. Other claimed green juice benefits include reduced cravings (hello, weight loss), a balanced immune system, stress levels, improved sleep quality, mental clarity, and overall hormone balance.


  • Third-party testing.
  • Made in GMP-c and FDA-approved facilities.
  •  Lower price than most greens powders – Organifi has a price of $69.95 per bottle or $2.33 per serving.
  • Contains clinically researched ingredients.


  • Uses a proprietary blend.
  • Not a meal replacement.
  • Can have some allergens.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance is a popular grass juice powder made by Vibrant Health, a Connecticut-based supplement manufacturer that has been producing high-quality supplements since 1992.

Green Vibrance is a dietary supplement that contains essential nutrients to improve its users’ overall health. Green Vibrance promotes “nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity.”

Vibrant Health created the supplement as a powder that helps improve the four pillars of internal health:

  • Nutritional value
  • Improved digestion
  • Immune system defense
  • improved circulation

Green Vibrance is a vegan green powder free of gluten and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The powder format makes the product portable and convenient for use with meals, after meals, or as a light meal replacement.

Green Vibrance delivers green superfood micronutrients to the cell. The supplement contains a high concentration of recommended foods to aid in the repair of the body’s cells. Green Vibrance powder contains dozens of antioxidants in one container and is based on the paleolithic (paleo) diet philosophy of consuming whole plant foods (on the basis that it would be much harder to collect and absorb all of the ingredients individually).

Green Vibrance’s creators believe that regular use will result in better nutrition, easier digestion, increased illness immunity, and better nutrient circulation throughout the body.

Green Vibrance Ingredients

Green Vibrance is made up of 70 different ingredients. These are broken down into ten categories: cereal grasses, plant-based micronutrients, antioxidant life preservers, immune support, adaptogens, skeletal support, fiber, liver support, enzymes and tonics, and probiotics.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these blends…

Cereal Grasses

The Cereal Grasses blend contains leaf powder and juice powder forms of Barley, Oat, and Wheat Grass. This is a highly nutritious blend that contains 3,300 milligrams in each serving.

Barley Grass Leaf Powder, according to BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, is a green superfood with leaves that naturally absorb rich nutrients from the soil. According to Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, barley grass is a natural source of potassium, folic acid, b-complex vitamins, and Vitamin C.

Oat Grass Leaf Powder is a green grass superfood that is high in beta-carotene, folic acid, plant protein, and fiber.

Wheat Grass Leaf Powder, according to Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry and the Journal of Biological Chemistry, is a powerful superfood high in chlorophyll and silica, an organismal compound with therapeutic effects on the skin, organs, and hair.

Cereal grasses are high in nutrients that benefit the body in a variety of ways, including immune system support, cardiovascular health support, and promoting healthy digestion.

Plant Based Micro Nutrition

While organic cereals are the foundation of Green Vibrance, the supplement also contains a substantial amount of plant nutrients that contribute to a well-rounded microbiotic diet.

Every serving contains approximately 2,500 MG of plant-based micronutrients, including powdered spirulina, beet root, sunflower lecithin, parsley, spinach, and broccoli. This is a high-quality phytonutrient blend, but many of the dosages are a little small.

Spirulina is a wonderful ingredient with numerous known benefits. Unfortunately, the concentration in Green Vibrance is quite low. It only contains 600mg. While 600mg will undoubtedly provide some of spirulina’s benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties, more is required to reap other benefits. For example, studies have shown that consuming 1g or more per day can help lower cholesterol.

A microbiotic diet will aid in the circulation and absorption of essential nutrients. These micronutrients include the following:

  • Chlorella, beetroot juice powder
  • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin, spirulina powder
  • Parsley powder, zucchini fruit powder, carrot root powder
Antioxidant life preservers Blend

This blend contains numerous antioxidants, including tomato, amla, strawberry, goji berry, and turmeric. These are the ingredients you want to see on the label if you want to detoxify your system.

Turmeric, and its active ingredient curcumin, may have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, and other benefits. The spice known as turmeric may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.

Many high-quality studies show that turmeric has major benefits for your body and brain. Many of these benefits come from its main active ingredient, curcumin.

Immune Support

While many of the ingredients in Green Vibrance provide immune-boosting benefits directly or indirectly, the creators felt it was necessary to include a few more immune-boosting ingredients just to be safe. The immune support blend contains three ingredients: astragalus, beta glucan, and ResistAid.

Astragalus is a plant with anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. There is some preliminary evidence that it can help prevent viral infections and fight the common cold in humans.

The FDA considers beta glucan, which is derived from oats, to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also thought to boost immunity; however, studies on its effect on the immune system have only been conducted in the lab and on animals, not on humans.

Probiotics Blend

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that improve your health. Probiotics, in particular, are excellent for improving gut and intestinal health. Some experts advocate the use of probiotics to treat gut-related illnesses such as IBS.

Green Vibrance contains a good amount of probiotics, with approximately 2.5 billion CFU per ingredient, for a total of 25 billion probiotics, the most we’ve seen in a greens powder.

Most greens powders contain far fewer probiotics, and some contain none at all.

The Green Vibrance probiotics blend contains 12 different probiotic strains. This variety will aid in the health and strength of your gastrointestinal tract, improving digestion and alleviating any digestive issues you may be experiencing.

Green Vibrance Benefits

The ability to provide a dense supply of vitamins and nutrients via a powder formula is the main advantage of Green Vibrance. Because modern lifestyles include large amounts of processed food and a high likelihood of stress, it is often a good idea to use an antioxidant supplement to counter environmental and internal damage.

A diet high in antioxidants, according to the National Library of Medicine, can improve cardiovascular health, normalize blood sugar and cholesterol, and support cell metabolism and detoxification of the body.

Aside from providing nutrients that may be lacking in a modern diet, this supplement may also help provide more energy due to its high concentration of plant glucose and chlorophyll. Its natural probiotics may help improve the absorption of existing vitamins and minerals.


  • Overwhelming positive customer reviews
  • Great, healthy ingredients
  • The company is transparent
  • Cost friendly- green vibrace has a price of $56 per packet for a 30 day serving.


  • Some reviews about uncomfortable side effects
  • Can have side effects

Beyond Greens

Beyond Greens is a nutritional powder supplement that claims to improve immunity and digestive health, increase energy levels, and aid in weight loss. It’s made by Live Conscious, a nutritional supplement company that previously went by Live well.

Beyond Greens

It is claimed that it accomplishes this primarily by promoting a healthy gut microbiome. The mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus are all considered to be parts of the “gut,” which also refers to the entire digestive system. Since our gut is involved in so many vital processes like digestion, immunity, and general health, maintaining proper gut health is essential.

According to numerous Beyond Greens reviews, the company says it improves health by utilizing organic and natural components that have a long history of success around the world. Also, they provide other goods like the Live Conscious Probiotic Mix, which helps support healthy digestion.

The majority of this supplement’s added advantages, such its immune-boosting antioxidant capabilities, come from whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Beyond Greens is non-GMO and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and shellfish. It is keto-friendly and vegan and free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

It contains stevia for sweetness, which is a calorie-free natural sweetener.

Beyond Greens Ingredients

Beyond Greens contains 14 ingredients. Since there are no proprietary blends or complicated formulas, each ingredient dose is clearly listed on the label.

Ingredients list

These active ingredients help with a variety of health issues, including energy boosts and mood stabilization. They also contribute to better gut health through prebiotics and immunity.

The supplement’s most notable selling point is that it promotes overall body wellness. From head to toe, cognitive function, attention, gastrointestinal health, and immunity are all addressed.

Beyond Greens ingredients are Ceylon cinnamon, Rhodiola rosea, Milk thistle, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Bacillus coagulans, Chlorella, Acacia gum, Xylo oligosaccharides, Echinacea, Organic lion’s mane mushrooms, Organic Turkey tail mushrooms, Cordyceps mushrooms and reishi mushrooms. There are no complex formulations or proprietary blends in it, so the label clearly lists each ingredient’s dose.

Rhodiola root 50mg

When consumed, its roots are adaptogens, which help the body adapt to high stress levels. Rhodiola root has been used for centuries in Scandinavian countries to treat fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Matcha Green Tea Extract 200mg

Matcha, a type of green tea leaf extract, is marketed as being even healthier than other types.

It is believed to offer numerous benefits, including lowering oxidative stress, enhancing mental clarity, supporting the health of blood vessels, and reducing inflammation, among many others.

Echinacea Purpurea 900mg

Echinacea Purpurea is a powerful plant that has a lot of antioxidants, which can help shield us from disease-causing substances in the environment.

Echinacea has a few advantages for cancer patients as it helps eradicate cancer cells or inhibit their growth. Echinacea’s fibers help persons who are at a higher risk of developing ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease—two inflammatory bowel disorders that affect thousands of Americans each year—have more gut flora.

Milk Thistle Seed 200mg

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of this superfood extend the uses of milk thistle much beyond what you might anticipate.

Silybum marianum, the primary component of milk thistle, has antioxidant properties that support liver protection. Moreover, it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory components to aid patients who may already have organ damage in battling conditions like infection or liver damage.

LactoSpore (Bacillus coagulans) 3mg

Taking B. coagulans has been demonstrated to be beneficial for those with diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome in several investigations (IBS). The advantages of this probiotic for the general populace have not yet been established.

Fructooligosaccharides 190mg

Fructooligosaccharides also known as FOS are a form of prebiotic fiber that can aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria in our guts. Natural sources of these fibers include entire foods including asparagus, leeks, onions, and bananas.

Recent animal research demonstrated the potential of FOS to fight against Salmonella infections, a prevalent type of food-borne disease.

Moreover, it enhances digestive function and reduces appetite, which may help you feel fuller for longer after meals.

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark 314 mg

Ceylon cinnamon, also known as “true cinnamon,” is made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. Ceylon cinnamon is the highest quality cinnamon because it contains less of coumarin, a potentially harmful ingredient.

People who consume ceylon cinnamon frequently have a longer life span due to the reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Several studies have demonstrated the advantages of cinnamon. Particularly, one study discovered that it could reduce inflammation.

Benefits of Beyond greens

The following are some health advantages that your body receives from the combination of substances we discussed in this Beyond Green review:

  • aids in maintaining a strong immune system
  • encourages intestinal health
  • promotes healthy cleansing of the entire body and produces clean energy.
  • the ingredients in Beyond Greens may boost immunity

Potential Side Effects

Gas, bloating, and diarrhea are the most commonly reported side effects of taking Beyond Greens.


  • Ingredients are 100% natural and of excellent quality.
  • Flavors are all-natural
  • Third-party tested
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Cost friendly – A one-month supply of Beyond Greens costs $31.95.


  • Some customers have complained of the taste.
  • Although it claims to be third-party tested, it does not have a verified seal.
  • The majority of the chemicals aren’t in clinically effective doses.

Primal Greens

Primal Greens is a nutrient-dense daily greens supplement that contains herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Primal Greens, like Athletic Greens, is intended to support your immune system, weight control, and natural energy stores.

The supplement is manufactured in the United States in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). A third-party lab tests each product to ensure its purity, effectiveness, and safety.

Primal Greens is a nutritional supplement that includes over 50 different fruits, vegetables, herbs, adaptogens, probiotics (more than 3.5 billion CFUs), digestive enzymes and functional mushrooms in one serving of powder.

Primal greens Ingredients

Here is a list of the ingredients in Primal Greens:

Superfood, antioxidant, and mushroom blend 4.9 g

You can use a product called Primal Greens to make up the nutritional deficiencies in your everyday diet. With just one scoop each day, this is essentially fuel for your body, resulting in improved performance and endurance.

Ingredients in this blend are: Alfalfa leaf, carrot, wheat grass, spinach, spirulina, banana, coconut juice, broccoli, tomato, beet, cucumber, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery, kale, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, pineapple, concord grape, cherry, apricot, orange, strawberry, chlorella, camu camu fruit, reishi mushroom, and maitake mushroom.

Nutrient Dense Natural Herbs & Extracts 2.2 g

Ingredients in this blend are Acacia gum, acerola cherry extract, turmeric root, green tea leaf, cinnamon bark, Eleuthero root, ginger root, stevia, mangosteen extract, ashwagandha root, Korean ginseng root, and chlorophyllin.

Vitamin C 110mg

Vitamin C is a nutrient that may be found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and may have several health benefits for the body. By enhancing your immune system in a way that shields your entire body from threats including infections, sickness, cancer, and free radicals, this vital vitamin can lower your risk of developing chronic diseases.

You can avoid oxidative stress, which lowers your risk of illness and inflammation. This is accomplished by vitamin C increasing your body’s levels of antioxidants. You can use a short scoop of Primal Greens to make up the lost vitamin C when you can’t manage to eat enough citrus fruits like oranges and kiwis.

Vitamin B12 (25mcg)

Despite the fact that our bodies require vitamin B12 on a daily basis, we are unable to synthesize it on our own. Vitamin B12 is essential for several processes, including DNA production and nerve cell function.  It can also lessen the chance of macular degeneration and stop the loss of brain neurons as we age. It can also help safeguard bone health and avoid osteoporosis.

Zinc 8mg

Zinc is a trace mineral with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Among other things, it is crucial for hormone health, wound healing, and immunological function.

Above the RDA, consuming additional zinc is often not useful. It might, however, have some advantages for immunity and mood.

Based on evidence, the recommended dosage is either 5 to 10 mg (for prevention) or 25 to 45 mg (to correct a deficiency)

Digestive Complex 647mg

The digesting enzyme complex is a profoundly underappreciated and frequently ignored part of any green powder recipe. This one contains Apple fiber, inulin, amylase, protease, glucoamylase, lipase, and cellulase.  Here, Primal Harvest did a fantastic job of making sure to incorporate a sizeable digestive enzyme component, which should assist provide palpable advantages for digestive health.

Apple fiber and inulin are both prebiotic fiber sources. They support the growth of probiotics in the gut and may enhance immunity, digestion, metabolism, and metabolism.

Digestive enzymes make up the remaining components. Amylase aids in the breakdown of starch, protease breaks down protein, lipase breaks down lipids, and cellulase breaks down cellulose (a type of carbohydrate).

In essence, these digestive enzymes may aid in enhancing nutrient absorption and breakdown while reducing potential digestive discomfort.

Probiotic Blend (22.5mg/ 3.5 Billion CFU)

The probiotic blend, the last mixture in Primal Greens, is made up of three different probiotic strains:

  • Bifidobacterium longum
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus

All of these probiotic strains increase the quantity of beneficial bacteria in the stomach, despite the fact that they may have slightly different advantages.

This may lessen gut issues including diarrhea, bloating, and stomach pain while enhancing digestion, immunity, and metabolism.

Benefits Of Primal Greens

Based on the different ingredients and overall formulation in Primal Greens, this supplement may give you the following health benefits:

  • Boosts Energy
  • Supports a Strong Immune System
  • Supports Digestion and Gut Health
  • Appetite Control
  • Reduces Bloating
  • Promotes Healthy Weight Management

Potential Side Effects

The components in Primal Greens are generally safe to eat in the suggested dosages. However practically any dietary supplement can have negative side effects.

Headache, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, bloating, upset stomach, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, and allergic responses are a few potential adverse effects of Primal Green.


  • Made in the US in GMP-certified facilities.
  • Free shipping on orders over $75.
  • Offers same-day shipping.
  • Cost friendly – Primal Greens costs $49.95 ($1.67/serving) for a one-time purchase.


  • Only available in one flavor.
  • Uses a proprietary blend.
  • Not organic.
  • Some people don’t like the taste.


We’ve reached the end of the 5 best alternatives to Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens is one of the most effective green powder supplements available. Nonetheless, some people decide to shop elsewhere because of the price. It might also be deficient in specific nutrients or desirable qualities.

In this scenario, there are several excellent choices, including Supergreen Tonik, Organifi Greens, Beyond greens, Green vibrance and Primal Green. They provide premium ingredients for less money.