Greens First Alkalizing Supplement Review [Does It Work?]

Welcome to our Greens First review.  A greens powder supplement that promises to replenish, revitalize and recharge by giving you the nutrients of vegetables and fruits to benefit your overall health.

Most greens supplements promise similar benefits, but what makes Greens First different?  Can you trust them?

Read our full review to learn more.

Key Claims

  • Balance Body’s PH Levels
  • Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Improves Energy Levels
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Improves Digestion
  • Promote Cognitive Activity
  • Assist in Weight Management

Key Features of Greens First

  • Certified Organic Fruits
  • 49 superfood ingredients
  • 100% Natural, Plant-based ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Rich in alkaline nutrients
  • 40 calories per serving
  • 6g carbohydrates per serving
  • Contains Probiotics


What Is Greens First?

Greens First is a greens powder supplement containing certified organic fruits, vegetables and barley grass.

It is described as a phytonutrient and antioxidant supplement,  which basically means it contains ingredients that help prevent disease and are beneficial to your overall health.


It does this by providing your body with rich alkaline nutrients from natural, whole grain foods that help to balance your body’s PH levels.

Each scoop contains 49 different superfoods, which includes organic fruit and vegetables, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

The idea is that they work synergistically to combine and provide greater health benefits than if you consumed the ingredients individually.

What Are PH Levels and Alkalinity?

The PH level in your body is the balance between acidity and alkalinity.  The scale is from 0-14 with 0 being most acidic and 14 being most alkaline, the normal PH level in your body is about 7.40 – so slightly more alkaline.

When your PH level is off and your body has too high an acidity level you may experience fatigue, sleepiness, headache, or other symptoms that cause discomfort.

What causes acidity?

High acidity levels in your body is often down to your diet.  If the proportion of your diet is leaning more towards meat, fish, dairy or alcohol and consuming less greens, fruit and vegetables then your PH level is likely to be more acidic.

The purpose of Greens First is to rebalance your PH levels to provide more alkalinity, reducing acidity and easing symptoms of discomfort caused by an off balance PH level.

Ingredients of Greens First

Greens First contains certified organic greens and vegetable blends.  These ingredients are full of vitamins and antioxidants to help strengthen immune system and boost overall wellness.

Antioxidants are known to fight free radicals which are responsible for a range of health problems.

Probiotics are good bacteria that help the digestive system function effectively.  The enzyme blend helps to break down foods like protein, carbohydrates and fats to be used as energy by the body.

Greens First contains a fiber blend, which has a range of potential health benefits.  These include healthy bowel movements, lower cholesterol and healthy blood sugar levels.

Fiber can also help you lose weight as it makes you feel full, which can suppress appetite.

Green Tea is known to be a powerful antioxidant with a range of health benefits.  It helps speed up metabolism which can help in weight loss, can improve brain function and protect against cancer.



Who Is Greens First Manufactured By?

Greens First is manufactured by Wellness Watchers Global LLC.  They were founded in 2006 and are based in Florida, USA.

The leadership team consist of the President, CEO, CFO, COO and Vice President, who all seem to have many years experience in leadership positions with some having a wealth of experience in the health and nutrition industry.

The President, Dr. Donald Hayes is an experienced clinician, educator and author in the field of nutritional wellness and has authored a number of books on health, nutrition and alkalizing.

It seems Greens First is manufactured by a respectable company led by experts and we have found no bad press relating to the company, or any reason why you should not deal with them.

The products are made with non-GMO ingredients.  This stands for genetically modified organisms where the DNA has been modified.

The product contains certified organic which means GMO ingredients are prohibited from being used,

Greens First is their flagship product name but also the name of the brand.

There are a whole range of other products provided such as different flavours, proteins, and other antioxidant, detoxing products.


Reviews of Greens First

4.5 / 5  on Amazon

Looking over the reviews of Greens First,  they are overwhelmingly positive.  The majority of the ratings on Amazon have given the product 5 stars, with about 25% being 4 stars.

Many users of the product claim to experience noticeable benefits in their health, and feeling refreshed and healthier.

There are many reviews which mention the product tasting really nice, which is rare for a greens juice product.  Due to the ingredients in greens juice most don’t have the most appealing taste.


What Are Probiotics?

Greens First contains probiotics, these are good bacteria found in foods that help the digestive system and immune system function effectively.

The benefits of probiotics include helping to balance healthy bacteria in the digestive system, prevent diarrhoea, reduce systems of digestive disorders, and help boost the immune system.


Side Effects of Greens First

We have not come across any reported side effects from consuming the product, however this is a greens powder and also contains fiber which can cause some side effects.

Common side effects people have experienced from greens powder products include stomach discomfort, gas, upset stomach, constipation.

If your body is not used to consuming the ingredients in this product, such as increased levels of fiber then you may experience some discomfort.

If you are unsure if it is safe for you to consume Greens First you should always check with a medical professional.



1 tub of Greens First (30 servings) = $44.99

How does this compare?

  • Greens First (9.95oz) = $44.99
  • Patriot Power Greens (5.5oz) = $49.95
  • Organifi Green Juice (9.5oz) = $57.95
  • Morning Complete (8oz) = $79
  • Supergreen Tonik (12.7oz) = $89

As you can see from a comparison with other greens powders, Greens First is quite reasonably priced although there may well be offers on and these prices will change.


Verdict on Greens First

We think Greens First is a high quality product manufactured by a company that has expertise in health, wellness and nutrition.

The company seems highly respectable, with a full greens product range aimed at improving overall health.

The product is very reasonably priced and the reviews all confirm that the product is effective and helps improve energy levels and overall health.

You can find loads of information on the website, including ingredients, the benefits and product testing.

The downside is the use of proprietary blends. 

While the label discloses the total weight of the blends, and the ingredients used it does not disclose the quantity of each ingredient.  Therefore it is hard to see the true benefits from the ingredients.

However, most people are happy with the product and notice benefits.  Greens First seems great value for money!


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